Trading Guide in Blox Fruits

Embarking on the vibrant and complex trading journey within the world of Blox Fruits presents both exhilarating opportunities and formidable challenges. Whether you’re a veteran trader with tales of epic trades or a newcomer eager to dive into the market’s depths, mastering the art of trading is essential for advancing your gameplay. This ultimate guide is meticulously crafted to demystify the trading arena, offering unparalleled insights and strategies. From understanding the value of rare fruits to navigating the nuances of player-to-player exchanges, we’re here to transform your trading endeavors into a strategic advantage. Embark on this journey with us to unlock the full potential of trading in Blox Fruits, elevating your gaming experience to new heights.

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Blox Fruits Trading Fruits Value List

In the dynamic world of Blox Fruits, trading is a pivotal activity that can significantly impact your gameplay progression and strategy. The trading value of fruits, distinct from their in-game purchase price, fluctuates based on community demand and the fruits’ utility in various game scenarios. Exclusive fruits and those with exceptional abilities for grinding, PvP, or raid contributions often see their values soar. Here, we present an exhaustive list of Blox Fruits and their current trading values, providing a valuable resource for players aiming to master the trading market.

Fruit Name Demand Level Reason for Demand
Rocket Fruit

Rocket Fruit Blox Fruits

Low Valued for its accessibility to beginners, offering basic combat and mobility enhancements.
Spin Fruit

Spin Fruit Blox Fruits

Low Limited in its utility for farming and combat, leading to a lower preference among players.
Chop Fruit

Chop Fruit Blox Fruits

Low Its niche advantage of sword immunity doesn’t compensate for the broader versatility needed in gameplay.
Spring Fruit

Spring Fruit Blox Fruits

Very Low Interesting mechanics do not fully translate into effective gameplay, making it less sought after.
Bomb Fruit

Bomb Fruit Blox Fruits

Low While offering high damage, its less versatile nature makes it a less attractive option for many players.
Smoke Fruit

Smoke Fruit Blox Fruits

Medium Appreciated for its crowd control capabilities, yet overshadowed by fruits with greater versatility.
Spike Fruit

Spike Fruit Blox Fruits

Low Offers an average performance in farming and PvP, not standing out in the competitive fruit market.
Flame Fruit

Flame Fruit Blox Fruits

High High damage and awakenable abilities make it a powerful choice for offensive strategies.

Magma Fruit Blox Fruits

High Magma boasts impressive damage output and grinding capabilities, especially in the First Sea. Its ability to create damaging pools of magma and transform into a pool of magma for continuous damage makes it a top pick. The Awakened version enhances its prowess with increased damage, stuns, and the ability to walk on water, making it ideal for Sea Events.

Revive Fruit Blox Fruits

Medium Renowned for its grinding efficiency, particularly with the [V] Ghost Busters move, and PvP viability due to decent damage and stun. Originally the Revive Fruit, its rework into the Ghost Fruit has maintained its status as a versatile choice for various game activities.

Barrier Fruit Blox Fruits

Low A good entry-level fruit that excels in raids by allowing users to stun opponents effectively with the [Z] move. However, it faces limitations in other activities, highlighting its niche utility.

Blizzard Fruit Blox Fruits

Medium Distinguished for its exceptional PvP potential, Blizzard rivals Buddha in grinding efficiency. Its high damage, good stuns, and elemental immunity allow for quick engagement with multiple NPCs, making it a formidable choice across game modes.

Pain Fruit Blox Fruits

Medium Despite its potential for combos and long-range attacks, Pain is less common in PvP, often overshadowed by fruits offering more direct benefits. It finds its niche among sword and gun users for its decent stuns and the powerful [V] move that blinds and poisons opponents.

Rumble Fruit Blox Fruits

High A versatile fruit with significant advantages in PvP, thanks to its stun and damage capabilities. Rumble is also a decent choice for grinding, with its Awakened [F] move providing swift evasion and engagement, appealing to bounty hunters of all experience levels.

Portal Fruit Blox Fruits

Very High The ultimate fruit for mobility, Portal excels in fruit hunting and evading bounty hunters. Its unparalleled travel utility and effectiveness in 1v1 situations, thanks to moves like [C] that teleport players across islands, make it highly sought after for strategic gameplay.

Phoenix Fruit Blox Fruits

High Despite being underrated and less favored in its unawakened state, the Awakened Phoenix shines with its ability to air camp, heal, and execute quick escapes, boasting considerable PvP and grinding potential. However, its trading appeal is limited, making it challenging to exchange for high-demand fruits like Portal.

Sound Fruit Blox Fruits

Medium Sound fruit stands out with impressive AoE, high damage, and solid grinding capabilities. Its prevalence and the specific need for a stun weapon to maximize effectiveness somewhat dampen its trading popularity, despite its inherent strengths.

Spider Fruit Blox Fruits

Medium Spider fruit may not excel in grinding due to its lack of Elemental effects and challenging hit mechanics on NPCs. However, its prowess in PvP when awakened—thanks to excellent stuns, damage, and large hitboxes—positions it as a top-tier choice for skilled players.

Love Fruit Blox Fruits

Medium Love fruit, renowned for its AoE damage and supportive capabilities, including ally flight, has seen a revitalization since its Valentine’s Event revamp. Its historical performance and current versatility contribute to its stable yet cautious market demand.

Buddha Fruit Blox Fruits

Extremely High Buddha fruit dominates the grinding scene with its expansive hitbox and rapid damage output, making it invaluable against various NPCs and in PvP scenarios. Its transformative effect, though beneficial, increases vulnerability due to the enlarged hitbox. Its extraordinary trading value offers significant leverage in negotiations.

Quake Fruit Blox Fruits

High Quake’s vast hitbox and range, especially evident in its Awakened form, render it formidable in PvP, bounty hunting, and boss fights. Its desirability is further bolstered by its utility in Advanced Raids, despite its relatively modest direct trading value.

Gravity Fruit Blox Fruits

Medium Despite its potential, Gravity is undervalued in the community, often overlooked in favor of fruits like Blizzard. It has decent damage and combo potential but is outshined by other choices, making it less desirable in trades.

Mammoth Fruit Blox Fruits

Very High Mammoth stands out for its versatility and the significant 60.5% damage reduction it offers. Its overpowered defensive capabilities and infinite [F] move holding make it a sought-after fruit for its strategic advantages.


Very High The newest addition, T-Rex allows users to transform and inflict tick damage through Prey Marks. Its unique transformation and damage potential make it highly sought after, often traded for equally valuable fruits like Mammoth.

Dough Fruit Blox Fruits

Very High Dough is celebrated for its exceptional PvP utility and decent grinding efficiency. With its awakening, Dough’s demand and trading value have skyrocketed, making it a top-tier choice for strategic trades.

Shadow Fruit Blox Fruits

High Shadow is prized for its high damage and combo-friendly moves, including a 20% health regeneration ability, making it a balanced choice for both offensive and defensive strategies.

Venom Fruit Blox Fruits

High Venom excels across all game aspects, offering powerful passive abilities, ease of use, and transformation benefits that appeal to both beginners and veterans, driving its high demand.

Control Fruit Blox Fruits

Very High Control’s unique mechanic of creating a room for move execution and its potential rework increase its desirability among skilled players looking for a challenging yet rewarding fruit.

Spirit Fruit Blox Fruits

Very High Spirit’s summoning capabilities, massive AoE, and versatility in PvP and support roles make it an exceptional fruit, justifying its high cost and demand in the trading market.

Dragon Fruit Blox Fruits

Extremely High With its powerful AoE and long-ranged attacks, Dragon stands out for PvP. Its anticipated rework and high trading offers underscore its status as a highly valuable fruit.

Leopard Fruit Blox Fruits

Extremely High Leopard is recognized for its mobility, spam potential, and overall effectiveness in combat, making it one of the most desired and overpriced fruits in the game.


Extremely High As the most expensive fruit, Kitsune’s unparalleled grinding and PvP capabilities, along with its high damage and AoE, place it at the pinnacle of demand and value.

The values listed are estimations and can vary significantly based on current game updates, community trends, and the introduction of new fruits. Players are encouraged to stay active in community discussions and trading platforms to gauge the most accurate and up-to-date values.

How to Use Them in:

pvp guide in Blox Fruits

Whether you’re strategizing to maximize your trading profits or seeking to acquire a coveted fruit, understanding the market’s nuances is key. This trading value list serves as a foundation, but remember, successful trading also depends on negotiation skills, timing, and an in-depth understanding of the game’s evolving meta. Keep this guide handy, stay informed, and engage with the community to navigate the Blox Fruits trading market with confidence.

How to Trade in Blox Fruits?

Trading in Blox Fruits transcends mere item exchange; it embodies a strategic endeavor that blends insight, planning, and sometimes a stroke of fortune. Since its introduction in Update 15, trading has revolutionized how players interact with the game, offering a dynamic avenue to acquire fruits and gamepasses through direct exchanges. Here’s your definitive guide to navigating the trading waters, ensuring you make the most out of every trade.

Initiating a Trade

The heart of trading beats in two iconic locations: the Café within the Second Sea and the opulent Mansion found in the Third Sea. These areas are not just meeting points but strategic arenas where trades are born. To begin, traders must find their counterpart and take a seat opposite each other. This action triggers a pop-up menu, laying the foundation for the trade negotiation process.

Key Trading Rules and Tips

  • Price Difference Limitation: The game enforces a rule where the price difference between traded items cannot surpass 40%, a cap extendable to 100% with certain gamepasses. This mechanism ensures fairness and balance in trading activities.
  • Trading Frequency: Players are ordinarily limited to five trades every eight hours, promoting moderation in trading activities. However, for those looking to circumvent this limitation, trading items between your accounts offers a loophole, albeit with its risks and ethical considerations.
  • Unique Fruit Trading: The game restricts the trade of identical fruits, unless you’re equipped with the +1 Fruit Storage gamepass. This rule encourages diversity in fruit trading and prevents market saturation.
  • Inventory Storage: For gamepasses and Permanent Fruits to be eligible for trade, they must first be stored in your inventory. This requirement ensures that only tangible, owned items are put up for trade, adding a layer of security and commitment to the trading process.

Strategic Trading Insights

Successful trading in Blox Fruits isn’t solely about understanding the rules; it’s about mastering the market dynamics. Here are some strategic insights to elevate your trading game:

  • Market Research: Stay abreast of the latest game updates and community trends. Knowing the current demand for specific fruits or gamepasses can significantly influence your trading decisions.
  • Networking: Engage with the community through forums, Discord servers, and in-game interactions. Building a network can offer you insider insights and better trading opportunities.
  • Negotiation Skills: Effective trading often involves negotiation. Be prepared to discuss, adapt, and sometimes compromise to secure a profitable trade.

Trading in Blox Fruits is a multifaceted aspect of the game that, when navigated wisely, can greatly enhance your gaming experience. By adhering to the game’s trading rules, employing strategic insights, and engaging with the community, you can transform trading from a mere transaction to a thriving opportunity for advancement. Whether you’re a novice trader or a seasoned veteran, understanding the nuances of the Blox Fruits trading system is key to leveraging the full potential of your trading endeavors.

Best Trades in Blox Fruits

Mastering the art of trading in Blox Fruits demands a keen understanding of the game’s fluctuating market and the ability to capitalize on the demand for specific fruits. Certain fruits, renowned for their abilities and rarity, become hot commodities, driving their trading values well above their initial shop prices. Here’s an in-depth look at how to identify these opportunities and make the most out of your trades.

Identifying High-Demand Fruits

  • Fruits with Unique Abilities: Fruits like Buddha stand out for their unparalleled grinding capabilities, making them highly sought after by players looking to level up efficiently. These fruits often command premium trading values.
  • Newly Released Fruits: New additions to the fruit roster, such as Leopard, typically experience a surge in demand following their release. Players eager to experiment with new powers are willing to pay top dollar, creating a lucrative window for traders.

Strategies for Maximizing Trading Profits

  1. Market Research: Keeping a pulse on the community’s preferences and the latest game updates is crucial. Forums, Discord servers, and community polls are excellent resources for gauging which fruits are in demand.
  2. Timing Your Trades: The value of fruits can fluctuate significantly around game updates or events. Selling a high-demand fruit when the market is most eager can yield substantial profits. Conversely, buying underrated fruits during a lull and holding onto them until their demand spikes is a savvy long-term strategy.
  3. Networking with Other Traders: Building connections with other players can offer you insider information on market trends and direct access to potential trading partners. A well-timed trade with the right person can be mutually beneficial.
  4. Leveraging Rarity and Utility: Fruits that offer a unique edge in battles, raids, or grinding sessions (e.g., Buddha for grinding and Leopard for combat prowess) are always in high demand. Keeping an inventory of such fruits can give you leverage in the trading market.
  5. Observing Market Saturation: Be wary of fruits that are flooding the market. A surplus can lead to a decrease in value. Aim to trade fruits that are rare or have a stable demand to ensure profitability.

Successful trading in Blox Fruits is not just about exchanging items but executing well-thought-out strategies that align with market demands and trends. By focusing on high-demand fruits, staying informed about the game’s evolving landscape, and engaging with the community, you can significantly enhance your trading outcomes. Remember, the best trades are those that not only offer immediate rewards but also position you advantageously for future transactions.

Where to Trade in Blox Fruits

The prime locations for trading are the Café in the Second Sea and the Mansion in the Third Sea. These areas are designed for players to meet and conduct trades. However, finding the right trading partner can take time, and it’s often beneficial to utilize Discord servers or trading websites to find potential trades and assess the market value of fruits.

Trading in Blox Fruits is a dynamic and integral part of the game that can greatly enhance your playing experience. By understanding the mechanics of trading, knowing the best fruits to trade, and staying informed on the current market values, you can become a proficient trader. Remember, successful trading requires patience, research, and sometimes a bit of negotiation. With this guide, you’re now equipped to dive into the Blox Fruits trading scene and make your mark. Happy trading!