Portal Fruit in Blox Fruits


Blox Fruits, the popular Roblox game, features a wide range of magical fruits, each with its own powers and abilities. Among all of them, the Portal Fruit stands out for its versatility and unique functions. Formerly known as the Portal Fruit, the Portal Fruit has been completely redesigned in Update 18 to offer a new range of abilities, expanding the possibilities for gameplay and strategy.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Portal Legendary Natural 1,900,000$ 2,000

What does Portal Fruit do in Blox Fruits? Wiki, Combos & Stats

Name Key


Description Mastery
Portal Jump
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The character propels themselves forward in the direction of the cursor, causing a slight stun to enemies and generating an explosion at the end of the dash. This move deals moderate damage, approximately 2000 points. 0
Portal Script
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The character quickly releases a burst of flames in the direction of the cursor, which explodes upon contact. These flames can leave trails on the ground, causing continuous burn damage. In total, this attack deals approximately 3000 to 3750 damage points. During transformation, this ability shoots three blue fire projectiles, leaving three trails of blue flames. If you’re close enough to enemies, all three projectiles can hit the same target and cause significant damage. 1
Parallel Escape
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The character envelops themselves in a giant protective bubble, healing themselves based on the duration of the movement. The bubble also functions as a barrier that damages and repels any nearby objects. During transformation, the bubble increases in size and could potentially cause additional damage. However, there’s an exception for players who are allies with the main character, as they will also receive healing along with the character. 90
World Distortion
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The character propels themselves forward in a flaming rift. If they make contact with an enemy, they lift them into the air using a spell that creates a phoenix flame tornado. They then throw the enemy forcefully to the ground, causing explosive damage and leaving flames on the ground that inflict continuous damage. In total, this move inflicts almost 5000 damage points to an NPC character. Approximately 3000 damage points for each player, including burn damage. 160
Dimensional Rift
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The character undergoes a complete transformation, taking on the form of a blue and yellow-toned Phoenix, enhancing their abilities. Passively, this ability consumes 10 energy per second. While the exact amount is unknown, this ability provides damage reduction and possibly other advantages. Additionally, during the transformation, the character can fly passively but is limited to using only their fruit as a weapon, unable to use any other weapons. Once activated, this ability leaves a Blue Flame point on the ground, dealing surprisingly high damage. 250
Quantum Leap
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The character gains the ability to freely fly using movement keys and is not limited by the cursor’s direction. During this ability, energy regeneration stops completely.
If the character remains still in the air, the wings will unleash a rain of blue and yellow flames, causing continuous damage in small doses. Unlike other transformation abilities, pressing the F key in this form will launch the character forward and perform multiple scratches on the enemy before launching them with a small explosion. In total, this attack can deal around 3000 damage points (although it can be dodged).

Portal Fruit Showcase: Build, PVP, Awakening & Dimensional Rift

How to Get the Portal Fruit in Blox Fruits? Cost & Trade Value

The Portal Fruit is a Natural-type Blox Fruit that can be acquired from the Blox Fruit Dealer for 1,900,000 $ or 2,000 Robux. Despite its price, it’s one of the most desired fruits in the game due to its high mobility and potential in one-on-one combat.

Is Portal Fruit good in Blox Fruits? Worth?

Considered the fruit with the best mobility in the game, as it has four different movement abilities. Ideal for evading and escaping bounty hunters. Its attack patterns are unpredictable, both on the ground and in the air. The fruit’s moves inflict mediocre damage at best, making it not recommended as the main ability for main fruit plates.
It’s a decent option for grinding because all its moves have area stun and don’t focus on a single target. The Z move has a wide stun range and is a good initiator for combos. Staying in the V move during player vs. player (PvP) consumes a significant amount of energy.
The X move provides a brief period of invisibility and invulnerability. The duration of this move is not affected by other abilities or quick actions. Its attacks are primarily effective at close range.
The C move allows teleportation to any island in the current sea. The X and Z moves can be challenging to hit in PvP without stunning the opponent.
The V move allows the creation of a private dimension, which is beneficial for one-on-one combat (1v1). The V move can only absorb players, making it practically useless for grinding unless avoiding instant death.
The F move can cause massive damage if used correctly in an infinite loop combo. Enemies can still pass through the player’s World Warp portals.
All moves have minor stun damage, which can weaken opponents. This fruit lacks long-range moves.
It’s an ideal choice for use with pistols or main swords. It’s also excellent for boss jumps and extremely fun to use. Requires extremely precise aiming and timing to be effective.
It’s effective for chasing enemies with greater mobility, such as Light, Leopard, or Phoenix. The World Warp move is one-time use, so attempting to re-enter will not teleport the player.
It’s a reliable source for finding the Legendary Sword Dealer and the Master of Auras, as well as for fruit hunting. Passive healing stops when the World Warp menu is open.
The teleportation move (C) is useful in combos as it forces enemies to head towards a specific location, such as the lava pit on the hot side of Hot and Cold. It has a high mastery requirement for first and second sea players.
If the X move is used and switched to melee or sword, the enemy can be hit with the M1 attack while in the alternate dimension. It’s ineffective for hunting Sea Beasts if used as the main fruit ability. Only the X move can hit Sea Beasts, but its damage is minimal.
The V move can be used to catch flying cheaters, as any attempt to fly or fall from a flat platform will be instantly teleported to the center.
It’s excellent for player vs. player (PvP) encounters.
The C move is excellent for completing the Rainbow Aura mission from the horned man, as it can save time and money.
The F move is especially effective for grinding due to its high damage, making it one of the top five fruits for grinding.
The X move is useful for grinding as it can be used for melee and M1 sword attacks while invisible. It’s also effective against Sea Beasts because if the Water Beam attack is predicted and the X move is used, no damage will be received from the Sea Beast (especially good with the sword/main weapon).
The M1 attack (Tap) launches the character forward, which is beneficial for mobility.

Is Portal Fruit good for Grinding?

One of the most notable features of this fruit is its ability to instantly teleport the player through its “World Warp” ability. This not only streamlines movement in the game but can also be a strategic advantage in battles and during the search for other fruits.

The design of the Portal Fruit is a reference to the Weighted Storage Cube from Aperture Science in the famous game Portal. Additionally, this fruit is one of the few that has an animation in its physical form, along with Rubber, Spider, Phoenix, Gravity, Dough, Venom, Control, Spirit, Dragon, and Leopard.

How do you get portals in Blox fruit?

Regarding the game mechanics, the Portal Fruit’s teleportation ability has some restrictions. It’s not possible to teleport to other islands when in a safe zone, but it is possible to do so when PvP mode is disabled or when allying with other players. Additionally, the fruit features the “Quantum Leap” ability, which can damage enemies if the portal is opened above them, even allowing for swapping places with an enemy.

Is Portal worth Buddha?

When considering the value of Portal Fruit in comparison to Buddha Fruit, players must weigh Portal’s tactical mobility against Buddha’s enhanced durability and AoE damage. The worthiness of Portal Fruit against Buddha depends on the player’s strategic needs and gameplay style.

Can Portal Fruit be Awakened (V2) in Blox Fruits?

The potential for awakening Portal Fruit, often referred to as reaching a V2 state, adds another layer of power and utility to its abilities. While details on awakening Portal Fruit are eagerly anticipated by players, the latest updates from Blox Fruits should be monitored for any announcements regarding this advanced transformation.

Is Portal Fruit good for PvP?

The Portal Fruit is especially useful in combat as it allows players to stun enemies, trap NPCs/bosses/players in an infinite loop, and deal massive damage. It’s also particularly effective for hunting hackers, making it the top choice for bounty hunting.

However, the “World Warp” ability requires some planning and care as opening the menu but not teleporting anywhere will still trigger the cooldown. Additionally, using any moves except for fighting style or melee M1 during “Parallel Escape” will cause the player to exit the escape state.

Portal Fruit in Tier List

In summary, the Portal Fruit is one of the most intriguing and dynamic fruits in Blox Fruits, offering a unique range of abilities and strategies. Whether you’re looking for mobility, a combat advantage, or an effective tool for fruit hunting, the Portal Fruit is a choice you can’t overlook.