Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits

Dragon Breath is a fascinating fighting style that can be purchased in “Blox Fruits” from the NPC Sabi for 1,500 fragments. Unlike other fighting styles, Dragon Breath brings an additional level of spectacle to the game, as its moves involve releasing the breath of a dragon, adding an extra level of visual impact to battles.

Dragon Breath

Dragon Breath

For newcomers in Blox Fruits looking to learn Dragon Breath, the key is to find Sabi. This NPC is located in the Second Sea, more precisely on a bridge in the Rose Kingdom. Once you find Sabi and accumulate enough fragments, you can purchase the Dragon Breath fighting style and begin your journey to become a master of this technique.

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of Dragon Breath Fighting Style

Key Name Description Mastery GIF
Dragon Dash The user dashes forward twice, stopping between each movement to change direction while surrounded by flames and cutting particles. On the second dash, the damage is divided by 10. 100
Dragon Flames The user shoots 2 dragons from their fist, spinning them in front of them and causing damage and knockback. 200
Dragon Explosion The user buries their fist beneath them and creates a large-radius explosion, leaving small burning rocks protruding from the ground.

  • Deals around 2.5 times more damage than an M1 attack.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dragon Breath Fighting Style




  • It’s easy to catch people with the Z move, briefly stunning them.
  • The Z move can also apply additional damage if the first “dash” connects.
  • Has very good damage and range, and some of its hitboxes are excellent.
  • The C move has a large hitbox, making it quite useful for grinding.
  • All moves are not single-target, meaning you can hit multiple enemies with them.
  • Very cheap in price. Just need to kill a raid boss.
  • The X move is good for repelling enemies in PvP while running.
  • The X move is good for initiating combos.
  • The Z and C moves are quite slow, making them easy to dodge with Flash Step.
  • Overall, this style is slow and short-ranged, giving it a disadvantage against ranged weapons.
    • For the same reasons, it’s also easy to counter.
  • The X move is very predictable.
  • High mastery requirements for low levels.
  • There’s only 1 move that moves the player, Z, and it’s not good for travel as it will stop you for about half a second at the end of the first dash. (Latency can also make you do only one dash.)
  • Causes strong knockback to enemies, making it unsuitable for grinding.

Dragon Breath Fighting Style Guide in Blox Fruits

Once you have acquired the Dragon Breath fighting style, the real work begins. Like all fighting styles in “Blox Fruits,” Dragon Breath requires time and dedication to master. Players will need to learn when the best time is to implement the various moves and tactics that Dragon Breath has to offer.
Each fighting style in “Blox Fruits” comes with its own advantages and challenges, and Dragon Breath is no different. With its flashy and powerful moves, this fighting style can be very effective when used correctly. However, it may also require a higher level of skill and experience from the player.

The Dragon Breath fighting style in “Blox Fruits” is an exciting choice for those players seeking a challenge and looking to take their game to another level. While it requires a significant commitment of time and effort to master, players who choose this fighting style will be rewarded with a visually impressive and highly effective combat system. If you’re ready to unleash the power of fire and learn the art of Dragon Breath, start your quest for Sabi and dive into the action.