Kabucha in Blox Fruit



The fascinating mechanics of the game Blox Fruits lead us to discover a wide range of fighting styles and all kinds of weapons. One of the most intriguing and unique in its class is the Kabucha, a legendary weapon that defies conventions by being classified as a firearm, although technically it is a slingshot.

Name Type Rarity Source Cost To Buy
Kabucha Weapon Legendary The Strongest God 1,500 fragments

How Good is the Kabucha Skills & Stats

The Kabucha can be obtained by exchanging 1,500 fragments with The Strongest God on Usoapp’s Island, located at the South East of the Kingdom of Rose.

Key Name Description Domain GIF
Flying Fire Bird The user shoots a projectile shaped like a flying bird that explodes, leaving a trail of flames and causing area damage. The flame trail breaks Instinct. 125  
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Intense Wind The user shoots a burst of wind that pushes enemies backward, stuns, and breaks Instinct (similar to Lava Flame’s X attack before update 17.3, but with stunning). The push of this ability is predictable, and the enemy is not launched instantly as with Superhuman’s Conqueror Pistol or Lava V2. This attack can hit multiple targets. 250  
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Kabucha Blox Fruits Showcase

Pros and Cons of the Kabucha

  • High damage.
  • Good range.
  • Excellent for grinding.
  • Very short M1 (Click) cooldown.

[Z] Flying Fire Bird

  • The flame trail breaks Instinct.
  • No recoil.

[X] Intense Wind

  • Breaks Instinct.
  • Very good stun.
  • Enormous push.
  • Great combo potential.
  • Short M1 (Click) range.
  • Difficult to aim.
  • Both moves are slow and highly predictable, making them very challenging to hit at long range.
  • Does not affect Rubber users.

Is Kabucha Worth it in Blox fruits? Value

The Kabucha is highly valued for its unique properties as a legendary weapon. Its fast firing rate makes it an exceptional choice for players who prefer a dynamic and aggressive playstyle. The “Flying Fire Bird” ability, which leaves a damaging trail of fire, adds to its strategic advantage in combat. When used effectively, the Kabucha can significantly enhance gameplay experience, particularly for those who enjoy a ranged fighting approach. The requirement to exchange 1,500 fragments for it underscores its worth within the game’s context.

What is Better Kabucha or Acidum rifle?

Choosing between the Kabucha and the Acidum Rifle depends on personal playstyle and combat strategy. The Kabucha, with its rapid-fire capability and fiery abilities, is ideal for players who prefer fast-paced combat and like to maintain constant pressure on opponents. On the other hand, the Acidum Rifle, traditionally known for its potential for higher immediate damage, may suit players looking for more impactful single-shot attacks. Thus, the better choice varies based on whether a player values speed and agility (Kabucha) or raw power per shot (Acidum Rifle).

Is Soul Guitar Better than Kabucha Blox Fruits?

Comparing the Soul Guitar and the Kabucha is a matter of contrasting a mystical, musical weapon with a high-speed, legendary firearm. The Soul Guitar, offering a unique blend of musical and combative prowess, appeals to those who enjoy unconventional weapons with a mix of offensive and supportive abilities. In contrast, the Kabucha is a more straightforward choice for those who prefer a traditional, yet fast-paced, ranged weapon. The decision between the two hinges on whether a player values the unusual, mystical qualities of the Soul Guitar or the rapid, direct combat style afforded by the Kabucha.

Mastering Combos with the Kabucha: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Kabucha X – Kabucha Z – Trident Z – Superhuman Z – Superhuman C – Garra F – Superhuman X. Requires practice to use this combo. It is a deadly attack, and stats obviously should be focused on the main gun. Immediately use Superhuman Z after Trident Z. After Superhuman C, there is a 0.4-second period where the opponent will be stunned due to the enormous push of Superhuman C, use Garra F, and then Superhuman X to finish off the opponent.
  • Awakening Dark X, Kabucha X, Pole V2 Z, Kabucha Z, Superhuman Z, C, Flash Step, Superhuman X
  • Awakening Dark X, Kabucha X, Pole V2 Z, Death Step C, Z, Kabucha Z, Death Step X (Death Step X might not hit) (with demonic flames activated)
  • Dark X – Kabucha X – Shisui/Canvander X Z – Superhuman Z C Flash Step X
  • Dark X/Dark C – Kabucha X – Kabucha Z – Trident of Pikes X – Superhuman Z – Superhuman C (for gun-focused users)
  • Dark X, Kabucha X, Z, Trident of Pikes X, Electric Claw Z, C, X (for gun-focused users)
  • Kabucha X, Rengoku Z, Rengoku X, Electric Claw C, Z, X (for sword-focused users)
  • Awakening Dark X/Ice V, Kabucha X, Kabucha Z, Trident of Pikes X, Death Step C, Z, X (for gun-focused users)
  • Death Step V – Ice V (awakened/unawakened) – Ice C (unawakened) – Kabucha X – Shisui X Z – Death Step C – Death Step Z – Death Step X (You must be quick with Shisui to hit Death Step C)
  • Kabucha X, Superhuman C, Trident of Pikes X, Trident of Pikes Z, Flash Step, Superhuman X (for sword-focused users)
  • Awakening Masa X, Awakening Masa C, Cursed Dual Katana Z, Kabucha X, Cursed Dual Katana X, Awakening Masa V Godhuman Z, Godhuman C, Awakening Masa Z (BLOX FRUIT MAIN. STATS: MELEE 2450 DEFENSE 2450 BLOX FRUIT 2450)
  • Godhuman C (Hold), Awakening Masa X, Cursed Dual Katana X (Tap), Awakening Masa C, Cursed Dual Katana Z (Hold), Kabucha X (Down), Awakening Masa Z, Awakening Masa V, Godhuman X, Godhuman Z, Godhuman C, Awakening Masa X, Cursed Dual Katana Z (Hold), Cursed.

How to get the Kabucha Cost, Location & Where to Buy

Want to know how to get the powerful Kabucha weapon in Blox Fruits? The Kabucha is a coveted tool that can be yours by following a few simple steps. Located on the island of Usoapp, in the southeast of the Kingdom of Rose, you can get this exclusive weapon.

To obtain the Kabucha, you must head to Usoapp Island and look for a character known as The Strongest God, who has the power to grant you this weapon in the game. The only requirement is to exchange 1,500 fragments with him. Fragments are in-game items that you can collect during your adventure.

Remember, the Kabucha is not just a decorative item; it is a powerful weapon that can power up your gameplay in Blox Fruits. So what are you waiting for, head southeast of Rose Kingdom and visit Usoapp Island to get the Kabucha today!

Characteristics of the Kabucha

The Kabucha is synonymous with speed, possessing the fastest firing rate among all ranged weapons in the game. Although its range may be limited compared to other weapons in its category, the speed at which it can unleash its attacks compensates for this drawback, providing an intense and frenetic fighting style that can disorient and overpower opponents.
Among the notable abilities of the Kabucha, the “Flying Fire Bird” is a move that should not be overlooked. When sent near the ground, it leaves a trail of fire in its wake, creating a fiery barrier that can damage enemies or deter their advance.

Since the inclusion of the Spikey Trident in the game, the Kabucha has gained even more prominence. This trident complements the Kabucha perfectly, enhancing its effectiveness both in support roles and for players specializing in firearms. In fact, the combination of the Kabucha with weapons like Dark V2, Ice, Shisui, and Canvander is commonly praised among Blox Fruits players for its synergy and destructive potential.

Experienced players often combine the Kabucha with swords that have a fast and powerful charging move, such as Shisui, Koko, and Canvander. This combination takes advantage of the high recoil of the Kabucha to create attack opportunities and keep opponents at a distance.

For Chromebook users, it is important to note that M1 actions for this weapon will not work unless a touchscreen is used. However, don’t let this detail discourage you from experimenting with the Kabucha and discovering the power of its speed and versatility on the battlefield.

Until update 11, the Kabucha could only be acquired with a Rare Artifact, which speaks to its status and power within the game.

In conclusion, the Kabucha in Blox Fruits is a legendary weapon with a dynamic and exciting fighting style. Its unparalleled firing speed, combined with the ability to leave a trail of fire and its compatibility with other weapons, makes it a unique and intriguing choice for any player seeking challenges and new ways to master combat in Blox Fruits.