Fighting Style Tier List

Our meticulously crafted Fighting Style Tier List is your compass to navigate the myriad of martial arts, each with its unique flair and power. Sift through the treasure trove of knowledge as we dissect the strengths and weaknesses of each style, guiding you to choose the one that resonates with your journey and gameplay strategy. Climb the ranks and become the ultimate Blox Fruit champion as you discover the art of combat that aligns with your destiny.

Fighting Style Tier List Update 23

Embark on a journey through the vast seas of Blox Fruits, where mastery of fighting styles elevates warriors above the rest. Whether you’re a newcomer brandishing your sword at the shores of the First Sea or a seasoned pirate dominating the tumultuous waters of the Third Sea, knowing the intricacies of each fighting style can be the difference between triumph and defeat.

Fighting Style Tier List blox fruits

Fighting Style Tier List Guide & Info

  • Dark Step: A top choice for novices in the Fighting Style Tier List, Dark Step offers a budget-friendly entry point with impressive damage output for early grinding, ideal for players starting their Blox Fruits adventure.
  • Electric: Known for its long-standing presence, Electric is a jolt in the Fighting Style Tier List with its reworked moves providing substantial damage and a stun effect, perfect for beginners looking to electrify their gameplay.
  • Water Kung Fu: As the priciest technique in the first sea, Water Kung Fu flows into our Fighting Style Tier List with its rapid M1 and formidable damage range, though its slower moves in PVP situations are something to consider.
  • Dragon Breath: Breathe fire into your combat with Dragon Breath, a straightforward and accessible style from the Fighting Style Tier List that excels in grinding through its wide-reaching moves that can engulf multiple foes.
  • Death Step: Ascend from the shadows with Death Step, the evolved Dark Step in our Fighting Style Tier List, offering higher damage and a suite of moves that provide range and combo potential for PVP and raiding alike.
  • Dragon Talon: Claw your way to power with Dragon Talon, an advanced form of Dragon Breath in the Fighting Style Tier List, featuring intense damage, expansive hitboxes, and AOE burn damage, alongside strong PVP capabilities.
  • Superhuman: Stand amongst the mightiest with Superhuman, a pinnacle of physical prowess in the Fighting Style Tier List, requiring mastery of all V1 styles to unlock its high damage and unmatched combo potential for PVP and boss fights.
  • Sharkman Karate: Make waves with Sharkman Karate, the enhanced Water Kung Fu entry in the Fighting Style Tier List, offering powerful strikes and swift M1 attacks, making it a formidable choice for grinding and PVP, especially for Buddha users.
  • Electric Claw: Elevate your voltage with Electric Claw, the charged-up version of Electric in the Fighting Style Tier List, delivering potent damage, quick combos, and rapid M1 attacks that synergize well with B users for a relentless assault.
  • Goduman: Divine power is within reach with Goduman, a rare and coveted style in the Fighting Style Tier List, boasting moves akin to Super Humans but with superior damage and combo potential, a treasure trove for bounty hunters.
  • Sanguin Art: Crowned as the ultimate in the Fighting Style Tier List, Sanguin Art offers unparalleled range and speed, making it a formidable force for grinding, raiding, and boss battles in the Third Sea’s unforgiving waters.

Best Fighting Styles of each Sea

  • First Sea: The Electric
  • Second Sea: Sharkman Karate
  • Third Sea: The Sanguin Art style