Accessories Tier List in Blox Fruits

Embark on an epic voyage through the world of Blox Fruits armed with the essential knowledge provided by our expertly crafted Accessories Tier List. The right accessory can be the compass that guides you to victory, and our comprehensive list is the treasure map to mastering the seas.

Accessories Tier List Update 23

Stay ahead of the wave with our strategic insights, designed to elevate your gameplay and outfit your character for success. Whether you’re dueling at the docks or battling bosses, this tier list will be the wind in your sails, propelling you to the top of the Blox Fruits hierarchy.

Accessories Tier List

Accessories Tier List Guide & Tips

S Tier Accessories:

  • Lee Accessory: For the healers navigating treacherous waters, a 50% health regeneration bonus makes this the cornerstone of any resilient build.
  • Pale Scarf: A rare find that provides a tactical advantage with increased damage and instinctive dodge abilities, perfect for the discerning tactician.

A Tier Accessories:

  • Choer: The subtle art of cooldown reduction comes to life with this accessory, empowering devil fruit users with faster skill deployment.
  • Swan Glasses: The pinnacle of agility and defense, these glasses offer a staggering 25% movement speed and a suite of buffs to cement your superiority in battle.
  • Warrior Helmet: A testament to melee prowess, offering enhancements to melee and sword damage, ideal for those who prefer the up-close-and-personal approach.

B Tier Accessories:

  • Black Cape: A balanced early-game item that provides a gentle nudge to health, energy, and damage, paving your way through the initial challenges.
  • Blue Spiky Coat: A harmonious blend of offense and defense, this coat is a must-have for those in the thick of the fray, offering a balanced boost to damage and vitality.
  • Holiday Cloak: While not the cream of the crop, it offers a unique dodge ability that could tip the scales in a tight skirmish.
  • Santa Hat: Hoist your sails with the festive power of the Santa Hat, granting significant speed and damage buffs to keep the holiday spirit—and your sword—sharp all year round.

C Tier Accessories:

  • Pink Coat: A reliable starter accessory that gives a modest increase to health and damage, it’s a sturdy choice for newcomers.
  • Ghoul Mask: Become the embodiment of speed and siphon strength from your foes, making this a top pick for agile combatants.
  • Marine Cap: Tailor-made for the sword and gun enthusiast, this cap reduces skill cooldowns and boosts relevant damage types.
  • Cool Shades: Not just for looks, these shades provide a moderate increase in damage and energy, a solid choice for the aspiring pirate.
  • Swordsman Hat: With a singular focus on sword damage, its narrow utility sees it fall to the lower echelons of our tier list.

D Tier Accessories:

  • Coat: This simple garment offers an energy boost but lacks the impact needed for serious combat, placing it lower on the list.
  • Bandana: Despite its balanced stats, it simply doesn’t compete with the higher-tiered offerings available to seasoned players.
  • Party Hat: Celebrate every victory with enhanced experience gains, making your journey through the seas not only memorable but also more rewarding.

Best Accessory for Melee Users:

  • Warrior Helmet

Top Accessory for Fruit Users:

  • Pale Scarf

Ultimate Accessory for Sword Users:

  • Ghoul Mask