Frozen Village in the First Sea of Blox Fruits

Make sure to bundle up, as we’re embarking on an adventure through the frozen and mysterious Frozen Village in Blox Fruits. This fascinating island, located in the First Sea, offers an impressive winter landscape and a stimulating challenge for players ranging from levels 90 to 120.

Frozen Village

Where is Frozen Village in Blox Fruits?

Frozen Village is a captivating and frosty location set in the First Sea of Blox Fruits. This winter wonderland stands out with its snow-covered terrain and icy fragments, creating a dreamlike environment with evergreen trees and quaint houses. This picturesque village not only offers a unique landscape but also serves as a hub for quests and challenges in the game.

Inhabitants, NPCs, and Enemies in Frozen Village

Below, we present all the inhabitants, NPCs, and enemies in Frozen Village:

NPCs Enemies
Ability Teacher Snow Bandit
Sword Dealer of the East Snowman
Sick Man Ice Admiral

What is the Dog House in Frozen Village in Blox Fruits?

The Dog House in Frozen Village plays a significant role in The Son Quest in Blox Fruits. By engaging correctly with this NPC, players embark on a quest to find love letters scattered across Frozen Village, Marine Fortress, and Skylands. This NPC is unique, being one of the first in the game designed to test the dialogue system. It offers various interaction options, including hints for acquiring Dark Blade v2 and humorous responses regarding Robux.

What level do you leave Frozen Village in Blox Fruits?

Players typically depart from Frozen Village when they reach levels between 90 and 120 in Blox Fruits. This level range ensures players have thoroughly experienced and conquered the challenges that Frozen Village has to offer, preparing them for the more demanding adventures that lie ahead in their journey.

What are the bosses in Frozen Village in Blox Fruits?

In Frozen Village, players encounter two main bosses during their adventure. The initial boss is the Yeti, a formidable opponent who presents a significant challenge for players progressing through the village. As players advance further and return to Frozen Village at higher levels, they face the Ice Admiral, who resides in the secret cave of the village. This escalation of challenges from the Yeti to the Ice Admiral adds depth to the gaming experience in Frozen Village, offering players varied and escalating combat encounters.

Saber Expert Puzzle

The “Frozen Village” is also the location for the continuation of the Saber Expert Puzzle. In one of the houses, you’ll find a sick man. Your mission will be to deliver a cup filled with water from a dripping stalactite found in the island’s cave. Once you’ve completed this task, you’ll be ready to head to the “Pirate Village”. This challenge ensures that players keep their minds as sharp as their swords.

The Cave of Frozen Village

The main attraction of Frozen Village is its secret cave. Within its depths, you’ll find the Ability Teacher, who teaches players special skills like Flash Step, Aura, and Air Jump. Additionally, the Ice Admiral also makes the cave his home, being part of the Military Detective’s quest to reach the Second Sea. The cave also plays a crucial role in the Saber Expert Puzzle thanks to a dripping stalactite.

Curiosities about Frozen Village

With its theme The Start of Winter, composed by @DTF, Frozen Village is one of the four winter-themed islands in Blox Fruits. The other winter-themed islands include the Ice Castle, Hot and Cold (cold side), and Candy Cane Land in the Sea of Treats. As you can see, Frozen Village in Blox Fruits is more than a frozen landscape. With its intriguing puzzle, a cave full of secrets, and a range of NPCs to interact with, this island ensures players have plenty of adventures as they level up and explore its numerous secrets. So, if you’re ready for the challenge, bundle up your character and embark on the winter adventure that is “Frozen Village”!