Love Fruit in Blox Fruits


In the intriguing universe of Blox Fruits, a world of virtual adventure and excitement, the Love Fruit stands out remarkably. This legendary natural fruit has captivated players with its dynamism, and its history is as fascinating as its powers.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Love Legendary Elemental 500,000$ 950

What does the Love Fruit do in Blox Fruit? Abilities, Skills & Combo

Name Key


Description Mastery
Heart Shot
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The player shoots a heart-shaped arrow towards the cursor’s position, which explodes upon contact with a target or reaching its maximum distance. 1
Cupid Zone
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The participant shoots a curved arrow imbued with perfume into the air, aiming towards the cursor’s position. Upon reaching the maximum range, the arrow explodes into a perfume cloud with a shimmering heart on top. This explosion generates a continuous damage effect that affects all enemies within the “Zone”. 50
Irresistible Attraction
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The participant forms a heart with their hand and subsequently generates a large circle around them. All enemies within that circle will be drawn towards the player. When the key is released, the heart explodes and damages anything within its range.
This move can be held down to expand the circle and increase its damage potential.
Animal Friend
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The participant shoots a heart-shaped arrow that explodes into a powerful heart-shaped explosion. As a result of this explosion, a “Friend” is created, an NPC ally that wields the Canvander and fights alongside the user. The damage inflicted by this NPC increases with the user’s level.
The appearance of the NPC will always resemble someone from the player’s friends list. Three friends are randomly selected to fulfill this role in each server, meaning only three friends will be visualized in each server.
Flamingo Ride
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The participant conjures a graceful flying flamingo as a mount, granting them the ability to freely fly in all directions. While mounted on the flamingo, they can use all their fruit moves without restrictions, but cannot use moves from other weapons.
If activated near an ally or non-boss enemy, they will be picked up as a passenger on the flamingo, joining the ride.

Love Fruit Showcase

How to Get the Love Fruit in Blox Fruits? Value & Price

Let’s start with its origin: The Love Fruit currently has a price of 1,300,000$ or 1,700 Robux at the Blox fruit dealer.

How much does the love fruit cost in Blox Fruits?

While this may seem like a significant amount, it is important to remember that this fruit used to have a lower cost of 700,000$ or 1,150 Robux before the Valentine’s event.

Love Fruit Rank and Rarity

That means its value has nearly doubled, an unprecedented jump for a fruit that was once considered common. This rise in value has been one of the most pronounced ever seen in the game, reflecting its demand and popularity.

Is Love Fruit Good Blox fruit?

Flamingo Ride can be used for “skycamping” in PvP battles and raids. Almost useless in aerial PvP due to poor hitboxes.
Besto Friendo is effective for taking down bosses and NPCs. Cupid Zone projectile falls randomly, resulting in less damage than theoretical maximum.
Besto Friendo acts as an independent entity, meaning its damage is not affected by your Devil Fruit points. This is particularly useful for weapon/sword users who want to maximize their power. Using moves while on Flamingo makes it deal less damage, which can make killing NPCs more challenging.
Besto Friendo move (V) can attack users utilizing elemental abilities and the Chop fighting style.

Is love fruit good for grinding?

Love Fruit, with its unique charm abilities and crowd control skills, can be quite effective for grinding in Blox Fruits, particularly against multiple opponents, making it a strategic choice for players looking to level up.

What is love fruit worth in trading blox fruits?

In the Blox Fruits trading market, Love Fruit holds considerable value due to its rarity and the utility it provides in combat scenarios. Its worth can vary based on the current player economy and demand.

Is love fruit better than light fruit in blox fruits?

When comparing Love Fruit to Light Fruit in Blox Fruits, it’s a matter of crowd control versus speed and maneuverability. Love Fruit excels in controlling enemies and creating openings, while Light Fruit is unmatched in its agility and rapid attack capabilities.

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Love Fruit

The Love Fruit has a unique feature: it is one of the 13 fruits that glow in their physical form. This feature is shared with iconic fruits like Barrier, Earthquake, Buddha, Phoenix, Rumble, Paw, Gravity, Shadow, Spirit, Control, Venom, and Dragon.

The powers of the Love Fruit focus on AOE damage attacks, with excellent support capability. This fruit has a flight move that can transport an ally, providing an additional level of strategy in the game. Prior to its revamp during the Valentine’s event, the Love Fruit was known for its ability to stun enemies but lacked potential to deal significant damage. Now, it has evolved to be more balanced and versatile.

Each attack of the Love Fruit used to turn the target into stone for a short period, briefly stunning them in place. This effect, though changed, has left a tangible remnant in the fruit: the stone of the fruit is a relic of this previous ability.

Changes and Updates to the Love Fruit

One of the standout moves of the Love Fruit, “Besto Friendo,” grants mastery to the player over what it last hit. This resembles the Race Awakening transformation and gives the player a strategic advantage. Additionally, the NPC generated by this move can confuse exploit scripts, forcing an enemy player to follow the NPC in an attempt to kill it. However, if PVP is disabled, no damage will be dealt.

Some players speculated that the Love Fruit would receive an Awakening during the Valentine’s event. This was more or less confirmed by the screenshots on rip_indra’s Twitter, which showed some moves having the same name.

Guide to the Love Fruit in Blox Fruits

In terms of gameplay mechanics, you can use other Love Fruit moves while using the “Flamingo Ride” (F) move, although fighting styles, swords, or guns are not allowed during this state. This limitation is similar to the restrictions of the Leopard and Phoenix transformations. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that “Love Flamingo Ride” is capable of flying on boats, providing additional maneuvering and escape possibilities during battles.

Another curiosity of the Love Fruit is its shiny stem. Only three other fruits in Blox Fruits share this feature: Revive, Portal, and Phoenix. This small detail gives the Love Fruit an additional touch of uniqueness and mystery.

Prior to its revamp during the Valentine’s event, the Love Fruit was considered a rare fruit in Blox Fruits. However, its redesign has elevated it to a standout item, with a skyrocketing value and a reputation for great usefulness in the battlefield.

In conclusion, the Love Fruit in Blox Fruits is a true treasure for players. Its transformation journey, from being a common fruit to becoming one of the most valued and desired, is a reflection of its versatility and power in the game. Despite its recent popularity, the Love Fruit still retains its original charm and the potential to surprise players with its unique abilities and dazzling appeal. Whether you’re seeking an edge in battle or simply enjoying the rich narratives in the world of Blox Fruits, the Love Fruit is a choice that won’t disappoint you.