Sleigh in Blox Fruits

The Sleigh, a seasonal sensation in Blox Fruits, combines festive charm with exceptional speed, making it a memorable addition to the game’s naval fleet. This comprehensive exploration delves into the Sleigh’s capabilities, its unique method of acquisition, and the joyous role it played in the game.

Sleigh_blox fruits

Attribute Detail
Health Points 1,000
Cost 5,000 (In-Game Currency) and 1,000 Candies
Speed Rank 2nd fastest in the game
Unique Features 3 seats, Crew logo display, Musical theme

Design and Features: The Sleigh’s Festive Flair

The Sleigh in Blox Fruits was not just a boat; it was a celebration on the seas. Its design, reminiscent of a traditional Christmas sleigh, brought a unique and joyful presence to the game. Equipped with three seats, it was perfect for team adventures, allowing players to share the festive spirit. An intriguing aspect of the Sleigh was the ability to display the player’s crew logo on its sails, further personalizing the experience. One of the most charming features was its musical theme; driving the Sleigh played the melody of “Jingle Bells,” adding a delightful touch to the journey.

Acquisition and Usage: The Sleigh’s Special Season

Acquiring the Sleigh was a holiday event in itself. Initially available for purchase from the Santa Claws NPC for 1,000 candies, it later required 5,000 in-game currency for spawning at the Luxury Boat Dealer. This unique method of acquisition made the Sleigh a coveted item during the Christmas event. Its status as the second fastest boat in the game, combined with its small size, made it a practical choice for various in-game activities, including puzzles and avoiding boat cannonballs.

Pros and Cons: Evaluating the Sleigh’s Performance


  • Remarkable speed, second only to the Sentinel.
  • Small size, aiding in evasion.
  • Does not require game passes for ownership.
  • Musical theme enhances the driving experience.


  • Higher cost compared to other boats.
  • Difficulty in accessing the driver’s seat.
  • Lack of cannons, limiting its combat capabilities.
  • Unavailability outside the Christmas event.

The Sleigh’s Enduring Impact in Blox Fruits

Though no longer available, the Sleigh left a lasting impression in the world of Blox Fruits. It was more than just a seasonal boat; it was a symbol of joy, speed, and community. The Sleigh embodied the festive spirit of the holidays, offering players a unique and delightful way to navigate the game’s seas. Its legacy continues to resonate with players, reminding them of the joyful experiences and swift adventures it once offered in the expansive oceans of Blox Fruits.