The Saw: Where to Find, Rewards, and Strategy in Blox Fruits

In the expansive and challenging universe of Blox Fruits, players encounter numerous bosses and challenges. One of these bosses is The Saw, who resides in La The Saw. With a level of 100, The Saw presents a significant challenge to players, and can even challenge the most experienced among us.

🦈The Saw🦈

🔱 Boss Name The Saw
⬆️ Level 100
🗡️ Dropped Item Shark’s Saw (sword)
🎲 Drop Chance 10%
💡 Fight Tip Fight only if you have 20 Mastery or less

The Sawis a boss that requires strategic skills and high mastery to be defeated. He has the ability to drop a valuable sword called Shark’s Saw, but there’s only a 10% chance of that happening. This rarity factor increases the challenge and incentive to face The Saw.

What to consider when facing The Saw in Blox Fruits

The general recommendation is not to face The Saw based on Mastery unless you have a level of 20 or less. This is a prudent strategy that can help you progress in the game without risking too much. After all, Blox Fruits is both a strategy and action-adventure game.

Battle Strategy Against The Saw in Roblox

For sword collectors in Blox Fruits, The Sawrepresents a temptation. His Shark’s Saw sword is a coveted piece, but you should think twice before going after it. Consider using the Saber instead of Shark’s Saw, even if you obtain it. The decision of which weapon to use ultimately depends on each player’s strategy, but it’s important to remember that it’s not always advisable to spend resources pursuing a single piece of equipment.
The Saw, the boss of La The Saw, is a high-level challenge in the Blox Fruits game. With his rare Shark’s Saw sword and high difficulty level, facing The Saw is a decision that should be made carefully and strategically. Remember, it’s not always worth pursuing the rare drop if other equipment options may be more beneficial for your progress in the game. Ultimately, the decision is up to you as a player: will you take on the challenge of The Saw, or will you move more strategically through the world of Blox Fruits?

No matter the decision you make, remember that every challenge is an opportunity to learn and improve your skills. May the challenge of The Saw be an exciting part of your journey in Blox Fruits.