Leviathan Shield in Blox Fruits

Leviathan Shield

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Dive into the depths of Blox Fruits to discover the mighty Leviathan Shield, a mythical accessory revered for its unparalleled defensive capabilities. Unlike any other, this shield not only boosts your defense but also transforms you into a resilient force against the toughest of foes. Join us as we unveil the secrets of acquiring the Leviathan Shield, its remarkable effects, and why it’s a must-have in your arsenal.

Name Type Rarity Effects Source
Leviathan Shield Accessory Mythical +15% Defense Against Melee, Sword, and Gun Attacks
+30% Defense Against Sea Events
+90% Protection Against Sea Damage
+1000 Health
Beast Hunter (NPC)

How to Get the Leviathan Shield in Blox Fruits Stats & Worth

Crafting the Leviathan Shield in Blox Fruits

To craft the Leviathan Shield, a powerful accessory in Blox Fruits, visit the Beast Hunter NPC. You will need the following materials:

  1. Mirror Fractal: Obtain 1 Mirror Fractal.
  2. Leviathan Scale: Collect 30 Leviathan Scales.
  3. Electric Wing: Gather 10 Electric Wings.
  4. Fool’s Gold: Acquire 20 pieces of Fool’s Gold.

These components combine to forge the Leviathan Shield, offering enhanced defense and unique abilities. Securing these materials requires skillful gameplay and exploration, making the crafting of this shield a testament to your dedication and prowess in Blox Fruits.

Leviathan Shield Advantages and Disadvantages in Battle

  • Exceptional defense against melee, sword, and gun attacks, enhancing your survivability.
  • Unmatched protection in sea events and against sea damage, ideal for sea adventurers.
  • A substantial health increase, crucial for raids, boss fights, and intense battles.
  • Lacks defense against Blox fruit damage, a consideration for certain combat styles.
  • Challenging to obtain, requiring dedication and effort to gather rare components.
  • No speed enhancement, which might affect mobility in combat.

What Does the Leviathan Shield Do in Blox Fruits?

The Leviathan Shield is a beacon of resilience in Blox Fruits. This mythical accessory not only bolsters your defense against physical attacks but also offers unprecedented protection in sea battles. Its +1000 health increase is a game-changer, providing you with the endurance needed to withstand the most rigorous challenges. Whether you’re facing off against sea beasts or engaging in PvP combat, the Leviathan Shield ensures you’re well-equipped to emerge victorious.

Leviathan Shield Crafting Requirements

Crafting the Leviathan Shield is an endeavor that requires both bravery and persistence. Gather the Mirror Fractal, a multitude of Leviathan Scales, Electric Wings, and Fool’s Gold to forge this shield. Each component plays a vital role in its creation, making the journey to acquire them a thrilling adventure in itself.

Leviathan Shield Vs Leviathan Crown in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits players often find themselves choosing between two mythical accessories: the Leviathan Shield and the Leviathan Crown. Each offers unique benefits and can significantly influence your gameplay. This guide compares these two items to help you decide which one aligns best with your in-game strategy.

Leviathan Shield Overview

  • Effects: +15% defense against melee, sword, and gun attacks; +30% defense against Sea Events; +90% protection against sea damage; +1000 health.
  • Source: Crafted through the Beast Hunter NPC.
  • Ideal For: Players who prioritize defense and survivability in various combat scenarios, especially in sea events and against physical attacks.

Leviathan Crown Overview

  • Effects: +12% Melee Damage; +35% Damage to Sea Events; +25% Increased Health Regen; +40% Higher Drop Chance from Sea Events; +1 Extra Instinct Dodge.
  • Source: Also crafted through the Beast Hunter NPC.
  • Ideal For: Players focusing on offensive capabilities and enhanced combat performance, particularly in sea events and melee battles.

Comparative Analysis

Defensive Capabilities

  • Leviathan Shield: Offers robust defense against physical attacks and exceptional protection in sea events, making it ideal for defensive strategies.
  • Leviathan Crown: While not as defensively focused, it still provides a health regeneration boost, aiding in longer battles.

Offensive Enhancements

  • Leviathan Shield: Primarily a defensive tool, it does not offer direct offensive boosts.
  • Leviathan Crown: Enhances melee damage significantly, making it a potent choice for aggressive combat styles.

Health and Survivability

  • Leviathan Shield: The +1000 health increase is a game-changer in terms of survivability, particularly in challenging scenarios.
  • Leviathan Crown: Offers improved health regeneration, which can be crucial in prolonged engagements.

Acquisition and Crafting

  • Both items require gathering specific components and crafting them through the Beast Hunter NPC, demanding time and effort to acquire.

Your choice between the Leviathan Shield and the Leviathan Crown should align with your playstyle and objectives in Blox Fruits. If defense, survivability, and protection in sea events are your priorities, the Leviathan Shield is your go-to accessory. On the other hand, if you prefer to enhance your offensive capabilities and perform better in melee combat and sea events, the Leviathan Crown will serve you well.

Strategic Use of the Leviathan Shield

Incorporating the Leviathan Shield into your strategy in Blox Fruits can significantly alter your approach to combat. Its defensive prowess makes it a top choice for players who value resilience and endurance. Whether you’re venturing into the depths of the sea or facing formidable foes on land, the Leviathan Shield is your guarantee of survival and triumph.