Heart Shades in Blox Fruit

Heart Shades


In the vibrant world of Blox Fruits, pirates constantly seek upgrades and accessories that provide them with advantages in the thrilling battles that unfold. Among the standout and coveted accessories are the Heart Shades. These legendary glasses, available during the Valentine’s event, not only add a touch of style and personality to your character but also grant significant benefits in combat. In this article, we will explore in detail the features and abilities of the Heart Shades in Blox Fruits and discover how they can elevate your combat power.

Name Type Rarity Effects Source
Heart Shades Accessory Legendary +12.5% gun/melee damage
+5% defense against all attacks
600 energy
400 health
Valentine’s Event Shop

Heart Shades: Unique Style and Offensive/Defensive Benefits to Dominate Combat

  • Significant energy boost, ideal for high-energy characters like the Phoenix.
  • Greater damage increase with firearms in the game. Perfect for Gun main players.
  • Excellent for those using the Buddha fruit, with the 12.5% melee damage increase and defense (not the highest difference).
  • Great defense and health.
  • Does not provide speed bonuses.
  • Not viable for Sword and Blox Fruit main players.

Acquisition and Availability

Heart Shades are a legendary accessory that can be acquired during the Valentine’s event at the event shop. To obtain them, players must gather 750 Hearts, the special currency of the event. These glasses are a popular choice among pirates who seek both style and functionality in equal measure.

Style and Protection

Heart Shades stand out for their distinctive and romantic design. With heart-shaped frames and pink lenses, these glasses add a touch of charm and elegance to your character. In addition to their aesthetic appearance, Heart Shades also provide additional protection for your eyes, filtering out sunlight and shielding you from the elements as you navigate the seas and engage in intense battles.

Increased Combat Power

One of the major advantages of Heart Shades is their ability to enhance your combat power. These legendary glasses increase damage inflicted by 12.5% on both gun and melee attacks. This allows you to deal more damage to your enemies and defeat them more effectively. Additionally, Heart Shades also offer a 5% increase in defense against any type of attack, providing you with greater resilience and durability in battle.

Enhanced Energy and Health

In addition to their offensive and defensive power, Heart Shades also boost your energy and health resources. With these glasses, you will receive a boost of 600 energy points and an additional 400 health points. This will allow you to maintain greater endurance in prolonged battles and give you a strategic edge over your opponents.

Strategies and Playstyles

Heart Shades are a popular choice for pirates who prefer a balanced approach in combat. Their damage bonuses on gun and melee attacks make them ideal for players who enjoy a versatile fighting style. Combine them with abilities that complement your playstyle and maximize their potential to become a formidable fighter in the seas of Blox Fruits.
Heart Shades are a highly valued legendary accessory in Blox Fruits that offers significant benefits in combat. Their distinctive style, eye protection, and enhancements to combat power make them an attractive option for pirates looking to stand out in battles. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire the Heart Shades and add a touch of style and power to your character in Blox Fruits!