Rubber Fruit in Blox Fruits


The world of Blox Fruits offers a multitude of exciting fruits that transform the body and provide exceptional abilities. One notable fruit from this catalog is Rubber Fruit, a natural-type Blox fruit. This article will examine the features, abilities, and tricks of this fruit in detail, providing a comprehensive insight for fans and new players.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Rubber Rare Natural $750,000 1200

Rubber Fruit V2 Showcase: Combo, Transformation & Awakening

How to Get the Rubber Fruit in Blox Fruits? Location & Value

The Rubber Fruit, popular for transforming the user’s body into rubber, has a key importance in the game. It can be acquired from the Blox fruit dealer for $750,000 or 1200 Robux permanently. Its stock rate is 13% and the appearance probability is 7.2%, so acquiring this fruit requires patience and resources.

Does Rubber have a V2 Blox fruits?

Players are often curious about the advancements of their favorite fruits in Blox Fruits. As of the latest updates, Rubber Fruit does indeed have a V2 upgrade, which enhances its abilities and combat effectiveness significantly.

Is Rubber Fruit good Blox Fruits?




Immunity to Rumble and Electric fighting styles. In the second transformation, energy regeneration is reduced by 20% (four instead of five).
Immunity to weapon attacks. Close proximity is required to land attacks, except with Pistol.
Immunity to Pole attacks in its first form. It becomes difficult to hit opponents with guns or cannons if not in the second transformation or lacking good aim.
Increase in speed, damage, knockback, and range in the second transformation. It is not an elemental fruit, and attacks also generate high knockback, except for Move C, making it difficult to handle.
Ability to inflict high damage. This fruit requires skill to use, as hitting opponents in PvP is challenging.
Great combined potential. The hitbox of the pistol is extremely small.
Decent range in attacks. Not the best fruit for PvP, as long-range fruit users, fast sword users, and melee attackers can quickly attack and escape, resulting in a disadvantage in PvP battles.
All moves have area of effect. It loses effectiveness once level 130 is reached, as it must rely on close combat, while many NPCs start using long-range abilities (the best example being Vice Admiral).
Gum Rush attack, when charged, can deal one of the highest single-hit damages in the game, reaching up to 9K damage with accessories. Like other fruits, it is affected by water (unless equipped with Shark V2/V3/V4).
Ideal for facing bosses and participating in raids due to its high damage and good stun ability with adequate range. Requires a high level of mastery, therefore not ideal for beginner players.
Offers good stun ability. Moves are slow if not in the second transformation, making it difficult to hit opponents (excluding Prisa move).
Suitable for breeding sea beasts, especially when combined with the Shark race for increased efficiency in crushing sea beasts, thanks to water immunity.
Gum’s X move in its second form is effective in eliminating enemies.
Effective for defeating Buddha users as it has decent range and knockback.

What are the Rubber Fruits Powers?

The Rubber Fruit is one of the few fruits in Blox Fruits that has a physical form animation, joining other prominent fruits like Spider, Phoenix, Portal, Gravity, Dough, Venom, Control, Spirit, Dragon, and Leopard. This adds an aesthetic touch that attracts many players.

In addition to its intrinsic properties, the Rubber Fruit allows for combinations with attacks from other abilities, creating devastating combos. Players can experiment and adapt to different situations, making combat dynamic and exciting. Some of the combos include Gatling, Cannon, Pistol, and a combination of Death Step with Rubber. Practice and precision are key to mastering these combos and gaining the upper hand in the battlefield.

Is Rubber better than Light in Blox Fruits?

Rubber and Light Fruits each offer unique advantages. While Light Fruit is known for its incredible speed and raid utility, Rubber Fruit provides a balance of defensive and offensive capabilities, especially post-awakening. The choice between the two ultimately depends on your preferred playstyle and role in combat.

What is better Rubber or Sand in Blox fruits?

When deciding between Rubber and Sand Fruits, consider that Rubber offers greater knockback resistance and versatile combat moves, whereas Sand excels in area control and evasion. Your gameplay goals and combat preferences should guide your selection.

Changes and Updates to the Rubber Fruit

Before the update, the Rubber Fruit cost only 100,000 in-game coins, but due to its valuable second transformation, its price increased to 750,000 coins. The Rubber Fruit used to have a move called “Gum Rocket” to enhance mobility, but this was replaced by the “Second Transformation”. However, it still retains unique abilities like “Rush,” which deals more damage than Dough’s “Restless Dough Barrage”.

Guide to the Rubber Fruit in Blox Fruits

Rubber has some limitations, such as not providing immunity against Thunder God Boss’s attacks. Despite this, Rubber remains a strong contender in the Blox Fruits universe due to its flexibility, immunities, and combo potential. However, please note that despite April Fools’ Day jokes about a fourth transformation, there has been no official confirmation.

In summary, the Rubber Fruit in Blox Fruits is a strategic choice for players seeking immunity against certain attacks and the ability to combine moves for effective combos. With patience, practice, and precision, users of this fruit can significantly advance in their journey in the Blox Fruits universe.