Dark Fruit in Blox Fruits


In the dynamic and ever-evolving universe of Blox Fruits, where power and skill are key to survival, standing out from the crowd is not always easy. Among all the variations of Blox Fruits, one has caught the attention of many players for its intricate gameplay mechanics and strategic potential: the Dark Fruit.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Dark Uncommon Elemental 500,000$ 950

What Does Dark Fruit Do? Abilities, Moves & Powers

Name Key


Description Mastery
Dark Rocks
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The user extends their hand forward, grabbing rocks from the ground and creating a crater, while dark energy-infused rocks are thrown in the pointed direction. 1
Black Spiral
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The user generates a black vortex at the cursor and their own hand, trapping anyone within it and dealing damage before throwing them away. 20
Black Hole
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The user unleashes a powerful black void around them, dealing damage to all those caught within it. 50
Dark Bomb
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The user manifests a large orb of Dark, launching it towards their cursor, dragging targets inside it and dealing damage. 75

Dark Fruit V2 Combo & Stats

Name Key


Description Mastery
Dimensional Slash
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The user unleashes a swift vertical slash in the direction of their cursor, generating a dazzling effect and teleporting near the target while dealing damage. 1
Abyssal Darkness
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The user conjures a dark vortex that unleashes sinister tentacles forward, stunning and attracting targets while maintaining movement, dealing damage in the process. 25
Endless Hole
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The user generates a vast black void that causes targets to be stunned, dealing damage rapidly as it grows in size the longer it remains active. 50
World of Dark
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The user conjures a dark and voracious sphere that is thrown towards the cursor’s position. The sphere attracts targets into its interior before forcefully launching them, dealing damage in the process. 100
Ghastly Step
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The user teleports, leaving a purple residual image of themselves, allowing them to avoid incoming attacks. 10

Dark Fruit Showcase & Tier

How To Awaken Dark Fruit in Blox Fruits?

To awaken the formidable Dark Fruit in Blox Fruits, players must first reach level 1000. Upon reaching this milestone, embark on a quest provided by the Mysterious Scientist. The journey will challenge you to defeat formidable enemies, proving your mastery and readiness to awaken the Dark Fruit. Remember, the awakening process is not just a testament to your strength but also to your dedication in the world of Blox Fruits.

Dark Awakening Cost Blox Fruits?

The cost to awaken the Dark Fruit powers in Blox Fruits is substantial, requiring both a financial investment and the acquisition of specific in-game items. Players must amass 3,000 Fragments and be prepared to expend them, along with a significant sum of in-game currency, to unlock the latent powers of their Dark Fruit.

Where to Find & How to Obtain the Dark Fruit in Blox Fruits? Price & Value

The Dark Fruit is an elemental type Blox Fruit, with a cost of 500,000$, or 950 Robux if acquired from the Blox Fruit dealer. As a general rule, a fruit of this caliber is not easy to obtain, but its strategic value for experienced players compensates for the price.

Is Dark a Good Fruit in Blox Fruits? Build & Grind

What makes the Dark Fruit particularly fascinating is its versatility in combat. It has earned a reputation as one of the top choices for PvP when awakened, thanks to its long stun durations and teleportation moves. This unique combination makes it a great addition for any player, whether they prefer swordplay or firearms.

Inflicts prolonged stuns, making it an outstanding choice for both main sword users and main gun users. The awakened X and C moves require holding them down to deal significant damage, but be aware that opponents can counter these moves if you continue holding and miss. It is important to exercise caution when executing these moves and be attentive to opponents’ responses to avoid being countered.
It is effective regardless of stat distribution since, if you are a main sword user, your sword can take care of defeating your opponents. Most of this fruit’s moves temporarily immobilize you, making you vulnerable if the enemy evades your attacks. However, awakened X and C moves require holding them down, allowing you to move while executing them. It is important to note that the unawakened X move allows movement but prevents jumping or using other moves, which can be dangerous if you fall into water and cannot swim.
Possesses considerable damage, making it a solid fruit for main fruit plate users, especially when combined with its impressive stunning abilities. The dark ability has limited range.
Facilitates boss battles as it effectively keeps them away from you (except when awakening the X move). Dark Fruit’s abilities have limited reach.
It is exceptionally effective in PvP when its proper use is mastered. Unawakened Dark is not ideal for aerial confrontations.
It is suitable for effectively performing combos. This fruit, like all others except Ice and Magma V2 (unless you have Shark V2 or V3), is susceptible to water.
It is an excellent option for grinding thanks to its powerful elemental effect. V1 C, V2 Z, and V1 Z hitboxes are poorly adjusted.
Direct attacks from awakened Dark’s X, C, and V moves break the opponent’s instinct. Awakened V has a considerable cooldown time, making you vulnerable to counterattacks if you fail to hit.
Awakening X and C are moves that require precise aiming to maximize their damage, but if you miss, you can cancel them to quickly escape before your opponents attack you. This ability also comes in handy when facing bosses as it allows you to deal a final blow when their health is almost depleted, allowing you to improve your sword or gun stats while grinding. The F move does not offer significant teleportation distance, and the Z move cannot be used for teleportation if there is no nearby player or NPC, limiting mobility.
This fruit is an excellent choice for novice players as it is considered elemental and has relatively low mastery requirements. This means new players can quickly obtain the full set of fruit moves without much difficulty.

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Dark Fruit

Despite its many strengths, the Dark Fruit also has its weaknesses. It is less effective in aerial combat, especially when not awakened. In such situations, Angel race characters can be an effective counterbalance. Additionally, although the damage from Dark ºRaid NPCs may be low, a dark user’s black hole can keep you immobilized and allow free attacks, which is particularly dangerous if you find yourself in an area with many raid NPCs.
In combat, the Dark Fruit shines for its mobility and ability to disorient enemies. For example, the “Dimensional Slash” ability can be used as a mobility move, allowing the player to teleport quickly. The hitbox of Dark X was nerfed in Update 17.2, evidence of the constant balance the developers seek to maintain in the game.

The “Abyssal Dark ” and “Black Hole” abilities can also be used in the air, although it is generally not recommended. Additionally, it is important to note a technical issue: Dark C cannot hit Buddha users, a limitation to consider when planning your strategies.

In conclusion, the Dark Fruit in Blox Fruits is a potent and strategically valuable choice for players. Its versatility and unique abilities, combined with its distinctive aesthetic, make it stand out in the diverse universe of Blox Fruits. However, like any tool in the game, it requires skill, practice, and strategy to be used effectively.

Is Dark Fruit Better than Light?

In the ever-evolving hierarchy of Blox Fruits, the debate between the Dark Fruit and Light Fruit is a constant. While both have unique strengths, the Dark Fruit shines with its superior crowd control abilities and the strategic advantage it offers in combat scenarios within Blox Fruits.

Is Dark Fruit a Logia Blox Fruits?

Yes, within the vast array of fruits in Blox Fruits, the Dark Fruit is classified as a Logia type. This grants users intangibility against physical attacks, elevating its status among the fruits and showcasing its defensive prowess in the game.

Is Dark Better than Ice?

Comparing Dark Fruit to Ice Fruit in Blox Fruits involves analyzing different combat styles. The Dark Fruit offers more aggressive and area-of-effect abilities, which can be more beneficial in various combat situations than the defensive nature of Ice Fruit.

How Rare is the Dark Fruit in Blox Fruits? Rarity

The Dark Fruit boasts a rarity that is reflective of its power. It is categorized as a rare find in Blox Fruits, which makes acquiring it a notable achievement for any player aiming to harness its shadowy capabilities.

Can you Fly with Dark Fruit Blox Fruits

While the Dark Fruit offers an array of impressive abilities, it does not inherently allow a player to fly in Blox Fruits. Its strengths lie in other aspects of combat, offering its wielders a different suite of tactical advantages on the battlefield.

Guide on the Dark Fruit in Blox Fruits

A notable trait of the Dark Fruit is its physical appearance: it is one of the four fruits that feature a smoky effect. The other three fruits that share this characteristic are Flame, Venom, and Shadow. It is not just an aesthetic quirk but also a visual representation of the power contained within this fruit.
However, mastering the Dark Fruit is not an easy process. To fully awaken this fruit, you will need 14,500 fragments, a significant effort that tests the player’s determination and skill. But those who manage to awaken the Dark Fruit will find themselves with exceptional combat potential.