T-Rex Fruit in Blox Fruit

T-Rex Fruit Overview

T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits

The T-Rex Fruit, a new mythical addition to the Blox Fruits universe, offers players a transformative and powerful combat experience. Fully finished and dropping for Christmas, it’s set to become a favorite among the community.

Name Rarity Type Value Robux
T-Rex Mythical Beast 2,700,000$ 2350

What Does T-Rex Fruit Do? Abilities, Moves & Powers

Name Key


Description Mastery
Tail Swipe T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits

T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits

Harness the apex predator’s speed with this dynamic ability, which allows you to charge at your foes with a ferocious dash. This culminates in a predatory bite, reminiscent of a T-Rex’s lethal grip, that clamps down on adversaries with relentless force. The ensnaring finish emulates the inevitable doom that befalls prey caught in the jaws of this prehistoric titan. 1
Predatory Screech T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits

T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits

Conjure the catastrophic forces of nature with a ground-shaking stomp, creating a swirling vortex that drags enemies helplessly toward its center. As the tension builds, the trap explodes, releasing the pent-up energy in a spectacular blast that ravages all caught in the ancient snare, a testament to the T-Rex’s earth-shattering presence. 50
Hunter’s Rage T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits With a roar that trembles the very air, summon the T-Rex’s spectral claws to carve out devastating gashes in the earth itself. This long-range assault reaches out like the fearsome talons of the T-Rex, slashing through everything in its path, dealing catastrophic damage that captures the sheer terror of facing the king of dinosaurs. 100
Reptilian Scales T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits

T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits

T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits

As the Fury Meter reaches its zenith, tap into the prehistoric essence that courses through you, triggering a transformation as powerful as the Cretaceous asteroid. Your form expands, morphing into the colossal stature of the T-Rex, where each newfound muscle and sinew brims with untapped destructive potential and raw, primal energy. 300
Gigantic Leap T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits Embody the cataclysmic force that once heralded the end of an era. With this ability, you become the meteor, descending from above with unstoppable momentum. The ground quakes upon your thunderous landing, cratering under the immense power, and sending shockwaves that echo the T-Rex’s dominion over land and prey alike. 200
M1 Claws T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits Unleash a relentless flurry of clawed strikes that evoke the T-Rex’s savage nature. Each swipe is a dance of death, a series of swift, merciless gestures that leave enemies rent and torn. This primal barrage is the bread and butter of your arsenal, a straightforward yet brutal reminder of why the T-Rex is the eternal emblem of prehistoric peril. N/A

Transformed T-Rex Fruit Abilities

Name Key


Description Mastery
Tail Swipe T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits In your transformed state, wield claws of mythic proportions to execute a swipe that spans the horizon, cleaving the air itself. Follow through with a sequence of five devastating slashes, each one a tribute to the T-Rex’s unrivaled power, leaving behind a tableau of destruction that tells a tale as old as the Cretaceous itself. 1
Predatory Screech T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits Summon the primal forces that once ruled the ancient world to create a vortex that ensnares anything caught within its grasp. This powerful trap culminates in an earth-shattering explosion, a cataclysmic event that harkens back to the era when the T-Rex was the unchallenged sovereign of land and sky. 50
Hunter’s Rage T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits With the swiftness of the hunt ingrained in your very being, dash toward your quarry with a predatory precision that defies the bulk of your massive form. Grasp and hurl them to the ground with the authority of the era’s apex predator, a display of dominance that reinforces the hierarchy of the ancient food chain. 100
Reptilian Scales T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits Master the ebb and flow of prehistoric power with the ability to shed your T-Rex form at will. This skill demonstrates an advanced mastery of your transformative powers, allowing you to adapt fluidly to the changing tides of battle and preserve the element of surprise. 300
Gigantic Leap T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits

T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits

Channel the fury of a T-Rex and the impact of the asteroid that marked its end. Plunge from the skies in a fearsome descent, crashing into your enemy and setting off a cataclysmic explosion. The resulting blasts scatter across the battlefield like aftershocks, a testament to the T-Rex’s earth-shaking impact. 200
M1 Claws T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits Embark on a relentless assault with a maw and claws that have become legends in their own right. This extensive combination of bites and slashes is the essence of the T-Rex’s assault, ending in an explosion that encapsulates the raw, unbridled fury of the most fearsome predator to have ever walked the earth. N/A

Passive Skills of T-Rex Fruit

Air Jump jump_blox fruits Defy the laws of gravity and the expectations of size with the Aerial Leap. This passive ability allows you to soar through the skies, granting a majestic and agile presence reminiscent of a T-Rex’s less-acknowledged grace. With each leap, you embody the surprise and awe that such a massive creature should not, yet thrillingly does, possess the power to navigate the vertical battlefield with such ease.
Dash dash_blox fruits Tap into the latent energy reserves of a prehistoric behemoth with Burst Dash. This passive skill mirrors the shocking agility of a T-Rex, allowing for rapid repositioning that belies its colossal form. With each sudden surge, you blur the line between the cumbersome giant and the swift predator, leaving foes unprepared for the velocity at which a legend can strike.
Extra Damage T-Rex-Fruit_blox fruits A mark of doom that spells an inescapable fate for those unfortunate enough to be targeted. This passive ability is a subtle nod to the T-Rex’s role as a relentless tracker of its prey. Once marked by the king of dinosaurs, the victim suffers continuous damage, echoing the persistent threat of the T-Rex’s looming presence. Each subsequent attack resonates more profoundly, as if the prey can feel the weight of history’s most fearsome predator bearing down upon them with each strike.

T-Rex Fruit Showcase in Blox Fruit

The T-Rex Fruit Fury Meter: How Does It Work?

Embark on an adventure in the world of Blox Fruits with the formidable T-Rex Fruit. Mirroring the prowess of the Dragon and Mammoth fruits, the T-Rex Fruit introduces a unique ‘Fury Bar’ that intensifies as you engage in combat or take damage. This bar is segmented, each part representing the growing rage and power of the T-Rex. As you fill the Fury Bar, your abilities become more powerful, and your combat strategies more diverse. Each segment you complete unlocks new levels of strength, transforming your gameplay experience with depth and intensity. The T-Rex Fruit is not just an upgrade; it’s a transformative force that reshapes how you approach offense and defense in the ever-changing battles of Blox Fruits.

Is T-Rex a Good Fruit in Blox Fruits? Build & Grind

In the universe of Blox Fruits, the T-Rex Fruit stands out for its exceptional combat capabilities and distinct mythical beast powers. It’s ideal for players who enjoy an aggressive style of gameplay and seek to overpower their opponents with brute strength. This fruit balances offensive prowess with defensive resilience, making it a versatile choice for both player-vs-player (PvP) battles and player-vs-environment (PvE) missions. However, mastering the T-Rex Fruit requires dedication and strategic insight, as its full potential is unlocked through skillful play and understanding of its unique mechanics.

Where to Find & How to Obtain T-Rex Fruit in Blox Fruits? Price & Value

The T-Rex Fruit, embodying the raw might of a prehistoric beast, commands a high value in the game, typically priced at around 4,500,000$ or an equivalent in Robux. This price reflects its rarity and the significant advantage it offers in combat. To acquire this fruit, players must embark on a journey filled with challenges, including exploring specific areas of the game, participating in high-level events, or trading with other players. The path to obtaining the T-Rex Fruit is one of patience and persistence, but for those who succeed, it promises a revolutionary impact on their gameplay experience in Blox Fruits.

Is T-Rex Fruit Better Than Other Mythical Fruits?

Comparing the T-Rex Fruit to other mythical fruits in Blox Fruits depends on several factors:

  • Type and Abilities: The T-Rex, as a beast-type fruit, excels in raw power and transformation abilities, suitable for direct and forceful combat.
  • Strategic Use: Players who prefer a straightforward, power-focused strategy will find the T-Rex Fruit more beneficial.
  • Player Skill and Mastery: The effectiveness of any fruit depends on the player’s ability to master its unique mechanics and use them strategically.
  • PvP vs. PvE: In PvP, the intimidating power of the T-Rex can be a significant advantage, while in PvE, it can efficiently handle multiple foes and challenging scenarios.
  • Personal Preference: Ultimately, the choice of fruit should align with your personal playstyle and enjoyment.

Can You Awaken T-Rex Fruit in Blox Fruits?

Currently, the T-Rex Fruit in Blox Fruits does not have an awakening feature. While awakening typically enhances a fruit’s abilities, the T-Rex Fruit’s base powers are already formidable. Players should focus on leveraging these abilities to their fullest potential. Stay updated with game developments, as new features and abilities may be introduced in future updates.

The T-Rex Fruit offers a blend of primal power and thrilling gameplay, making it a top-tier choice for players seeking strength and dominance in Blox Fruits. Its unique abilities and transformative nature provide a distinct and exhilarating gaming experience, even without an awakening feature.