Shadow Fruit in Blox Fruits


Discover the mystery and adventure that awaits in the Blox Fruits universe and delve into the enigmatic world of the Shadow fruit. This mythical fruit, which costs $2,900,000 or 2,425 Robux, has a ghostly presence in the game, appearing only with a 1.3% probability in each stock, and a 1.1% chance of manifesting every hour. Are you ready to uncover the secret it holds?

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Shadow Mythical Natural $2,900,000 2,425

What Does Shadow Fruit Do? Powers, Combo & Value

Name Key


Description Mastery
Shadow Rebellion
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The user takes the form of a tiny shadow orb and swiftly moves towards the cursor’s position. Upon contact with an opponent, the user transforms into crows and attacks the enemy, then propels themselves upward, leaving the enemy on the ground. During the successful execution of this move, the user will enjoy frames of invincibility. 1
Shadow Nest
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The user releases a swarm of crows towards the cursor’s direction. Upon making contact with the surface, the swarm explodes, causing damage and releasing several small crows that will fly towards a nearby enemy to damage them. The crows have a slight auto-aim and will attempt to head towards the target if they are close enough. It’s important to note that multiple crows can attack the same target. 25
Nightmare Leech
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The user propels themselves forward with great speed. Upon making contact with an enemy, the user regains 20% of their maximum health and deals considerable damage to the enemy, leaving them knocked down. This move shares similarities with Superhuman C. 50
Torment Corvus
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The user expands their body into a vast dark opening. They then explode with a blast that fully consumes their Umbra Meter. The detonation causes extreme damage and generates a swarm of crows that passively damage any enemy within the cloud. Additionally, enemies hit by the blast will experience slight visual distortion. The size of the dark opening and the explosion are determined by the user’s Umbra Meter. A higher Umbra Meter means a wider area of impact. The remnants of the explosion do not cause actual stun but rather attract enemies towards it, similar to real black holes. However, it is possible to escape the remnants of the explosion using teleportation moves like Flash Step (Soru), Paw F, Dark F, or Rumble F. 100
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The user metamorphoses into a swarm of crows, gaining the ability to fly at a moderate speed. Flying in proximity to enemies will slightly stun them and inflict damage. 10

Shadow Fruit Showcase, Worth & Abilities

How good is shadow fruit in blox fruits? Tier & Value

The Shadow Fruit in Blox Fruits is an exceptional choice for players looking to leverage high-damage attacks coupled with healing capabilities. Its rarity and the unique skill set place it in the upper tier, reflecting its considerable value within the game.

Is Shadow fruit a Logia?

No, the Shadow Fruit is not a Logia type. It’s classified as a mythical natural fruit, offering a suite of abilities that focus on stealth and strategic combat rather than elemental control typical of Logia fruits.

Is Shadow fruit worth Buddha?

Whether the Shadow Fruit is worth trading for Buddha depends on the player’s strategy and preference. While Buddha offers transformative abilities for defense and crowd control, Shadow excels in offense and evasion, potentially offering more value to aggressive players.

Is Shadow worth Venom Blox fruit?

Trading Shadow for Venom is a nuanced decision. Both fruits have robust abilities, but Shadow’s unique healing and evasion moves could provide an edge in PvP scenarios, making it a worthwhile consideration.

The Chances of Getting Shadow Fruit in Blox Fruits

Obtaining the Shadow Fruit is a rare event, with only a 1.3% chance appearing in stock and a 1.1% chance of spawning every hour, making it a coveted and rare asset for players.

How to Obtain the Shadow Fruit in Blox Fruits?

The design of the Shadow Fruit is distinctive and exclusive. It is among the 13 fruits with a glowing effect on its physical form, along with others such as Love, Barrier, Quake, Buddha, Phoenix, Rumble, Paw, Gravity, Venom, Control, Spirit, and Dragon. Additionally, the Shadow Fruit is one of the 4 fruits with a smoke effect, joining Venom, Flame, and Dark. However, its uniqueness doesn’t end there.

The damage is incredibly high, making it a highly competent choice. The mastery requirements are quite high.
All moves inflict damage. Shadow is a rare fruit and ranks as the sixth most expensive fruit in the game.
When used on a target, Nightmare Leech heals the user by 20% of their maximum health, which is extremely useful when the player is low on health. When the user first joins a server or respawns, they appear without their Umbra Meter, unlike Dragon and Venom, which start with 50% of their Fury Meter.
It can be used as both a main fruit and a main sword due to its great combined potential. Corvus Torment completely depletes the user’s Umbra Meter.
Corvus Torment has an extremely wide hitbox when the Umbra Meter is full. Aim and skill are required to use it effectively in PvP.
Even with a low Umbra Meter, Corvus Torment still deals very high damage. The Nightmare Leech move has limited range and a slight delay at the end in case the user misses.
Corvus Torment is especially effective in crowded areas due to its wide hitbox. The Z, X, and C moves are not ideal for farming as they focus on a single target.
Somber Rebellion can be used to escape combos (if properly synced) as it propels the user into the air. Umbrage has a rather slow speed and limited duration.
It possesses a very solid combined potential. Corvus Torment (V move) can be evaded using a teleportation move or F move, unless the Shadow user uses a stunning weapon to hit the player.
It is extremely easy to adapt to its use. Even without the ability to break Instinct V2, the enemy will notice that the user is using Shadow due to the aura. However, this doesn’t actually represent a disadvantage.
The shadow crows from Shade Nest function practically like guided missiles, seeking nearby enemies. The V move has a prolonged startup time.
The crows from Shade Nest have automatic tracking and will head towards the target if not too far away. This makes Shade Nest ideal for 1v1 encounters and securing kills.
Good mobility (in addition to Umbrage, Somber Rebellion, and Nightmare Leech can also be used for movement).
Somber Rebellion is an excellent counter-attack when the user is being pressured.
Use it only when someone tries to approach quickly and then launch a combo against them.
Somber Rebellion can also be used as a mobility move to escape certain attacks as the user will travel a good distance and with considerable speed. Additionally, at the end of the move, a pushback occurs. Nightmare Leech can also be used for this purpose but has a slight delay at the end.
Most single-shot shadow combos are suitable for mobile devices (three slots) and deal massive damage, unlike other popular setups that require four slots (e.g., Shisui combos, Acidum Rifle combos, etc.).
Shade Nest has good range.
In addition to its ability to heal the user, Nightmare Leech can be used similarly to Superhuman C as it propels the user forward and pushes the opponent backward. It is also useful for combos as it is easy to predict where the opponent will move. However, it is a bit slow, so experienced players can take advantage of it.
The F move (Umbrage) can be used to prevent NPCs from healing (e.g., training dummy NPC).
The Umbra Meter is easier to fill than Dragon and Venom’s Fury Meter as using moves on targets fills it in different amounts, and the Umbra Meter will regenerate automatically during the night.
Somber Rebellion, Nightmare Leech, and Corvus Torment break Instinct. (To break Instinct with Corvus Torment, the target must be close to the center of the explosion).
It is not too difficult to obtain compared to other mythical fruits.
It is incredibly powerful when combined with Yama.

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Shadow Fruit

An interesting feature of the Umbra Meter is that it can only be emptied using the Corvus Torment move (V move), allowing the user to catch those who try to attack them at close range, making it an essential tool for trolling opponents.
Additionally, the Shadow Fruit is the only fruit in the game that has an Umbra Meter and one of the few fruits that deal damage in its F move. The fruits that share this characteristic are Rumble (awakened), Venom, Magma (both awakened and non-awakened), Human: Buddha (awakened), Portal F, Bird: Phoenix (awakened) F, Smoke revamp, and Blizzard.

Is Shadow Good For Grinding Blox Fruits

Yes, the Shadow Fruit is good for grinding in Blox Fruits. Its potent damage and the ability to heal make it a sustainable choice for prolonged farming sessions.

Can you Awaken Shadow in Blox Fruits

As of the latest updates, the Shadow Fruit cannot be awakened in Blox Fruits. However, its base abilities are already powerful, offering players a significant advantage in both combat and exploration.

Guide on the Shadow Fruit in Blox Fruits

The Shadow Fruit is famous for being one of the most fun mythical fruits to use in Blox Fruits. Its particle effect, resembling mist, is shared by three other fruits; Dragon, Venom, and Spirit. And a fun fact for Latin lovers: “Umbra” means “shadow,” further reinforcing the fruit’s identity.
Finally, the Shadow Fruit is the only fruit that grants an aura to the user, providing them with a special charm that will undoubtedly add a unique dimension to your gaming experience.

In conclusion, the Shadow fruit in Blox Fruits is more than just an item in the game. It is a symbol of mystery, strategy, and fun. If you’re lucky enough to encounter it in your gameplay, don’t hesitate to try out its abilities. And remember, the world of Blox Fruits is as vast and mysterious as the shadow itself. Good luck on your adventure!