Falcon Fruit in Blox Fruits


The vast universe of Blox Fruits, an exciting creation by Blockzone, is filled with surprises and endless excitement for players. Among the multitude of elements available in this game, a particular treasure to highlight is the Blox fruit known as Falcon. As a Beast-type fruit, Falcon is a fascinating choice for those seeking new powers and abilities.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Falcon Uncommon Beast 300,000$ 650

What Does Falcon Fruit Do? Transformation, Rarity & Rank

Name Key


Description Mastery
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The character undergoes a transformation where a pair of wings emerges. This ability must be activated in order to use other moves.
Increases the character’s defensive capability and also allows for higher jumps and mid-air jumps.
Wind Burst
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The character releases a burst of wind by flapping its wings. This attack is directed towards the cursor’s direction. 1
Bone Breaker
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The character charges at the enemy with force, and if the attack connects, the character grabs the opponent by the feet and slams them into the ground. This action causes debris to emerge from the ground and cracks to form. This move is targeted at a single target and causes a slight stun after the impact on the ground. 80
High Claws
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The character lunges at the enemy, performing a series of scratches and causing damage. After this move, the enemy will experience a slight stun as a result of the impact. 120
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The character has the ability to fly while holding down the F key. The flight speed is decent, but this move can only be performed if the Plumage ability has been activated. This gives players an advantage as they can stay in the air and attack their opponents. It is similar to the flight ability of the Phoenix. 20

Falcon Fruit Showcase Abilities & Tier

Is Falcon Fruit a Good Fruit? Price & Awakening

The Falcon Fruit is a unique pick in the Blox Fruits universe. While it’s not the top-tier choice for all players due to its limited area-of-effect moves and lower damage output, its affordability at 300,000$ or 650 Robux, combined with the mobility it offers, makes it a tempting option for those on a budget or players who prefer a hit-and-run style.

Is Falcon Better than Light Blox fruits?

When compared to Light Blox Fruits, Falcon falls short in terms of speed and raw power. Light Fruit users benefit from some of the fastest attacks and travel capabilities in the game, making it a more potent choice for offensive-minded players.

What are the Powers of the Falcon fruit

The Falcon Fruit’s powers include aerial mobility and targeted attacks like Wind Burst and High Claws. However, its powers are somewhat overshadowed by other fruits that offer greater versatility and destructive force.

Is Falcon better than Diamond Blox fruit?

Diamond Blox Fruit typically outshines Falcon in terms of defense and resilience. Players who prioritize survival and brute strength over agility may find the Diamond Fruit to be a superior alternative.

How to Obtain the Falcon Fruit in Blox Fruits?

Introduced to the game during Update 15, the Falcon fruit has managed to capture the attention of numerous players. It can be acquired through two main methods: purchasing with Money, which costs 300,000$, or with 650 Robux. Additionally, it can also be obtained through the Blox Fruit Gacha, where there is a high probability of acquiring it.




Excellent movement capability. Not suitable for fruit mains due to its reduced hitbox.
Ideal for projectile weapon use. Not effective for crushing enemies.
Highly effective with main swords. Requires precise aiming skill.
Perfect for chasing down back-hit enemies. The attack can be easily avoided.
Possesses a decent area of effect. Causes low damage.
Only has one area-of-effect move.

The Secrets of Falcon: Plumage and Partial Transformations

A unique detail of Falcon is its association with the “Plumage” item. A player who uses Plumage and then consumes another fruit will retain the Falcon wings along with the powers of the fruit they ate afterwards. However, it is important to note that if the player dies or switches teams, they will lose these wings. Despite this, the fruit consumed after using Plumage will remain with the player.
The Inevitable Comparison: Falcon vs. Phoenix

Falcon has the distinction of being the second Bird-type Beast fruit introduced in the game. The first one was Phoenix, whose popularity has led many players to compare it to Falcon, humorously considering it a “downgraded” version of Phoenix or, as some players call it, “The Walmart Phoenix”. Despite these comedic comments, the reality is that Falcon has its own strengths and unique characteristics that set it apart in the world of Blox Fruits.

Falcon in Practice: Positioning in the World of Blox Fruits

Falcon is one of those Blox fruits that is considered “half-beast”. This is because, unlike other Blox fruits, Falcon does not have a complete transformation. Despite this seemingly limiting aspect, this feature provides Falcon with a unique and distinctive position within the range of available Blox fruits.

What is the Bird Falcon Fruit in Blox Fruits?

The Bird Falcon Fruit is a Beast-type fruit that provides the user with the power of flight and bird-like attacks. Although it has its own merits, it is often considered less versatile compared to the array of other powerful fruits in the game.

Is Falcon Fruit Good in Blox Fruits?

The Falcon Fruit is decent in Blox Fruits, offering good movement abilities. However, its effectiveness is generally outclassed by other fruits that offer higher damage or better crowd control.

Is Falcon Fruit Better than Ice Fruit in Blox Fruits?

In a direct comparison, the Ice Fruit tends to offer more in terms of combat with its crowd control abilities, making the Falcon Fruit less favorable for players seeking to dominate in battles.

Is Falcon Fruit Better than Light?

While the Falcon Fruit has its uses, it typically doesn’t measure up to the Light Fruit, which boasts superior speed and high-powered attacks, making it a more desirable choice for aggressive gameplay.

Is Falcon Good for Grinding in Blox Fruits?

The Falcon Fruit can be useful for grinding due to its mobility, but there are better fruits for this purpose. Fruits that deal more area damage or have faster kill potential might be more efficient for grinding sessions.

Is Falcon Fruit Better than Magma?

Magma is often the preferred choice over Falcon for players looking for high damage and area control, making the Falcon Fruit less effective in situations where raw power is crucial.

Is Falcon Fruit Better than Rubber?

Even with its unique flight capability, Falcon doesn’t quite keep up with the Rubber Fruit, which provides immunity to one of the game’s common damage types and has a more significant impact in combat situations.

These revised answers acknowledge the limitations of the Falcon Fruit while maintaining a balanced view that highlights its mobility and unique capabilities. This approach ensures that the information provided is accurate, relevant, and useful for readers seeking to understand the Falcon Fruit’s position within the game’s ecosystem.

In conclusion, the Falcon fruit in Blox Fruits is a unique gem that brings a new and exciting dimension to the game. Its affordable cost compared to other Blox fruits and its availability through the Blox Fruit Gacha make it a viable choice for many players, whether they are beginners or experienced. While jokes and comparisons to Phoenix may be inevitable, Falcon has its own essence and potential that deserves to be explored and utilized by players. Dive into the world of Blox Fruits and discover the power and beauty of the Falcon fruit.