Ghoul Mask in Blox Fruits

Ghoul Mask

Ghoul Mask

With the intensity of competition in Blox Fruits, it’s essential to select the best accessories to enhance your skills and fighting style. One of the accessories that has been receiving a lot of attention recently is the Ghoul Mask, a stunning-looking piece of equipment that offers unique advantages in combat. In this article, we will focus on the Ghoul Mask, its advantages, its location, and how it can change your fighting style.

Name Type Rarity Effects Source Cost To Buy
Ghoul Mask Accessory Rare +500 Energy
10% life leech on Melee attacks against players
2.5% life leech on Melee attacks against NPCs
+35% Movement Speed
El Perro 50 Ectoplasm

How to Get Ghoul Mask in Blox Fruits: Stats & Worth

To get your hands on the Ghoul Mask, you need to interact with El Perro, an NPC located in the Cursed Ship within the Second Sea. The mask can be purchased for 50 ectoplasms, a currency you accumulate through specific in-game activities, primarily in the Second Sea.

Ghoul Mask Advantages and Disadvantages in Battle

  • Significantly increases energy and movement speed.
  • Cheap and easy to obtain.
  • Life leech is compatible with players using the Buddha fruit.
  • This accessory is good for fruits that cause stun damage like the Ice fruit.
  • Does not increase health or damage.
  • Less useful for players who do not use the Buddha fruit.

What Does Ghoul Mask do in Blox Fruits?

The Ghoul Mask in Blox Fruits offers a unique combination of combat enhancements:

  • Life Leech Ability: This is the standout feature, allowing players to regain health equivalent to a percentage of the damage dealt in melee combat.
  • Enhanced Mobility: With a 35% increase in movement speed, players can evade attacks more effectively and maneuver around enemies swiftly.
  • Energy Increase: The additional 500 energy aids in prolonged battles, allowing for more frequent use of skills.

Ghoul Mask Blox Fruits Drop Rate

The Ghoul Mask is not obtained through a drop but is purchased directly from El Perro. Therefore, it doesn’t have a drop rate per se. Its acquisition depends on your ability to collect 50 ectoplasms and reach the NPC who sells it.

Location of the Ghoul Mask

The Ghoul Mask is located in the Second Sea and can be acquired from El Perro, found in the captain’s quarters on the first floor of the Cursed Ship. This location is integral to the mask’s acquisition and is a part of the adventure in the Second Sea.

Pale Scarf vs Ghoul Mask

Comparing the Pale Scarf and Ghoul Mask:

  • Pale Scarf:
    • Boosts Blox Fruit and Sword attack damage by 15%.
    • Provides two additional Instinct dodges and a tenfold increase in Instinct vision range.
    • Ideal for players focusing on offensive strategies and PvP encounters.
  • Ghoul Mask:
    • Offers life leech abilities, enhancing survivability in combat.
    • Increases movement speed by 35% and provides additional energy.
    • Suited for players who value sustained combat, agility, and health regeneration.

Incorporating the Ghoul Mask into Your Combat Strategy

The Ghoul Mask can be a key component in your combat strategy in Blox Fruits. The life leech benefit can be extremely useful in prolonged combat situations, allowing you to regain health while attacking, which can help you survive longer in battle. Additionally, the increased running speed can help you avoid your opponents’ attacks and quickly reposition yourself to launch your own attacks.
However, it’s also important to remember that the Ghoul Mask is not a miracle cure. While the ability to regain life and the additional running speed are valuable, players still need to work on their basic combat skills and strategy to maximize the potential of this accessory.

In conclusion, the Ghoul Mask is an accessory in Blox Fruits that can offer significant improvements to a player’s combat strategy. However, its effectiveness will ultimately depend on the player’s ability to properly utilize its benefits.