Mammoth Fruit in Blox Fruits


Have you ever imagined transforming into a creature of prehistoric might within the realms of Blox Fruits? The Mammoth Fruit, introduced in Update 20, offers a journey back in time, granting powers that resonate with the colossal beasts of the Ice Age. But how does this mythical transformation enhance your adventure?

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Mammoth Mythical Beast 2,700,000$ 2,350

What Does Mammoth Fruit Do? Skills & Value

Name Key


Description Mastery
Ancient Cutter
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The user transforms into a colossal figure enveloped in a mysterious dark aura and then crushes the ground with might, releasing three extensive slashes resembling the Dragon’s transformed X move, which cut through both the earth and the airspace. This ability is versatile and can be executed mid-air 1
True Prehistoric Punt
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The user undergoes a transformation into a colossal being shrouded in a mysterious dark aura, then accelerates rapidly in a forward dash. Upon successful contact with a target, it results in an upward launch 50
Colossal Crusher
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The user swiftly charges forward in a manner akin to the X move, but with a unique twist – upon contact with a target, it results in a forceful downward impact. 100
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The user undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis, assuming the form of a heavily armored mammoth. (The armor affords an impressive 58.75% reduction in damage.) This transformation encompasses unique jump and dash animations, and empowers the user to cause damage upon descending to the ground during aerial maneuvers. 300
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The user initiates a forward leap, bearing a striking resemblance to Buddha C. As this maneuver is prolonged, the user’s jump distance increases, mirroring the mechanics of Rubber’s F move. Upon touchdown, the user generates an expansive crater, inflicting damage to any foes within its considerable range. 200

Mammoth Fruit V2: Awakening & Mammoth Full Transformation

Name (V2) Key (V2)



Mastery (V2)
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The user performs a 4-hit combo, involving 2 trunk slaps, a powerful front leg stomp, and culminating with a ferocious roar. The final roar shares similarities with Leopard’s M1s. 0
Incineration Cannon
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While held, the horns take on a crimson hue, and upon release, the user unleashes a trio of substantial slashes, swiftly followed by another set of three. 1
Blue Flames
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The user performs a rapid forward dash, resulting in the target being forcefully propelled upwards, ascending to great heights and experiencing substantial damage. This maneuver exhibits significantly superior vertical reach when compared to Twin Hooks’s X move. 50
Flaming Exodus
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The user charges forward at high speed. Upon impact, the target is forcefully slammed into the ground with tremendous force. 100
Fiery Plumage
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The user returns to their human form. 300
Rapid Flight
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The user charges forward in a stampede, causing damage. If the action is sustained, it will continue indefinitely, and it cannot be interrupted by damage or stunning effects. 200

Mammoth Fruit Showcase

Is the Mammoth Fruit Worth It in Blox Fruits?

Determining the worth of the Mammoth Fruit hinges on your play style and objectives within Blox Fruits. It’s a Mythical Beast-type fruit, commanding a high value due to its rarity and the potent abilities it confers:

  • High Damage Output: Its moves, especially the ‘Stampede’, are designed for high damage and area control.
  • Transformation Benefits: The Mammoth transformation provides a defensive advantage with damage reduction and altered move sets.
  • Crowd Control: Moves like ‘True Prehistoric Punt’ excel in crowd control, making it a strategic asset in group battles.
  • Sea Events: This fruit is exceptionally effective in Sea Events, increasing its utility and worth for players engaging in these challenges.

However, the fruit’s high mastery requirements and the necessity to be at or near max level for optimal use can be a downside for newer players. For veterans with the right stat build, the Mammoth Fruit is a formidable addition to their arsenal, potentially making it a worthwhile investment for those looking to dominate in PvP and PvE scenarios alike.

The Essence of Mammoth in Blox Fruits

The Mammoth Fruit is a rare Mythical Beast-type treasure that can be yours for either 2,700,000 in-game currency or 2,350 Robux. Unlocking this fruit bestows upon you the ability to embody the Mammoth, complete with a four-hit M1 attack sequence and a roar that echoes the ferocity of a Leopard.

Transformation Capability: Allows users to transform into a Mammoth, boosting attack power. High Mastery Requirements: Not beginner-friendly due to the complexity of mastery, particularly in the first sea.
High Damage Moves: Features moves like ‘Ancient Cutter’ and ‘Colossal Crusher’ for significant AoE and PvP damage. Predictable Moves: Some attacks like ‘Colossal Crusher’ can be easily anticipated in PvP.
Infinite Stun Ability: Unique F move ‘Stampede’ can infinitely stun opponents, even Raid Bosses. Slow Transformation: Changing into and out of Mammoth form takes time, which can be a tactical disadvantage.
Enhanced Mob Control: ‘True Prehistoric Punt’ excels in grouping enemies, aiding in crowd control. Limited Use with Other Weapons: Transformation disables the use of Fighting Style, Sword, and Gun.
Sea Event Dominance: Ideal for Sea Beast & Terror Shark hunts, especially when combined with Shark race. Target Vulnerability: Larger transformed body size makes users an easy target.
Air Jump Feature: Retains the ability to Air Jump post-transformation, adding to mobility. Endlag Disadvantage: Certain moves have a delay post-execution, leaving players vulnerable.
High Fast Tick Damage: The F move provides sustained damage, making it effective for continuous attacks. Knockback Drawbacks: While helpful in some situations, knockback can be a detriment during grinding.
Strategic PvP Use: Offers powerful moves that are harder to dodge, giving a PvP edge. Lag Issues: The ‘Stampede’ move may lag, making it difficult to hit targets.
Max Level Mastery: Best used at or near max level for full mastery benefits. Comparatively Slow M1: The basic M1 attack is slower than other fruits like Leopard, reducing spam effectiveness.
Visible Transformation Cues: Untransformed skills show beast form silhouette, adding to the immersive experience.

Is Mammoth Good On Blox Fruits?

Embrace the Mammoth Fruit’s power to morph into a formidable behemoth. This evolution isn’t just for show — it armors you with a 50% damage shield and enables the Prehistoric Jump, which creates devastating impact zones. The transformation adds a fluidity to your movements, with enhanced jump and dash animations that bring a lively twist to your gameplay.

The Art of Mammoth Mastery

Harnessing the Mammoth’s prowess is a journey. It’s not just about the moves, but the finesse with which you execute them. The Ancient Cutter and True Prehistoric Punt let you wield primordial energy against your adversaries. However, the real game-changers are the Colossal Crusher and the Stampede, transforming you into an indomitable force.

Mammoth Fruit Guide

Unleash the full strength of the Mammoth at peak levels. Its power is unparalleled for players who’ve honed their fruit-based abilities. For those vested in Melee, Defense, or Sword skills, consider the strategic finesse of the Buddha as an alternative.

Strategic Maneuvers for Mastery at Sea

The Mammoth Fruit excels in nautical warfare, particularly when combined with the Shark race’s attributes. Its infinite F move decimates adversaries with ease. Yet, its M1’s deliberate pace suggests a more calculated approach is necessary for dominance.

Is Mammoth Good For Pvp?

The Mammoth’s transformative nature requires strategic foresight, especially when other weapons are disabled in this state. Timing your metamorphosis can be the difference between victory and defeat in Boss battles and PVP skirmishes.

Mammoth Update 20.1

Introduced by the renowned Zioles and part of the arsenal since Update 20, the Mammoth Fruit has carved its niche as the apex predator of the seas. Its formidable damage output and singular jump mechanics distinguish it in a league of its own.

Combo Mastery and Community Contributions

Mastering the Mammoth also involves diving into the community-crafted combo repertoire. The medium-hard sequence from Exelycre to the viral tutorials from syoct on YouTube demonstrate the dynamic ways to leverage this primordial might.

Is the Mammoth Fruit in Blox Fruits Physical?

The Mammoth Fruit in Blox Fruits defies simple categorization. It’s a transformative type that melds the physical prowess of a mammoth with the player’s combat abilities. Upon activation, players experience a significant alteration in their character’s physicality, embracing the mammoth’s strength and size. This transcends the typical physical attack, making the player a colossus on the battlefield.

Are you prepared to wield the seismic power of the Mammoth and etch your name in the annals of Blox Fruits history? Embrace the Mammoth Fruit and become a part of the legacy that defines the oceans’ mightiest warriors.