Skylands in the First Sea of Blox Fruits

Welcome to the marvelous world of Skylands in Blox Fruits, a set of floating islands composed of clouds located in the First Sea. This stunning celestial realm, which originates at sea level like any other island, invites you to explore its divine lands and uncover the secrets it holds.


Inhabitants, NPCs, and Enemies in Skylands

Below, we present all the Inhabitants, NPCs, and Enemies in Skylands:

NPCs Enemies
Mad Scientist Sky Bandit
Yoshi Dark Master
Master Sword Dealer
Set Home Point
Quest Giver

Where is the Skylands in Blox Fruits?

Skylands in Blox Fruits is a mesmerizing collection of floating islands, composed of clouds, located in the First Sea. This celestial realm, unique for its elevation starting at sea level and rising above, offers players a chance to explore its ethereal landscapes and uncover the mysteries it holds. Its distinct environment, ranging from terrestrial islands to cloud-settled lands, provides a captivating experience different from other locations in the game.

Missions in Skylands in Blox Fruits

Below, we present all the missions in Skylands:

Enemy Min. Level Description Reward Image
Sky Bandit 150 Defeat 8 Sky Bandits $7000 and 315000Exp. Skybadnit
Dark Master 175 Defeat 8 Dark Masters $7500 and 375000Exp.

What level do you leave Skylands in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave Skylands once they surpass levels 150 to 175 in Blox Fruits. This level range is indicated by the missions available in Skylands, such as defeating Sky Bandits (minimum level 150) and Dark Masters (minimum level 175). The challenges and rewards of these missions are designed to cater to players within this level bracket, ensuring they are suitably equipped for the adventures and trials that Skylands presents before progressing to higher-level areas in the game.

The First Stop: The Twilight Island of Skylands

The first island of Skylands features a charming crescent shape. Mostly covered with grass and dotted with rocks, this terrestrial island is home to the Mad Scientist, a vendor of the Electric ability. You’ll also find a small lake, fed by a waterfall flowing from the upper islands.

A Temple in the Clouds: The Second Island of Skylands

The second island of Skylands, known as Sky Bandits Place, is the first one encountered above sea level, settled on a cloud. This grassless island is populated by Sky Bandits and houses a grand temple. At the top of the temple, you’ll find Yoshi, a merchant selling the Tomoe Ring.

A Corner of Peace: The Third Island of Skylands

The third island of Skylands is the smallest of them all. Covered with grass, it harbors six trees and is home to 4 Dark Masters. Noteworthy in this tiny space is a flat and extensive rock adorning one of its sides.

The Heart of Skylands: The Fourth Island

The fourth island of Skylands is the most crowded, with the largest number of NPCs among all the islands. Here, you’ll find the Quest Giver, the Set Home Point, and a Master Sword Dealer. This grass-covered island with winding paths features numerous houses and a waterfall flowing down to the first island. It also houses a building with a door that can be destroyed by Dark Blade Z, revealing one of the three love letters.

The Upper Skylands

To reach the Upper Skylands, it is recommended to jump on a tree and then perform between 7 and 9 skyjumps (or simply use your flight ability). These areas are so extensive that they have their own information page.

Curious Facts about Skylands

Skylands has the second highest number of separate land masses, only surpassed by the Sea of Treats. Since Update 17 Part 2, the islands of Skylands are connected with bridges, so flying or performing an Air Jump is no longer necessary to move between them. Additionally, if you are a Dragon Fruit user, you’ll find hoops to fly through to change your appearance.
In summary, Skylands in Blox Fruits is a world full of adventure and exploration, where each island tells a unique story and offers unique challenges and rewards. With its rich variety of NPCs, unique architecture, and intriguing lore, Skylands is sure to be a favorite destination for Blox Fruits players. So, prepare your skills, sheathe your sword, and take flight to the wonderful islands of Skylands.