Cupid’s Coat in Blox Fruit

Cupid's Coat

In the fascinating world of Blox Fruits, pirates face epic challenges and intense battles in search of power and glory. Among the most coveted and powerful accessories is the Cupid’s Coat. This legendary cape, available during the Valentine’s event, not only adds a stylish and romantic touch to your character but also grants significant benefits in combat. In this article, we will explore in detail the features and abilities of the Cupid’s Coat in Blox Fruits and discover how it can help you dominate the battlefield.

Name Type Rarity Effects Source
Cupid’s Coat Accessory Legendary +12.5% more damage on Blox Fruits/Swords attacks
600 health
400 energy
8% Defense against any attack.
Valentine’s Event Shop

Cupid’s Coat in Blox Fruits: Romantic Style and Powerful Benefits in Battle

  • Excellent alternative to Pale Scarf, as it also provides defense and stats.
  • Perfect for hybrid builds.
  • Good for Sword or Blox Fruit main players.
  • Does not provide a speed boost.
  • Not viable for Gun main players.

Acquisition and Exclusivity

The Cupid’s Coat is a legendary accessory that can be obtained during the Valentine’s event. To obtain it, players must visit the event shop and acquire it for 750 Hearts, the special currency of the event. This exclusivity adds an element of rarity and prestige to the Cupid’s Coat, allowing you to stand out among other pirates and showcase your dedication and achievements in the game.

Powerful Benefits

Once you have the Cupid’s Coat in your possession, you will be equipped with a range of enhancements that will improve your performance on the battlefield. This legendary accessory grants a 12.5% increase in damage inflicted on Blox Fruit and sword attacks, allowing you to defeat your enemies more effectively. Additionally, the Cupid’s Coat provides you with an additional 8% defense against any type of attack, increasing your resilience and helping you survive intense encounters.

Improved Endurance and Energy

The Cupid’s Coat not only enhances your offensive and defensive abilities but also improves your endurance and energy in combat. With this accessory, you will receive a boost of 400 energy points and an additional 600 health points. These improvements will allow you to last longer in battles and give you greater survivability against enemy attacks.

Style and Customization

In addition to its functional benefits, the Cupid’s Coat stands out for its romantic and charming design. Crafted with pink fabric and adorned with hearts, this accessory adds an element of elegance and style to your character. Customization is an essential part of Blox Fruits, and the Cupid’s Coat gives you the opportunity to express your unique style as you fight on the battlefield.
The Cupid’s Coat is a highly coveted legendary accessory in Blox Fruits that offers players a range of significant benefits in combat. From increased damage inflicted to enhanced defense, endurance, and energy, this accessory can make a difference in your battles and provide you with a strategic advantage. Don’t miss the opportunity to obtain the Cupid’s Coat and unleash your charm on the battlefield of Blox Fruits!