Diamond: Where It Is, Rewards and Strategy [Blox Fruits].

Blox Fruits, known for its impressive variety of challenges and its vast gaming world, introduces us to one of its most intriguing bosses: Diamond, the floral monarch at level 750. This article will break down everything you need to know about this formidable opponent, from its location to its valuable loot.



⬆️ Level 750
📍 Location Flower Hill
💓 HP 30,000
📦 Loot Longsword
⏰ Spawn Time 15 min

Where to Find the Diamond Boss in Blox Fruits

Located in Flower Hill, Diamond is a boss that challenges you to take your game to the next level. This is not a boss you stumble upon while strolling; it’s a boss you will encounter in a place filled with flowers and natural beauty. The hill lives up to its name, dotted with a variety of flowers that contrast with Diamond’s combative nature.

Appearance of Diamond

Diamond is an imposing figure. This medium-height character is unmistakable, with a variety of flowers framing its face, giving it a strange but memorable appearance. Its casual attire, a green shirt and brown pants, contradicts its status as a formidable boss in the world of Blox Fruits.

Diamond’s Spawn Time in Blox Fruits

Unlike other bosses, Diamond has a fairly short spawn time. It respawns every 15 minutes, meaning you’ll have several opportunities to challenge it throughout your gameplay. But don’t let its frequent appearance fool you into thinking it will be an easy battle.

Health and Fighting Potential of Diamond in Blox Fruits

Diamond has an astonishing health pool of 30,000 HP. Its endurance and strength are monumental, making it a formidable opponent for players. Those aspiring to defeat it will need to equip themselves properly and prepare for a lengthy battle.

Diamond’s Reward

The reward offered by Diamond is none other than the powerful Longsword. Once defeated, this coveted relic becomes the loot of the lucky victor, offering a significant boost to the player. Additionally, by completing Diamond’s quest, the player is rewarded with $25,000 in-game currency and a generous 12,500,000 Exp.
Diamond is a unique character in the Blox Fruits universe, blending charming aesthetics with challenging gameplay difficulty. Whether you’re here to challenge it, learn from it, or simply admire the lovely location of Flower Hill, Blox Fruits’ Diamond offers an unforgettable in-game experience. Get ready, level up, and let the battle begin.