Spirit Fruit in Blox Fruits


Immersing yourself in the vibrant world of Blox Fruits is always an exhilarating experience. Among the most captivating elements is the Soul Fruit, a high-value option that allows players to harness the power of ice and fire, adding a strategic dimension to the game.

Name Rarity Type Money Robux
Soul Mythical Elemental 3,400,000$ 2,550

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Soul Fruit

Name Key


Description Mastery
Icy Fire Grip
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The user ascends on Shu’s back and travels to the cursor’s location. Once there, the user conjures an ice block that deals damage and stuns individuals present. 1
Ra’s Wrath
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The user directs Ra to the cursor’s location (holding the movement to reach greater distances). Ra then explodes into a powerful column of fire, dealing damage to enemies and launching 4 fireballs into the air. This move also causes burns on affected targets. 150
Shu’s Wrath
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The user hops on Shu and swiftly moves towards the cursor’s position, then performs a stomp. This impact generates an ice area around the user, with area of effect (AOE) effect. Additionally, enemies hit by the attack are frozen. 250
End of Times
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The user commands their two companions to shoot an ice beam and a fire beam towards the cursor’s position, stunning enemies. Subsequently, both beams merge, creating a powerful AOE ice explosion. 350
Sky Ruler
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The user hops on one of the two Buddies, determined by whether the user used Ra or Shu last, although it defaults to Shu. 75

Spirit Fruit Showcase

Is Spirit a Good Fruit in Blox Fruits?

The Spirit Fruit in Blox Fruits stands out as an exceptional choice for players who seek to master the elements of ice and fire, providing a tactical edge in the game. This mythical fruit is not only rare but also infuses gameplay with strategic depth, making it highly coveted among enthusiasts. Its abilities, encompassing wide area effects and the potential for both damage over time and direct high-impact strikes, make it a versatile addition to any player’s arsenal. Whether you’re engaging in player versus player (PvP) battles or completing quests, the Spirit Fruit’s capabilities can offer significant advantages, underscoring its reputation as a valuable asset in the Blox Fruits universe.

Is Spirit Fruit Better Than Venom? Trade Value

When comparing the Spirit and Venom Fruits, it boils down to your gameplay style and preferences. While the Venom Fruit is renowned for its potent offensive abilities, the Spirit Fruit offers a balanced blend of attack and support. It shines with its dual-elemental powers, summoning both ice and fire to control the battlefield. The additional support from celestial and infernal Buddies further enriches the user experience. In terms of versatility and strategic depth, many players might find the Spirit Fruit to be a step ahead of Venom, especially when considering its unique ability to harness different game perks.

Is Spirit Worth Venom?

Deciding whether the Spirit Fruit is worth the investment over Venom involves weighing its higher price against its extensive capabilities. The Spirit Fruit’s impressive array of elemental attacks, combined with the support of celestial and infernal Buddies, offers a gameplay experience that goes beyond the raw offensive power of Venom. For players who value tactical diversity and control over sheer force, the Spirit Fruit may indeed justify its worth compared to Venom.

Can you Awaken Spirit Fruit in Blox Fruits

As of the latest updates, awakening abilities are a feature for certain Blox Fruits, enhancing their powers significantly. While the Spirit Fruit already boasts a robust set of capabilities and a unique Buddy system that evolves as you play, there is no current mechanic to ‘awaken’ this particular fruit. However, its innate dual-elemental powers and the strategic depth it offers mean that it remains a formidable choice even without an awakening process.

How to Obtain the Soul Fruit in Blox Fruits

The Soul Fruit, formerly known as the Soul Fruit, is categorized as a natural type Blox fruit. Its exquisite balance between fire and ice makes it one of the most effective choices for PvP combat. The popularity of the Soul Fruit is reflected in its price; it is the third most expensive fruit in the game, costing 3,400,000$ or 2,550 Robux if purchased directly from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

Each ability has an area of effect (AoE), making it a suitable fruit for grinding if you can control the recoil. The moves require extremely high mastery, matching Control and Dragon at 350 mastery. [Not recommended for levels below 800]
Both X and C apply damage over time (DoT) [burn and shock], which can make other players waste their Instinct dodges in PvP. The moves are considered relatively slow in comparison.
The damage output is extremely high. The Buddies are randomly assigned, meaning luck determines whether you get the desired Buddy. (However, you can choose to have the Healing Spirit)
It is extremely versatile. With the help of the Buddies, you can take advantage of all the perks the game offers: stun, healing, movement speed, DoT, AoE, and knockback. The Buddies are ineffective in Sea Beast Raids, but since all moves are AoE, this is only a minor inconvenience.
Sky Ruler offers relatively fast flight at a pace between Dragon and Phoenix (base form). The moves have longer cooldowns, but players can counteract this by combining the fruit with accessories that reduce cooldown times, such as Swan Glasses, Choppa Hat, and Zebra Cap.
The Buddies cannot be damaged, but they disappear after a few seconds. The range of their benefits is not affected by players’ distance; if you have a Healing Buddy, it will heal you even if you’re far away. Toxic Mushroom is useless in PvP as no one will stay within the fog, and Cursed Tree can be easily avoided by flying or running away.
The range of the X move can be increased by holding the ability. The range of Z and C is relatively short, forcing the player to get close in PvP combat.
The C move incapacitates your target, similar to Acidium Rifle X, making it easier to land subsequent abilities. Frostfire Grasp (Z move) has a final delay upon finishing.
Healing Buddies have infinite range, meaning they can heal you even if you’re far away. End of Times (V move) can leave the player vulnerable if the target is missed.
Not very effective against Buddies (but this depends on performance, skill, and composition).
Wrath of Ra (X move) has a visual defect that makes it slightly harder to land from a distance. However, it is easier to use by aiming below your avatar.
Soul’s damage can be unpredictable at times due to certain parts of the moves not hitting, such as the fireballs from X.
The number of Spirits you get depends on the time you wait. (Icy Fire Grip does not grant Spirit)
This can be seen as a glitch or an advantage depending on the situation. Frostfire Grasp has a glitch (not sure how to activate it, possibly due to the delay) where your avatar does not run but the move still executes.


Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies for the Soul Fruit

Its exclusivity goes beyond its price, as the probability of obtaining it is only 1%, and its appearance in the game occurs at a rate of 0.76% every hour. This fruit joins the select group of fruits with a physical form animation, sharing this feature with Rubber, Spider, Phoenix, Portal, Gravity, Dough, Venom, Control, Dragon, and Leopard.
The user of the Soul Fruit has a Soul meter on their screen, which collects Spirits over time, essential for summoning the fruit’s unique Buddies. Two entities called “Buddies” –an Angel and a Demon– constantly orbit around the user, offering support and offensive abilities, respectively.

Changes and Updates to the Soul Fruit

Depending on whether the meter is in the cyan or red zone, a support Buddy or an offensive Buddy will be summoned, respectively. This duality allows for a higher degree of adaptability and strategy in combat. The celestial Buddies include Star, who heals the user every 2-5 seconds, and Flying Pig, which provides a temporary speed boost.

Is Spirit Good for Grinding Blox Fruits Value & Tier

Grinding is a crucial part of the Blox Fruits experience, and the Spirit Fruit emerges as a solid choice for this aspect of the game. Its area of effect (AoE) abilities make it adept at handling multiple enemies simultaneously, essential for efficient grinding. Additionally, the damage over time effects can be particularly beneficial in wearing down opponents, and the support from the Buddies can sustain you through longer grinding sessions. Overall, the Spirit Fruit is more than just good—it’s an excellent tool for players looking to grind more effectively.

Spirit Fruit Blox Fruits Price

The Spirit Fruit is one of the premium selections within Blox Fruits, reflected in its price point. As a high-value option, it commands a price of 3,400,000 in-game dollars or 2,550 Robux. Its cost signifies its rarity and the extensive capabilities it provides. For players who are serious about elevating their gameplay and investing in a fruit that offers a multitude of strategic advantages, the Spirit Fruit is worth considering despite its higher price tag in the market.

Guide to the Soul Fruit in Blox Fruits

On the other hand, the hell Buddies have more offensive abilities. The Toxic Mushroom releases a poisonous gas that passively damages enemies, similar to Venom’s C ability. The Cursed Tree can summon roots that stun nearby enemies, and the Frog attracts nearby enemies with its tongue to deal damage.
Mastering the Soul Fruit in Blox Fruits requires a strategic balance, leveraging both celestial support and infernal offensive power. It is a deep, diverse, and attractive gameplay option, making it an excellent investment for players seeking challenges and satisfaction in their journey through the universe of Blox Fruits. Undoubtedly, the Soul Fruit is a unique treasure that adds layers of strategy and depth to this fascinating game.