Jaw Shield in Blox Fruit

Jaw Shield

In the universe of Blox Fruits, accessories play a crucial role in a player’s performance during battles. Among these accessories, one stands out for its unique design and combat benefits: the Jaw Shield. This rare-level accessory, famous for its metallic jaw appearance with horns, is as intimidating as it is useful in combat.

Name Type Rarity Effects Source
Jaw Shield Accessory Rare +500 Energy
+250 Health
+12.5% Melee Damage
+10% Defense against Melee attacks
+50% Movement Speed

Pros and Cons of the Jaw Shield: Balancing Power in Blox Fruits

  • High increase in energy, health, and movement speed.
  • Provides a decent boost in damage and defense.
  • Useful for Buddha users due to the increased damage and defense, and especially effective in confrontations between them.
  • Currently has the highest melee damage increase shared with the Warrior Helmet.
  • Excellent for individuals specializing in fighting style.
  • Slightly less useful for players using Blox Fruits, swords, or firearms.

Origin and Location

The Jaw Shield is not an item that can be randomly obtained. This coveted item is obtained by completing five Player Hunter missions and then interacting with the NPC Tacomura, who is located at the top of the stairs to the left upon entering the Sea Castle. Do not confuse with Captain Elephant, a character who also wears this accessory but does not provide the benefits and does not drop it.

Unique Design

The Jaw Shield is unmistakable thanks to its metallic jaw design with horns protruding from the sides. The actual protection consists of many downward-oriented bars flanked by two circular structures filled with rivets, which serve as the support for the horns. The horns themselves are long, slowly curving inward along their length, painted with a red-orange gradient, and are studded with nails at regular intervals.

Combat Benefits

The Jaw Shield is not only an attention-grabbing accessory but also offers a range of impressive bonuses to its users. The benefits of using the Jaw Shield include a 12.5% increase in damage for melee attacks, a 10% defense against melee attacks, a 50% increase in movement speed, an additional 500 points of energy, and an additional 250 points of health. This combination of bonuses enhances both offense and defense, making it an exceptional choice for any battle strategy.
The Jaw Shield is more than just an attractive accessory in Blox Fruits. With its significant combat improvements and unique appearance, it is an essential item for any player looking to enhance their in-game performance. If you’re seeking an accessory that brings both style and substance to your character, the Jaw Shield is the ideal choice.