Water Kung Fu in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits, known for its wide range of exciting fighting styles, has brought a new wave of excitement with the introduction of the Water Kung Fu style.

Water Kung Fu

Water Kung Fu

This fighting style, which can be acquired for 750,000 in-game coins, provides a unique power and versatility not seen in other fighting styles available in the game. This fighting style is a special addition to the range of fighting styles in Blox Fruits due to the thrilling experience of obtaining it. It can be purchased from the Water Kung Fu Teacher, who can be found in the Underwater City in the First Sea, on the hot side of Hot and Cold in the Second Sea, and in the Castle on the Sea near the portals. The strategic location of the teacher adds an element of adventure to the acquisition process.

Water Kung Fu Abilities in Blox Fruits

Key Move Description Cooldown Mastery Requirement GIF
Steam Charged Fist The user shoots a pulse of air, this move has recoil. Decent range. 6 seconds 70
Deadly Shower The user shoots many rapid projectiles from their hands; this move deals decent damage. (requires precise aiming) 10 seconds 130
Heavy Water Punch The user charges water in their hands and launches a powerful punch in the direction of the cursor, causing strong recoil. Can be used for transportation. 15 seconds 250

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Kung Fu




  • The Heavy Water Punch can be used as a movement move and can dodge moves in PvP and PvE as it covers a decent range.
  • Excellent for farming, as all moves are AoE and do not have significant recoil.
  • Decent damage, range, and hitbox.
  • Faster click speed.
  • With enough experience, the player can learn effective combos.
  • Buddha is quite good with this style as the moves do not have a broken hitbox.
  • Moves can be aimed in any direction.
  • Deadly Shower requires precise aiming skills.
  • Not recommended in PvP because it’s quite slow; Sharkman Karate is recommended due to its high combo potential.
  • Primarily requires close combat.
  • Moves require prediction.
  • The Heavy Water Punch can “misfire” and hit only one enemy from a group.
  • The Z move can be challenging to hit in PvP.
  • The Z move has a slight delay at the end that, in rare cases, can leave the player stuck on the ground.
  • Quite expensive for First Sea players as Instinct is the amount of Beli. It’s also the most expensive fighting style in the First Sea.

Combos, Strategies, and Synergies of Water Kung Fu

  • Simple Combos: Z, C, X, M1 X4
  • (Main fruit combo) Awk Dough X, Awk Dough V, Spikey Trident X, Serpent Bow X, Water Kung Fu X, Dough C, Water Kung Fu Z, Water Kung Fu C, Awk Dough Z

Water Kung Fu Guide in Blox Fruits

Water Kung Fu is a gateway into the world of advanced fighting styles in Blox Fruits. Upon reaching 400 mastery and gaining access to the Second Sea, players can upgrade this fighting style to Sharkman Karate. This progression underscores the scalable and deeply rewarding nature of playing Blox Fruits, allowing players to continuously improve their skills and take on increasingly exciting challenges.
Blox Fruits’ commitment to the player experience is evident in its focus on continuous improvement. Water Kung Fu, along with many other fighting styles, has undergone a complete redesign in update 17.3. This constant revolution keeps players engaged and ensures that there are always new challenges and thrills to discover.

Like any fighting style in Blox Fruits, Water Kung Fu has its pros and cons. Its main advantage lies in its versatility and potential upgrade to Sharkman Karate. On the other hand, the acquisition may pose a challenge for newer players due to the location of the Water Kung Fu Teacher.