Blox Fruits Fruit Tier List

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Blox Fruits Tier List, your indispensable resource for mastering the seas in the hit game, Blox Fruits. Whether you’re a seasoned pirate or a fresh recruit, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each fruit is crucial to your gameplay strategy. Our in-depth tier list ranks all the fruits from the must-have powerhouses to the less effective ones, giving you the insight needed to make informed decisions for your adventures.

Possibly the list will change when the Dragon Fruit rework is released in the next update.

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Blox Fruits Farm Tier List for Grinding (PVE Fruits) Update 23 [May 2024]

Embark on a journey to maximize your yield with our definitive Fruit Farm Tier List, tailored for the Blox Fruits universe. This tier list is the fruit-picker’s bible, detailing which fruits to prioritize for the most efficient farming. Whether you’re looking to sustain your crew or trade for top value, knowing which fruits top the farming charts is a game-changer.

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With our Fruit Farm Tier List, you’ll get exclusive insights into which Blox Fruits deliver the best farming results. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to strategic harvesting as we guide you through the optimal choices for resource collection. Elevate your farming game and watch as your bounty grows with the best fruits in your basket. Let’s cultivate success together in Blox Fruits with the ultimate farming tier list.

Blox Fruits PVP Tier List for Fighting (Fruits) Update 23 [May 2024]

Step into the battle arena armed with knowledge from our Fruit PVP Tier List, a must-have for every Blox Fruits warrior. This list is your strategic ally, offering a hierarchy of fruits based on their combat prowess. PVP battles require not just skill but also the right fruit, and our tier list highlights which ones give you the edge in every duel.

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Dominate your opponents and climb the ranks in PVP with our expertly curated Fruit PVP Tier List. Discover which fruits pack the most punch, which ones offer the best defensive capabilities, and which combinations will make you invincible. With our guide, you’ll be the force to reckon with in Blox Fruits’ PVP scenarios. Embrace your competitive spirit and rise to the top with the elite fruits of PVP.

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Blox Fruits Update 23 Fruits Tier List [May 2024]

Dive into the world of Blox Fruits with us as we unravel the secrets of each fruit’s abilities, their synergies with different play styles, and tips on how to utilize them effectively. Are you ready to elevate your status from a mere deckhand to a legendary captain? Navigate through our expertly curated Blox Fruits Tier List and find the perfect fruit that aligns with your journey to become the ultimate champion of the seas.

Fruit Photo Tier Comment
Rocket Fruit Rocket Fruit Blox Fruits C Cost-effective for starters.
Spin Fruit Spin Fruit Blox Fruits C Subpar farming option.
Spring Fruit Spring Fruit Blox Fruits C Not practical for use.
Bomb Fruit Bomb Fruit Blox Fruits B High damage, less versatile.
Smoke Fruit Smoke Fruit Blox Fruits C Great for gathering.
Spike Fruit Spike Fruit Blox Fruits C Average farming and PVP.
Flame Fruit Flame Fruit Blox Fruits A High damage, awakenable.
Falcon Fruit Falcon Fruit Blox Fruits D Weak moves and damage.
Ice Fruit Ice Fruit Blox Fruits S Strong and user-friendly.
Sand Fruit Sand Fruit Blox Fruits A Good for beginners.
Dark Fruit Dark Fruit Blox Fruits S Excellent for PVP.
Revive Fruit Revive Fruit Blox Fruits C Functional but average.
Diamond Fruit Diamond Fruit Blox Fruits D Extra defense boost.
Light Fruit Light Fruit Blox Fruits A Effective for farming.
Rubber Fruit Rubber Fruit Blox Fruits B Decent combo potential.
Barrier Fruit Barrier Fruit Blox Fruits D More fun than competitive.
Magma Fruit Magma Fruit Blox Fruits A Insanely high damage.
Quake Fruit Quake Fruit Blox Fruits B Powerful when mastered.
Buddha Fruit Buddha Fruit Blox Fruits S Overpowering in farming.
Love Fruit Love Fruit Blox Fruits B Stuns and combos well.
Spider Fruit Spider Fruit Blox Fruits A Strong combo ability.
Sound Fruit Sound Fruit Blox Fruits A Clean, high-damage moves.
Phoenix Fruit Phoenix Fruit Blox Fruits A Strong with healing.
Portal Fruit Portal Fruit Blox Fruits A Great mobility and combos.
Rumble Fruit Rumble Fruit Blox Fruits A Known for stuns.
Pain Fruit Pain Fruit Blox Fruits B Decent in PVP.
Blizzard Fruit Blizzard Fruit Blox Fruits A Versatile and powerful.
Gravity Fruit Gravity Fruit Blox Fruits D Strong but slow.
Mammoth Fruit Mammoth Fruit Blox Fruits S High-damage powerhouse.
Dough Fruit Dough Fruit Blox Fruits S Top-tier power.
Shadow Fruit Shadow Fruit Blox Fruits A Strong if mastered.
Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit Blox Fruits S Domineering in battle.
Leopard Fruit Leopard Fruit Blox Fruits S Overwhelmingly dominant.
Kitsune Fruit Kitsune_Fruit_blox_fruits S Become mythical
T-Rex Fruit T-Rex_Fruit_blox_fruits S Become a beast

Fruits Tier List Information

Stay ahead of the curve in Blox Fruits and ensure your arsenal is equipped with the best fruits as we guide you through the game’s meta. Our tier list is meticulously crafted and regularly updated to reflect the latest patches and player insights. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your gameplay; bookmark our Blox Fruits Tier List today and transform your gaming experience.

Rocket Fruit

  • Tier: C
  • Info: Ideal for newcomers to the game and those looking to gather resources efficiently. It’s the most cost-effective option and surprisingly potent for its minimal price tag.

Spin Fruit

  • Tier: C
  • Info: Suitable for gathering activities, though not quite as efficient as the Rocket Fruit.

Spring Fruit

  • Tier: C
  • Info: Falls short in both resource collection and player versus player scenarios, making it less advisable for serious gameplay.

Bomb Fruit

  • Tier: B
  • Info: Packs a punch with high damage output, but it’s not the best choice for resource collection or combat scenarios. It remains, however, a decent option for leveling purposes.

Smoke Fruit

  • Tier: C
  • Info: As an elemental fruit, it offers invulnerability to enemy attacks, making it stellar for resource gathering.

Spike Fruit

  • Tier: C
  • Info: Suitable for a mix of farming and combat, though it doesn’t shine particularly bright in either category.

Flame Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: A top-tier elemental choice for resource gathering with powerful, high-damage capabilities. It also has the potential for power-ups through awakening.

Falcon Fruit

  • Tier: D
  • Info: Offers limited utility in terms of moves, damage, and combo potential, thus it’s less favored for any serious player.

Ice Fruit

  • Tier: S
  • Info: Perfect for both resource gathering and player combat, it boasts stunning abilities and is quite user-friendly.

Sand Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: Offers balanced damage and easy-to-master moves, making it a combo-friendly option for rookies.

Dark Fruit

  • Tier: S
  • Info: An elemental powerhouse in player combat, especially for sword wielders, with its stunning moves and teleportation prowess.

Revive Fruit

  • Tier: C
  • Info: While not outstanding in its moveset or damage, it maintains a spot as a viable option.

Diamond Fruit

  • Tier: D
  • Info: Bestows an additional 25% in defense, yet it doesn’t offer much beyond that.

Light Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: Exceptionally effective for farming, notably in the initial stages of the game.

Rubber Fruit

  • Tier: B
  • Info: Provides a decent set of moves and damage, with some combo potential.

Barrier Fruit

  • Tier: D
  • Info: Tends to be chosen for its entertainment value rather than its competitiveness.

Magma Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: Offers incredibly high damage and remarkable abilities, with enhancement capabilities through awakening.

Quake Fruit

  • Tier: B
  • Info: Delivers a fun experience and becomes massively powerful when awakened, capable of executing devastating combos if mastered.

Buddha Fruit

  • Tier: S
  • Info: Reigns supreme for resource gathering and holds its own in player combat, often proving to be overwhelming for opponents.

Love Fruit

  • Tier: B
  • Info: Recent updates have added a stunning effect to its repertoire, allowing for creative combos, though there are more formidable options available.

Spider Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: A robust choice that excels with its combo potential and damage, albeit requiring precision to wield effectively.

Sound Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: Features clean, high-damage moves with quick recovery times, perfect for those hunting bounties.

Phoenix Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: Its strength is offset by its slower nature, but it can heal, often to the frustration of opponents.

Portal Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: A game-changer for sword and gun aficionados, it vexes opponents with its mobility and combo capabilities.

Rumble Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: Celebrated for its stun abilities, it’s easy to pick up and beneficial for both melee and ranged combatants.

Pain Fruit

  • Tier: B
  • Info: Although it’s been outshone by newer additions, it’s still a competent choice for player combat.

Blizzard Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: A versatile fruit that’s effective for a variety of activities including resource gathering, sea beasts, raid bosses, and player combat, armed with impactful moves.

Gravity Fruit

  • Tier: D
  • Info: Its moves are solid but lethargic, making it less ideal for battling experienced players.

Mammoth Fruit

  • Tier: S
  • Info: Its slow nature is made up for by its high-damage capabilities, making it a force in player combat.

Dough Fruit

  • Tier: S
  • Info: Ranks within the top three fruits for its sheer power, with further details on its capabilities left to the imagination.

Shadow Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: Demands a learning curve but possesses strong combo potential, not necessarily suited for the average player.

Venom Fruit

  • Tier: S
  • Info: Its ability to poison opponents is a significant nuisance in combat, bolstering its overall strength.

Control Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: Requires a technical approach and varies in effectiveness based on the player’s skill.

Spirit Fruit

  • Tier: A
  • Info: Has commendable damage output but is hampered by long cooldowns, which affects combo execution.

Dragon Fruit

  • Tier: S
  • Info: A formidable fruit that is challenging for opponents to counter, with wide-reaching effects and substantial damage, particularly with precise aim.

Leopard Fruit

  • Tier: S
  • Info: Presented as an overwhelmingly dominant force in player combat, such that some might jokingly consider avoiding the game altogether than face it in battle.

Kitsune Fruit

  • Tier: S
  • Info: The Kitsune Fruit boasts a visually appealing design and transformative abilities that allow players to adopt fox-like characteristics and powers. Its unique “Umber Meter” fills in darker environments, enhancing the user’s abilities. The fruit excels in its aesthetic attacks and life-leech capabilities, making it not only effective but also thrilling to use. It’s particularly favored for its swift and deceptive combat style, although mastering its timing and effects may require some practice.

T-Rex Fruit

  • Tier: S
  • Info: The T-Rex Fruit transforms the user into a fearsome dinosaur, offering both a visually striking and powerful experience. It features a “Fury Meter,” which when filled, enhances the user’s destructive capabilities. This fruit is exceptional in close-range combat and can dominate in PvP scenarios. Its high damage output and the ability to “Vibe” as a T-Rex make it a top-tier choice for players who prefer brute strength and imposing presence in battles.

Mammoth Fruit

  • Tier: S
  • Info: The Mammoth Fruit enables users to take on mammoth attributes, including immense size and strength. It is designed for heavy damage output and can be overwhelming in player combat due to its sheer power. While it may be slow, its capacity for high damage and area control compensates, making it a formidable choice in both one-on-one and group fights.