Rumble Fruit in Blox Fruits


The Rumble fruit in Blox Fruits is an intriguing and powerful resource that leaves a lasting impression on players. Categorized as an elemental type fruit, this fruit is a force to be reckoned with and can be obtained for $2,100,000 or 2,100 Robux from the Blox fruit vendor.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Rumble Legendary Elemental 2,100,000$ 2,100

What does Rumble Fruit Do? Combo, Build & PvP

Name Key


Description Mastery
Thunderous Dragon
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The character releases a powerful lightning dragon that advances furiously and explodes upon impact. If this ability doesn’t reach any targets within a certain range, it will automatically detonate on its own. 1
Sky Thunder
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(as one of Thunder God’s abilities) The player summons massive lightning bolts that strike down on their enemies, dealing significant damage and temporarily stunning those hit. Despite its formidable power, its cooldown is quite short. The lightning bolts fall randomly, making each one unique. 90
Heavenly Lightning
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The user creates a large sky lightning that, upon hitting an NPC/player, deals heavy damage and stuns. The attack also causes its targets to levitate. 160
Thunder Bomb
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The character summons storm clouds that gather into a powerful electric orb, charged with crackling energy. Upon release, the orb impacts the ground, causing a powerful explosion that deals considerable damage and makes trapped targets rise in the air. Additionally, those within the area of effect are stunned for a significant amount of time. 250
Lightning Dash The user quickly dashes forward in a burst of lightning, leaving a trail of electric sparks behind. This ability allows for swift movement and can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. 380
Thunderclap The character generates a massive shockwave by clapping their hands together, resulting in an explosion of lightning. This shockwave deals significant damage to enemies within its range and can be a devastating area-of-effect attack. 550

Rumble Fruit Showcase

Mastery Levels
The Electric fruit has a total of 550 mastery levels. Here are the rewards and abilities you can unlock as you progress:

Mastery Level Reward Ability Unlock
1 Rumble Moves Thunderous Dragon
90 Rumble Moves Sky Thunder
160 Rumble Moves Heavenly Lightning
250 Rumble Moves Thunder Bomb
380 Rumble Moves Lightning Dash
550 Rumble Moves Thunderclap

How to get Rumble Fruit in Blox Fruits? Price, Value & Cost

The Rumble Fruit can be acquired through various methods in Blox Fruits, including finding it in the game world, purchasing it from the in-game fruit dealer, or trading with other players. The price fluctuates based on in-game supply and demand, but expect to pay a premium for this powerful Logia-type fruit. It’s important to have enough in-game currency or valuable trade items to secure your Rumble Fruit.

Stats: How good is Rumble Fruit in Blox Fruits?

Rumble Fruit is renowned for its potent offensive capabilities and area control in Blox Fruits. With a range of powerful AoE attacks and stunning abilities, it’s a formidable choice for players looking to enhance their combat prowess. Its stats are highly regarded, making it a top-tier fruit for PvP and PvE encounters alike.

What is a Good offer for Rumble? Trading Value

When trading for Rumble Fruit, consider its high demand and combat efficiency. A good offer typically includes other valuable fruits or a combination of items and currency that match Rumble’s perceived value among the community. Keeping an eye on the current market trends is key to making a fair trade.

Rumble Awakening: How much does it cost fully awaken Rumble?

Fully awakening the Rumble Fruit elevates its powers to new heights. This process requires a substantial investment of in-game currency and the completion of specific quests. Players need to be ready to spend a considerable amount of resources for the full awakening of the Rumble Fruit.

Which is better Rumble or Ice?

Rumble vs. Ice is a common comparison in the Blox Fruits community. Rumble offers high damage output and crowd control, while Ice is praised for its utility and freezing capabilities. The better choice depends on your combat style and strategic preferences.

What is better Rumble or Buddha?

Choosing between Rumble and Buddha fruits is a strategic decision. Rumble provides powerful offensive attacks, whereas Buddha offers increased health and a different set of abilities. Your personal playstyle and the role you wish to play in battles should guide your choice.

Can Rumble fly in Blox Fruits?

Rumble Fruit users can indeed take to the skies. The fruit’s abilities allow players to fly, granting them a tactical advantage in both exploration and combat situations. Mastery of the Rumble Fruit’s flight can be a game-changer in battles.

Is Rumble good for Grinding?

The Rumble Fruit’s AoE attacks and overall power make it an excellent choice for grinding. Its abilities can clear groups of enemies swiftly, making it efficient for leveling up and farming resources.

Is Rumble the best Logia?

As a Logia-type fruit, Rumble is one of the strongest in Blox Fruits. Its balance of offensive might and defensive capabilities often places it at the top of players’ lists. Whether it’s the best is subject to ongoing debates, but its popularity is undeniable.