Dark Step in Blox Fruits

In the vast and vibrant universe of Blox Fruits, there are many ways to power up your character and customize your gameplay style. One of these ways is through fighting styles, and one of the most intriguing among them is the Dark Step. In this article, we will delve into the darkness and explore everything you need to know about the Dark Step fighting style in Blox Fruits.

Dark Step

Dark Step

Dark Step is a leg-based fighting style that can be learned from the Dark Step Teacher for a cost of 150,000 coins. This enigmatic fighting style gives the player a distinctive aura that appears on the character’s legs when activated, unlike other fighting styles that focus on the hands. However, this difference is purely visual and does not provide any additional buffs.

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of Dark Step

Key Name Description Mastery Showcase
Flying Kick The user launches themselves towards the cursor, leaving an impact.

  • This move launches you in an arc, with a red line showing where you’ll land (can be inaccurate if used from a long distance).
Max 1
Breakdance The user does a handstand, starts spinning, and attacks everything around them with their legs. Upon making contact with an enemy, the user deals damage and stuns the enemy for the duration of the move. The user cannot move during this. Max 40
Barrage The user unleashes a flurry of kicks towards the cursor. The duration of this move will increase if the key is held down. If the user gets hit during this move, it gets canceled. Max 80
Overheat The user rapidly spins and sets both legs on fire, increasing Dark Step damage by 1.22x for approximately 30 seconds.

  • When used 100 times, the flames cover more of the user’s legs, increasing the damage boost.
  • 60-second cooldown.
  • This also deals damage after the leg is set on fire, but it’s best not to use it for damage as it deals the same amount of damage as an individual M1 click.
Max 150

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Dark Step Fighting Style




  • All moves are area of effect (AoE).
  • Dark Step Z (Flying Kick) has an aiming function.
  • High damage with Overheat activated.
  • Good for grinding from level 50 to level 200.
  • The cheapest fighting style of all fighting styles (excluding “Combat,” which is obtained for free upon joining the game).
  • Can be upgraded to Death Step.
  • Flying Kick provides some mobility in the air.
  • Good combo potential.
  • Low mastery requirements.
  • Breakdance is effective for hitting Venom and Shadow users while they attack you in the air.
  • Easy to level up early in the game if you have Chop/Logia and an autoclicker.
  • Useful for grinding in First Sea due to its low recoil and large area of effect (AOE).
  • Known for its excellent stuns and damage (Overheat V), used early on for bounty hunting in First Sea.
  • “Barrage” leaves you very exposed and is easy to dodge.
  • Moves do not break Instinct.
  • Overheat has an extremely long cooldown (1 minute).
  • Slowest click speed of ALL fighting styles unless you have an autoclicker (Combat is slightly faster).
  • Slow in PvP and not good against main fruit users. It is recommended to obtain Death Step.
  • “Breakdance” reduces your hitbox, which can be problematic, especially when combined with Buddha, as it removes invulnerability against some moves, for example, Mythological Pirates’ Electric X. It can also make you drown if you are too close to the water’s surface.
  • Does not pair well with Buddha, as the click attack is slow and weak, and most moves cannot hit in Shift form.
  • Difficult to level up in the late game due to high Elemental level requirements and how bad it is with Buddha.
  • The fighting style with the lowest damage output (excluding Combat).
  • Using Overheat can leave you as an easy target, as it has a long animation.
  • Breakdance locks you in place.
  • Barrage is easy to cancel, as a single hit will stop the move.
  • Flying Kick is very slow.
  • High delay when initiating moves.
  • If you miss Breakdance during PvP, you’ll be left in a vulnerable state, as the move has a delay upon finishing.
  • Overheat takes a long time to activate.
  • Be cautious of using move V when grinding with this fighting style, as it will throw NPCs quite far away.
  • Most abilities are short-range.

Combos and Synergies of Dark Step in Blox Fruits

  • Dark Step X + Z.
  • Dark Step V + Awakened Light V + Dark Step C + Dark Step X + Awakened Light C (A great combo for bounty hunters in First Sea)
  • Dark Step X + C + Z (Better with Overheat mode activated).
  • Dark Step C + X + Z
  • Dark Step C + Dark Step Z + Katana X (May not land).
  • Dark Step X + Dark Step Z + Rengoku Z + Rengoku X + Rifle Acidum Z + X.
  • Rifle Acidum Z + X + Dark Step Z.
  • Ice V + C + Dark Step X + Z + Dark Sword X.
  • Earthquake V + Dark Step C + X + Soul Staff Z + Dark Step Z + Earthquake Z
  • Spiked Trident Z + Kabucha X + Dark Step V + Spiked Trident X + Dark Step X + C + Z [This combo can be easily extended with fruit moves.]
  • Soul Staff Z + Dark Step C + Soul Staff X + Dark Step X (use Overheat/Double Devil for additional damage)
  • Mace (Awakened) X, V + Spiked Trident X +, Dark Step X, Rifle Acidum X, Z, Dark Step C, Mace (Awakened) C
  • Dark Step V + Gum F + Dark Step

Dark Step Fighting Style Guide in Blox Fruits

Although Dark Step is a powerful fighting style in its own right, there is an upgraded variant known as Death Step. This advanced version of Dark Step is even more formidable but can only be obtained in Second Sea/Third Sea, making it even more desired and exclusive.
For those seeking to obtain Dark Step, the quest will take you to different parts of the world in Blox Fruits. You can learn Dark Step in the Pirate Village in First Sea, on the lava side of Hot and Cold in Second Sea, and in the Castle on the Sea in Third Sea. Each location offers an opportunity to learn this fighting style and experience the power and agility it provides.

Using Dark Step in combat is a unique experience. By being leg-based, it provides a distinct combat dynamic that challenges players to shift their focus and strategy. Additionally, with the Aura manifesting on the legs, players will have a distinct aesthetic that adds an extra layer of customization to their characters.

In conclusion, Dark Step in Blox Fruits is more than just a fighting style. It’s a path of progression, a challenge, and a way to stand out in the game world. By learning this fighting style, players can enhance their skills, experience new forms of combat, and enjoy a new dimension in their Blox Fruits gameplay experience. So, are you ready to delve into the darkness and learn the Dark Step?