Bazooka in Blox Fruit



In the vast universe of Blox Fruits, players are constantly on the lookout for strategies and tools that allow them to excel in the battlefield. Among the various options available, the Bazooka fighting style has captured the attention of many due to its powerful capabilities and uniqueness. This legendary weapon can make a significant impact on your combat strategies, but before you rush to seek it, it is vital to understand how it works, and that’s precisely what we will explore in this article.

Name Type Rarity Source Cost To Buy
Bazooka Weapon Legendary Upper Skylands 5%

Key Statistics of the Bazooka: Power and Precision in Blox Fruits

Key Name Description Mastery GIF
Alpha Wave The user shoots a large orange beam similar to Flame Fruit’s X move, with high recoil and decent damage. 100
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Incendiary Ammo The user launches 4 small bullets that create a bed of fire upon impact, causing burn damage. This move also breaks Observation. 250
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Bazooka in Blox Fruits Showcase

Is Bazooka Good Blox Fruits Skills & Damage

The Bazooka stands out as a formidable choice in Blox Fruits due to its exceptional damage output, one of the highest for normal attacks within the game. Its area of effect and explosive abilities make it highly effective in various combat scenarios, particularly when dealing with multiple enemies. The weapon’s ability to break Observation also adds a strategic advantage. However, players should be mindful of its drawbacks, such as the slower attack speed and lower combo potential. When used strategically, the Bazooka can be an excellent addition to a player’s arsenal, especially for those who excel in positioning and timing their attacks.

Pros and Cons of Using the Bazooka on the Blox Fruits Battlefield

  • Inflicts one of the highest damage outputs in the game for normal attacks.
  • Has a mini explosion area of effect upon impact.
  • Fast reload time.
  • Can easily aggro due to the large area of effect of each bullet.
  • Special attacks deal less damage than normal attack.
  • Difficult to combo due to slow attacks.
  • Very low combo potential.

How to get the Bazooka Location

The Bazooka can be found in the Upper Skylands area of Blox Fruits. Players should specifically target the level 500 boss named Wysper, who resides in this region. Engaging and defeating Wysper is the key step in obtaining the Bazooka. The Upper Skylands, known for its challenging terrain and formidable opponents, adds an extra layer of excitement and difficulty to this quest.

Bazooka Blox Fruits Drop Chance

The drop chance for the Bazooka from Wysper is set at 5%. However, players can double their odds to 10% by utilizing the game’s double drop rate feature. It’s important to note that while these percentages offer a fair chance, acquiring the Bazooka may require multiple attempts due to its legendary status and the inherent randomness of drop rates in the game.

How Rare is it at Blox Fruits?

The rarity of the Bazooka in Blox Fruits is evident by its 5% drop chance (10% with double drop rate) from defeating the level 500 boss, Wysper, located in the first part of Upper Skylands. This drop rate reflects the Bazooka’s status as a legendary weapon, alongside other prestigious weapons like the Kabucha and Serpent Bow. The rarity and power of the Bazooka place it among the top-tier weapons in the game, making it a highly sought-after item for players looking to elevate their combat experience.


A distinctive feature of the Bazooka is its incendiary ammo, which fires one additional bullet compared to the Cannon. Additionally, the Bazooka stands out as one of the only three legendary weapons in the game, along with Kabucha and Serpent Bow. Furthermore, alongside the Soul Guitar and Cannon, the Bazooka is one of the only weapons that offers explosive damage on M1.

To master the use of the Bazooka, players must practice and experiment with its unique abilities. The exceptionally high click damage of the Bazooka means it can be a powerful offensive tool. However, it also requires careful handling to prevent your attacks from bouncing or missing altogether.

In terms of tactics, players should make use of the Bazooka’s incendiary ammo to maximize its damage and area effect. Additionally, being a legendary weapon, it is essential for players to constantly seek to improve their Bazooka through upgrades and enhancements in the game.

In summary, the Bazooka is one of the most powerful and unique weapons available in Blox Fruits. With its high click damage, incendiary ammo, and legendary status, this weapon can turn the tide of a battle within seconds. However, like with any weapon in Blox Fruits, players need to practice and experiment to make the most of its abilities. With the right strategy and skilled use, the Bazooka can be a valuable addition to your arsenal in Blox Fruits.