Sand Fruit in Blox Fruits


In the dynamic game universe of Blox Fruits, the ‘Sand’ elemental Blox fruit stands out as a coveted treasure, due to its unique potential and versatile capabilities. With a cost of 420,000 in-game currency or 850 Robux at the Blox Fruit vendor, the Sand Blox fruit presents itself as an intriguing component of the game, widely accessible through the Blox Fruits Gacha mechanic, with a 15% chance of appearing for sale.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Sand Uncommon Elemental 420,000$ 850

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Sand Fruit

Name Key


Description Mastery
Desert Sword The user generates an explosion of sand in front of them, propelling those who are hit into the air and causing considerable damage. 1
Desert Funeral The user summons a whirlpool of quicksand that pulls in a target upon stepping on it, launching them into the air and crushing them, inflicting significant damage. 40
Sand Tornado The user generates a sand whirlwind in front of them, attracting players within its radius while stunning and lifting them into the air. They are subsequently brought down while inflicting considerable damage. 80
Heavy Sand The user forms a sphere of sand in their hand and projects it towards an opponent. This attack has a strong recoil impact and causes a considerable amount of damage. 120
Sand Flight The user transforms their legs into sand, granting them the ability to fly at a moderate speed. 15

Sand V2:

Name (V2) Key (V2) View
Mastery (V2)
Desert Blade The user generates a long-range, high-speed burst of sand that travels in a straight line in front of them, lifting anyone it hits into the air and causing noticeable damage. It slightly stuns opponents in the process. This move can be used in the air, although it will form from the ground. 1
Sand Coffin The user throws two piles of sand that can be aimed upwards. If they hit an opponent, it will wrap them inside and continue lifting them higher and higher into the air while stunning them. Eventually, they will burst, dealing considerable damage to the opponent. 40
Sandstorm The user generates a powerful cone-shaped sand whirlwind that moves slowly forward. Those caught within its radius will be stunned and lifted even higher into the air while suffering continuous damage. Unlike its non-awakened version, this move can be used both on land and in the air. 80
Deep Sand The user generates a sand sphere with an electric vortex in their hands, which they throw towards an opponent and explodes upon contact. This explosion creates a powerful shockwave of sand and purple electricity in a wide radius, dealing significant damage to all within its area of effect. 120
Tornado Flight The user transforms their legs into a miniature whirlwind, granting them the ability to fly at a faster speed than Sand Flight. 15


How to Obtain the Sand Fruit in Blox Fruits?

The Sand Blox Fruit made its debut in Update 4 and gained significant popularity and functionality with the addition of an Awakening in Update 17 (Part 1). In its non-awakened state, the Sand Fruit may seem unreliable for PvP battles due to its ground-based moveset and average damage. However, it can be a useful resource for lower-level players looking to improve their gameplay.
The true potential of the Sand Fruit is unlocked with Awakening. This is where it becomes a true PvP powerhouse, enhancing the versatility, speed, damage, and hitboxes of its moves. It is ideal for PvP duels and bounty hunting, also offering decent performance in grinding tasks.

Possesses excellent combined potential once awakened. Takes double damage while in water, unless the Shark V2/V3 Race ability is obtained.
Desert Blade has a wide hitbox and considerable range. The non-awakened version of Sand is primarily reliant on ground-based attacks.
Effective for boss elimination due to its good stun capabilities and significant damage. Flight movements in its awakened and non-awakened forms are slower compared to the flight movements of other fruits.
It is an elemental Blox Fruit, making it an excellent choice for low levels as it deals decent damage. The X move only affects one target (in its awakened and non-awakened forms), potentially leaving you exposed to damage from other players and making it less ideal for grinding in certain situations.
Beneficial for sword users or gun users due to its incredible combined potential. Flight speed is slower compared to other fruits, such as Flame (in its V1 and V2 forms).
It is an elemental fruit, providing elemental immunity against NPCs. Targets cannot receive damage solely from the user while Sand X move is active (except for Cyborg V3), requiring careful timing of moves.
Offers great stuns that are effective in PvP once awakened. The X move “disables” the user for 1.8 seconds upon landing (unable to use other moves, run, Flash Step, etc.), making it difficult to perform combos if Sand X is hit from a distance and also leaving you vulnerable if you are fighting alongside teammates.
It is a great choice for PvP and bounty hunting, especially when considering its price.
Generates significant damage once awakened.
Has good hitboxes once awakened.
Moves are quite fast once awakened.
Sand is very easy to use with almost all fighting styles.
Extremely easy to get used to.
Awakened Sand is decent for aerial battles.
Sandstorm keeps the opponent in the air for a few seconds after it disappears, allowing for free attacks.
Heavy Sand breaks Instinct, is fast, and deals good damage (although its range is not the best).
Sand X (awakened) is a very effective move to use after Sand X (awakened) as it makes the enemy return to the ground, facilitating combo execution.
Awakened Sand features moves that are not limited to the ground, unlike V1, which is primarily ground-based.

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Sand Fruit

It is important to note that users of Sand, whether awakened or not, should be aware that water damage is doubled against them. However, those who possess Shark V2, V3, or V4 do not need to worry about this aspect of gameplay.
The combat possibilities with the Sand Fruit are extensive. Whether you’re starting out in PvP battles in the Second Sea with a combo of Sand C, Saber V2 X, Saber V2 Z, Superhuman Z, Superhuman C, or exploring more complex combinations with Sand X, Yama Z, and Dragon Talon X, there is always significant damage potential that can be unleashed.

Guide on the Sand Fruit in Blox Fruits

The full Awakening of the Sand Blox Fruit requires 14,500 units, a cost that balances out with the high combo potential it offers for bounty hunting. This makes Sand an incredibly valuable fruit, despite its relatively low price.

In summary, the Sand Fruit in Blox Fruits is a robust choice for players looking for a good balance between cost and performance, capable of being decisive in battle and useful for grinding. With smart gameplay and strategic use of combos, the Sand Fruit can provide a valuable competitive advantage in the world of Blox Fruits.