Electric in Blox Fruits

Electric is a captivating fighting style that, when used correctly, can unlock incredible combinations of moves and abilities. One notable feature of Electric is its move [C], Electrical Floor.



The true potential of Electric is unleashed when skillfully combining different moves. For example, you can use Stomp and then Tackle an opponent in the air, a maneuver that requires precise targeting but can have a devastating effect. You can even switch to another ability after using Electrical Floor to set up your next shot, making Electric a dynamic and versatile fighting style. Not only does it offer excellent combo potential, but it’s also a valuable tool for stunning bosses in Raids, allowing your teammates to attack freely. However, it’s worth noting that Electrical Floor can be challenging to hit in PvP, adding an element of challenge.

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of Electric Fighting Style

The Electric fighting style can be purchased in First Sea, at the first level of Skylands, from the Mad Scientist for 500,000. The Mad Scientist is hidden behind one of the rocks around the bottom of Skylands. They resemble a “Humanoid Tiger” or “Human-Tiger Hybrid.” This fighting style can be upgraded to Electric Claw upon reaching 400 mastery and gaining access to Third Sea.

Key Name Description Gif Mastery
Stomp The user jumps into the air, charges their hand with electricity, and remains in the air for a second. Then, the user crashes down to the ground, creating a small explosion of lightning. 50 mastery
Electrical Tackle The user propels themselves forward towards where the cursor points, dealing medium damage. Primarily used for rapid advancement in the air. 100 mastery
Electrical Floor The user strikes the ground with their fists, electrifying the ground in front of them for a few moments, dealing area damage and stunning enemies. 200 mastery

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Fighting Style in Blox Fruits




  • The [C] move has good combo potential as it stuns the enemy for the entire duration of the move, allowing third parties to hit the stunned enemy, causing significant damage.
  • The [X] move has good mobility.
  • If you are in First Sea, it’s excellent for training your Aura due to its fair click speed and continuous damage from the [C] move.
  • The [Z] move can be used as a pseudo counter to long moves that you can jump over.
  • The [C] move is one of the highest damaging moves in v1 fighting styles, dealing a total of 2k damage with around 1000 Combat stats and around 300 mastery. It ties or slightly falls behind Dragon Breath’s [C] move.
  • The [Z] move is terrible for almost everything (it has some potential but still not very good for combos, PvP, training, and traveling).
  • It has the second slowest move (the first being Dark Step, not counting Combat).
  • Slow moves.
  • The [X] move has a very small hitbox.
  • Cannot damage Rubber users.
  • Lower damage compared to other fighting styles.
  • You cannot move if you miss the [C] move.
  • The range of the [Z] move is really bad.

Combos, Tactics, and Strategies of Electric in Blox Fruits

Easy Combos

  • Electric C + X or Z
  • Electric C + Rengoku X + Z
  • Electric C + Pole v2 Z + X (easy but very strong).
  • Electric C + Saber v2 X + Saber v2 Z (quite strong if you are a sword player).
Medium-Difficulty Combos

  • Ice V + Electric 1 – 2 click (not necessary) + Electric C + Yoru Z X + Electric X (sword player).
  • Electric C + Rengoku Z + Control C + Kabucha X + Control V
  • Ice V + Electric C + Rengoku X + Z + Soru + Electric Z
  • Electric C + Control C + Pole v2 Z + X + Kabucha X + Control V + Control F + Electric Z (one-shot combo if you can hit Control F + Electric Z).
  • Electric C + Dough C + Pole v2 Z + X + Dough V + Dough X + Soru + Electric Z.
  • Electric Z + Rubber LMB (if you have good aim)

Electric Fighting Style Guide in Blox Fruits

Electric fits perfectly into the ancient world of Blox Fruits, similar to Water Kung Fu, making it an excellent choice for players who enjoy grinding. However, like any fighting style, Electric has its downsides. The [Z] move, Stomp, can be glitchy and sometimes fails to work on NPCs, so it’s recommended to avoid using it while farming. Additionally, since the [Z] move launches the opponent into the air, it can be challenging to combo in PvP.
Despite these drawbacks, Electric remains an appealing and powerful fighting style. Its combination of [C], [X], and [Z] moves can result in devastating combos, and its adaptability to various gameplay situations makes it indispensable. An interesting tidbit is that if you are in Buddha form with awakened Buddha, when you use Electrical Floor [C], the electricity will be at hand level instead of on the ground. The same goes for the [X] Electrical Tackle; the hitbox will be at arm level.

In conclusion, Electric is a unique and thrilling fighting style that adds an additional dimension to the Blox Fruits game. With electric abilities that can trigger a series of powerful attacks and combos, this fighting style can give your character the edge it needs to triumph in this exciting world of adventures.