Cyborg: Where is it, Reward and Strategy in Blox Fruits.

In the fascinating world of Blox Fruits, one standout boss is the intriguing Cyborg. Located in the metropolis of Fountain City, this imposing adversary presents a tempting and lucrative challenge for brave players. In this article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth look at Cyborg, from its powerful abilities to the best tactics to defeat it.

🤖 Boss Name Cyborg
⬆️ Level 675
📦 Loot Cool Shades
🍀 Loot Probability 1-2%
⏱️ Spawn Time 30-35 minutes
💥 Experience Granted 150,000


Cyborg is a level 675 boss, the last guardian of the First Sea before entering the Second. At first glance, this metallic opponent may seem daunting, but the key to success lies in understanding its movements and attack patterns.

With three devastating attack moves, from the feared ‘Rocket Barrage’ to the powerful ‘Rising Attack,’ Cyborg is a worthy adversary. Don’t confuse it with other less powerful cyborgs; this mechanical giant is one of a kind.

Rewards for Defeating Cyborg in Blox Fruits

By defeating Cyborg, you can obtain an exciting loot: the Cool Shades. Although the probability of getting this loot is only 1-2%, the opportunity to win this coveted accessory is worth the fight. Furthermore, defeating Cyborg will grant you a substantial amount of 150,000 experience.

Strategy to Defeat Cyborg in Roblox

When facing Cyborg, there are some tactics and strategies that can assist you. Keep Cyborg at a distance and use long-range attacks whenever possible. It’s essential to take cover behind rocks during its attacks, as this will allow you to dodge its moves.
Ensure you maintain a good level of health and energy throughout the fight; having at least 2000 of each is recommended. Additionally, you should avoid its ‘Rocket Barrage’ move at all costs; it’s its most potent attack and can deal significant damage.

What Weapons to Use When Facing Cyborg in Blox Fruits?

The use of appropriate skills and weapons can also increase your chances of success. The ‘Barrier’ skill can be especially useful for pushing Cyborg away, deflecting its missiles, and approaching it without taking damage.
Using ice to freeze it can be an effective tactic, and it’s recommended to keep it behind the rock and use long-range attacks whenever possible. Water Kung Fu is not recommended unless your weapon, fruit, or sword has good stuns.

In conclusion, facing Cyborg in Blox Fruits can be an exciting and rewarding challenge. Although this boss is formidable, with the right knowledge, proper tactics, and a bit of perseverance, you can emerge victorious and claim the coveted loot of Cool Shades. Good luck on your journey through the First Sea!