Dough Fruit in Blox Fruits


In the Blox Fruits universe, elemental fruits play a crucial role in the gaming experience. Among these, the Dough Fruit, or Masa, is a mythical element that presents a series of unique attributes and abilities. It was introduced in Update 9 and reached its full potential in Update 17.3.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Dough Mythical Elemental 2,800,000$ 2,400

What does Dough Fruit do in Blox Fruits? Abilities, Skills & Attacks

Name Key


Description Mastery
Fried Dough
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Transforms the user’s arm into a solid, high-temperature projectile and shoots it. If the projectile hits the ground or reaches its maximum range, it will explode and inflict area damage. Directly hitting the player’s hitbox will repel them, but it can be avoided through Instinct. However, if the player is hit by the area effect, their Instinct will break. The cooldown time is 9 seconds. 1
Sticky Dough
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The user generates an extensive rope made of dough. If the rope makes contact with the enemy, they will be lifted and then hit. It does not interrupt Instinct and targets a single objective. It has a cooldown time of 13 seconds. 100
Carved Dough
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Transforms the user into a donut shape, and upon releasing the [C] key, turns the user’s hand into a sharp dough tip to strike the target. If the attack connects, it will knock down the target while breaking their Instinct. Although it can be used for movement, it is not recommended due to its short travel distance. It has a cooldown time of 16.5 seconds. 200
Restless Dough Barrage
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The user creates circles around the target. Within the circles, fists will appear and strike the target if they are within the range of the attack. Holding down the [V] button will intensify the strikes on the target. However, only 16 hits can be performed. This move stuns the enemy in place while breaking their Instinct. It has a cooldown time of 22 seconds. 300
Roller Donut
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The user adopts the form of a donut and begins to roll at an acceptable speed. However, they can only maintain the rolling state for a period of 30 seconds. Unlike its awakened form, it is not capable of rolling on water. Additionally, the user’s rolling speed increases with higher health. This move has a cooldown time of 7 seconds. 50

Dough Fruit Awakening V2



Dough Punches Click
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Cooldown time: 1 second.
Chaotic combat.
Combined finisher.
Final duration: 1 second.
Missile Jab Z
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Cooldown time: 9 seconds.
Ranged shot.
Combo starter.
Stun and launch.
Pastry River X
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Cooldown time: 13 seconds.
Ranged shot.
Combo starter.
Area of effect.
Stun (on ground).
Forced descent (in the air).
Piercing Clothesline C
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Cooldown time: 16 seconds.
Combo starter.
Area of effect.
Water immunity.
Dough Fist Fusillade V
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Cooldown time: 22 seconds.
Maximum number of hits: 16.
Ranged shot.
Combo extension.
Area of effect.
Scorching Donut F
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Cooldown time: 7 seconds.
Water/lava resistance.
Speed varies based on user’s health percentage.

Dough Fruit Showcase: Combos, Build & Guide

How much is dough in Blox Fruits? Cost, Value & Price

The Dough Fruit is a valuable resource in the game, with a price of 2,800,000$ or 2,400 Robux.

Best way to get Dough Fruit in Blox Fruits Easily?

It is one of the most expensive fruits to awaken, along with the Phoenix, requiring 18,500 fragments. But with such an investment, comes great rewards, including the ability to carry out advanced raids.

Is the Dough Fruit in Blox Fruits Good?

The “X” move in its version 1 has auto-aim when you get close to an enemy. It is challenging and expensive to awaken.
The version 2 is amazing for PvP. It is difficult to connect “Sticky Dough” from version 1.
The “V” move in version 2 is wider and stuns the enemy for a longer time compared to version 1. During the execution of version 1’s “Sticky Dough,” you remain immobile, making you more vulnerable to enemy attacks.
Version 2 is considered excellent for grinding, as it is an elemental fruit and most of its abilities have a wide area of effect. Version 1 is not suitable for farming.
The elemental reflection makes it ideal for grinding and increasing mastery. It requires a high level of mastery.
The “F” move in version 2, “Scorching Donut,” can be used on water. Obtaining the Raid Microchip is challenging and can only be obtained in the Third Sea by defeating the Dough King.
Version 2 has many moves that break Instinct. (Currently, not all moves can break Instinct, as it has been nerfed). Version 2’s “X” move on the ground has been weakened, and now Instinct can dodge it when you are trapped before being knocked down.
It has great combo potential. The click move cannot be maintained on mobile devices.
It offers good mobility. Cooldown times are very long.
It inflicts high damage. Version 2’s “X” move has been nerfed and no longer has auto-aim.
It is extremely versatile and works whether you are a user of fruits, swords, or main weapons. Version 2’s moves do not break Instinct.
Using version 2’s “C” move, the user gains invincibility frames, which can counter opponents. Version 2’s “C” move has been nerfed, and if you release the C key while in “donut form,” the move is completely canceled (unless you hit an NPC/player).
It is an excellent fruit for raids if your teammates use impressive fruits. All version 2 moves do not break Instinct.
It is one of the best choices for main fruits. Occasionally, its moves can take you off the map.
It is a decent option for quickly gaining rewards in PvP. Most NPCs in the Second/Third Sea have an Aura, making grinding with version 1/2 difficult.
All version 2 moves can damage Sea Beasts (including the “F” move, which causes some damage).
Version 2’s “C” move can catch multiple NPCs/players, making it powerful and useful when playing with teammates. However, the move can be easily evaded.
Version 2’s “C” move can catch multiple NPCs/players, making it powerful and useful when playing with teammates. However, the move can be easily evaded.
It has a highly inflated price, making it a high-value fruit in trading.
Players cannot attack you while using version 2’s “C” move.

Recommended Strategies for the Dough Fruit

To fully awaken this fruit, players must complete a series of tasks that begin with acquiring a special chip. This essential piece is obtained through the red key dropped by the Dough King. With the key, you can permanently unlock the door to the Cake Scientist and obtain the chip needed to start the raid.

Once you have this chip, you can purchase the special item required to awaken the fruit from the Cake Scientist or the mysterious scientist. It is worth mentioning that the Dough King is considered by many players to be the most difficult boss in the game, so it is recommended to recruit other players who use the Buddha Fruit to assist you.

Changes and Updates for the Dough Fruit

The Dough Fruit has undergone several changes and updates over time. Developers continuously balance and tweak its abilities to maintain a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience for all players. It is essential to stay updated with the game’s official announcements and patch notes to know the latest changes regarding the Dough Fruit. These updates can impact the fruit’s abilities, cooldown times, and overall effectiveness in the game.

What are the chances of getting Dough Fruit in Blox Fruits?

Dough Fruit, known for its rarity in Blox Fruits, has a low spawn chance and is considered a valuable find. Players looking to obtain this fruit must frequently check the spawn points or invest in the in-game store, as the probability of encountering it in the wild is quite slim.

Is Dough better than Light?

When comparing Dough with Light, players should consider their preferred playstyle. Dough offers robust defense mechanisms and unique abilities, whereas Light is renowned for its speed and agility. The decision on which is better largely depends on player strategy and in-game objectives.

Is Dough better than Venom?

Dough and Venom fruits each have distinct advantages in Blox Fruits. Dough provides a mix of offensive and defensive capabilities, making it a versatile choice. In contrast, Venom excels in offensive power and area control. The better fruit is subjective and aligns with a player’s combat style.

Is Dough better than Leopard?

The debate between Dough and Leopard fruits often comes down to personal preference. While Leopard is praised for its speed and powerful physical attacks, Dough’s unique ability to negate damage and counterattack offers a different tactical edge. Players must weigh these aspects according to their playstyle.

Is Dough good for Grinding Blox Fruits?

Dough is considered a formidable option for grinding in Blox Fruits. Its abilities can cause significant area damage and protect the player from incoming attacks, making it effective for defeating multiple enemies and farming efficiently.