Pirate Village in the First Sea of Blox Fruits

Located west of Middle Town in the immensely popular online game Blox Fruits, Pirate Village is a fascinating point of interest. This island offers players ranging from level 30 to 60 a wide range of opportunities to improve and earn rewards, all within an exciting and engaging gameplay environment.

Pirate Village

Where is Pirate Village in Blox Fruits?

Pirate Village is an enthralling location situated to the west of Middle Town in the First Sea of Blox Fruits. Known for its unique blend of civilization and wild nature, the village is distinguished by its cobblestone paths, vibrant houses, and a wild zone with irregular rocks and scattered trees. This setting provides a rich and varied environment for players to explore and engage with different aspects of the game.

What level is Pirate Village in Blox Fruits?

Pirate Village is designed for players who are between levels 30 and 60 in Blox Fruits. This level range makes it an ideal spot for intermediate players seeking to test their skills and improve. With a variety of enemies wielding swords and the opportunity to engage in combat, Pirate Village offers a challenging and rewarding experience. Additionally, the presence of treasure chests and the recent addition of a blacksmith with Update 17.3 enhances the appeal of Pirate Village for players within this level bracket.

Inhabitants, NPCs, and Enemies of Pirate Village

Below, we present all the inhabitants, NPCs, and enemies of Pirate Village:

NPCs Enemies
Boat Dealer Pirate
Luxury Boat Dealer Brute
Sword Dealer of the West Bobby
Rich Man
Dark Step Teacher
Home Points
Pirate Recruiter

Discovering Pirate Village: A Haven for Level 30-60 Players

Pirate Village is divided into two main areas: the village and a wild zone. The village area is paved with cobblestones and dotted with vibrantly colored houses, with the most prominent one being a mansion with a purple roof and a waving flag. The wild zone, on the other hand, is a field scattered with irregular rocks, covered in grass, and with trees scattered here and there.

The Unique Division of Pirate Village: Between Civilization and Wild Nature

Additionally, all enemies on the island use swords, adding an exciting challenge for players looking to test their combat skills. Each encounter in Pirate Village is an opportunity to refine fighting tactics and gain valuable experience.

Treasure Hunting in Pirate Village: The Location of Gold and Diamond Chests

Besides thrilling combat, Pirate Village is also a treasure trove of rewards waiting to be discovered. The island houses three gold chests and one diamond chest. These chests, hidden in various locations on the island, offer players the chance to find unexpected riches.
One of the gold chests is located near the Rich Man, while another is hidden inside Bobby’s house. The last gold chest is above the NPC Set Spawn, which is the bridge, and the diamond chest is at the archway entrance to the island, obstructed by crates.

The Soundtrack of Pirate Village: Heightening Gameplay Intensity with Intensity (b)

The atmosphere of Pirate Village is enhanced by its soundtrack, titled Intensity (b), composed by Roblox. This thrilling and captivating music contributes to the sense of adventure and excitement that permeates Pirate Village.

The Addition of the Blacksmith in Update 17.3: Enhancing Equipment in Pirate Village

With Update 17.3, Pirate Village received an interesting addition: the blacksmith, located near Bobby’s house, beneath a shop. This addition offers players the ability to upgrade their weapons and armor, further enhancing the utility of Pirate Village as a place for player growth and development.
Pirate Village is undoubtedly an attractive and thrilling location for Blox Fruits players. With its combat challenges, hidden treasures, and vibrant ambiance, Pirate Village is a must-visit destination for any player looking to improve and have fun in Blox Fruits.