Vice Admiral: Where to Find, Rewards and Strategy

Blocking the path to victory in Blox Fruits, the formidable Vice Admiral awaits, challenging players to unravel its secrets. This article will break down everything you need to know to face and defeat this level 130 boss, from its location to effective strategies and the valuable loot you can obtain.

☠️Vice Admiral☠️
🏴‍☠️ Boss Name Vice Admiral
⬆️ Level 130
🗺️ Location Marine Fortress
💔 HP 4,250
⚔️ Damage 140
⏱️ Respawn Time 7 min
🎁 Main Reward Vice Admiral’s Coat
🎲 Drop Chance 10%
🏆 Quest Rewards 15,000$ and 350,000 Exp

Who is the Vice Admiral in Blox Fruits?

The Vice Admiral is a relentless boss located in the Marine Fortress. This swordsman wields the Triple Katana and compressed air cutting abilities, posing a considerable challenge, especially for low-level players. With 4,250 HP and a damage hit of around 140, the Vice Admiral is not an enemy to be taken lightly.

Where to Find Vice Admiral in Roblox?

This formidable adversary can be found in the Marine Fortress, specifically in the main tower building in the center. He respawns every 7 minutes after being defeated, offering frequent opportunities for players who want to test their skill and luck against him.

Vice Admiral Rewards in Blox Fruits

A battle against the Vice Admiral can be tough, but it can also be extremely lucrative. This boss has a 10% chance of dropping the Vice Admiral’s Coat after defeat. This piece of equipment grants 200 energy and an additional 10% melee damage, making it a prized loot for many players.
Furthermore, completing the Vice Admiral quest results in 15,000$ and an impressive 350,000 Exp. This makes fighting the Vice Admiral one of the most effective ways to earn experience and money in the game.

Tips and Strategies for Facing Vice Admiral in Roblox Blox Fruits

This is where things get interesting. The first tip is to focus on fighting the Vice Admiral rather than going to Skylands. This tactic will grant you as much experience as fighting the Dark Masters, although it nearly doubles your cash earnings.
There are no shortcuts to defeating this boss. It takes practice, skill, and knowledge of the Vice Admiral’s attack patterns. As a swordsman, it’s best to keep your distance whenever possible and attack from afar. Pay attention to his movements to dodge or block his attacks in time.

The Vice Admiral in Blox Fruits is an exciting and potentially rewarding challenge for brave players. With the information provided in this article, you are now armed with everything you need to face this formidable adversary. Good luck, and may the loot be yours!