Soul Guitar in Blox Fruit

Soul Guitar

Soul Guitar

Talking about the Soul Guitar in the world of Blox Fruits is not merely referring to just another weapon. It’s mentioning an iconic, mysterious, and powerful piece of combat. With its inclusion in Update 17, Part 3, this mythical weapon has left an indelible mark in the game, surprising players with its unique nature and undeniable power.

Name Type Rarity How To Get Cost To Buy
Soul Guitar Weapon Mythical Puzzle
  • 5000 Fragments
  • 500 Bones
  • 250 Ectoplasm
  • 1 Dark Fragment

How Good is the Soul Guitar Combo & Materials

Key Name Description Mastery GIF
Undead Notes The user plays a melody, quickly releasing a beam of notes that explodes upon impact and deals massive damage with a wide range. 0  
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Soul Shaker The user summons a skull with the power of the undead in front of them, which opens its mouth and instantly fires a beam of souls from it. The beam explodes upon impacting an enemy, causing massive damage and pushing them away, similar to Kabucha’s X move. However, this move does not break Instinct, making it a weaker version of Kabucha’s X move. This move can one-shot any player if aimed downwards in the ocean. It will push them through the floor and trap them there until they die. This works on awakened Magma users, Ice users, and awakened Buddha users, as they will be pushed under the water, not above it. Obviously, this doesn’t work on Shark users. 150  
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El Diablo The user summons a skull with the power of the undead above them, which rises into the sky with soul static before exploding in the sky and creating a tick damage area-of-effect movement that damages anyone unlucky enough to be standing on the ground. If the user hits an NPC or player, a soul will follow them and regenerate the user’s health. This heals about 3% of the user’s maximum health and converts 10% of damage into health (only when attacking a player). 300  
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Pros and Cons of the Soul Guitar: The Melody of Success and the Chords of Difficulty

  • Can be dangerously powerful when used as a primary weapon.
  • M1 and X move break Instinct.
  • X move heals health.
  • Although X move cannot damage Rubber users, it can still stun them like other players not using it.
  • High damage in all moves.
  • M1 is very easy to hit and causes moderate knockback.
  • Overwhelming range, can hit people from far away.
  • M1 cooldown is short, as is Mosqueteer’s hat.
  • X move has good stun.
  • M1 and X move have destructible physics.
  • M1 can damage the Marine Beast (must be slightly far away).
  • Great range on M1 and Z move.
  • X move has good area-of-effect (AOE).
  • Acts as an excellent combo starter.
  • X move has good defense.
  • Z move is hard to hit and can sometimes feel clunky to use.
  • X move has the same problem, plus it can be easily avoided due to its long start-up time.
  • Z move does not break physical objects.
  • The visual effects of Soul Guitar are huge and can obstruct both the enemy’s and the user’s view.
  • Sometimes, Z move doesn’t hit at close range and is easier to dodge the closer the enemy is.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Soul Guitar actually cannot damage Rubber users because it is classified as a firearm.
  • High level requirements to obtain it (Level 2300).
  • Some swords can be used during the X move.

Soul Guitar Showcase

Master Combos with the Soul Guitar: Symphony of Destruction in Blox Fruits

    • Electric Claw C, Soul Guitar X, Mass X, V, C, X, Electric Claw X
    • Electric Claw C, Mass X, Soul Guitar X, Mass V, Electric Claw Z, Mass C, Electric Claw X
  • Electric Claw C, Yama X, (aim downward) Soul Guitar Z, X, Electric Claw Z, X
  • Soul Guitar X, Godhuman/Superhuman Z, C, CDK X, Z, Soul Guitar Z (This combo must be fast)
  • Mass X (on the ground), Mass V, C, CDK Z, Soul Guitar Z, CDK X
  • Look down + Soul Guitar Z + True Triple Katana X + Awakened Magma V + Awakened Magma Z + Awakened Magma C + Sharkman Karate C + True Triple Katana Z (to get close to your opponent) + Sharkman Karate Z + Awakened Magma Z + Awakened Magma X + Soul Guitar Z + True Triple Katana Z

How to get the Soul Guitar Puzzle & Materials

The Soul Guitar is an extremely coveted item in Blox Fruits, and here we’ll show you how you can obtain it. Acquiring this artifact is a challenge for any player, and requires both skill and dedication.

Complete the Soul Guitar Puzzle: The next step in your quest for the Soul Guitar is to solve the Soul Guitar Puzzle. This is a complex task that requires a full moon in the game.

Gather Materials: Finally, you will need to collect certain essential materials to obtain the Soul Guitar. These include:

  • 5000 shards
  • 500 bones
  • 250 ectoplasm
  • 1 dark shard

Once you have collected all of these materials and completed the Soul Guitar Puzzle during the full moon, you will be able to claim the Soul Guitar for your character.

Remember, obtaining the Soul Guitar is no easy task, but with patience and determination, you will be able to add this powerful item to your inventory in Blox Fruits. Good luck on your quest!

Soul Guitar Blox Fruits Level Requirements

The level requirement for obtaining the Soul Guitar in Blox Fruits is a crucial aspect for players to consider. To embark on the quest for this unique weapon, a player’s character must have reached Level 2300 or higher. This prerequisite underscores the Soul Guitar’s significance and the challenge associated with acquiring it. Players should ensure they have attained this level to engage in the steps necessary to obtain the Soul Guitar, including solving the intricate Soul Guitar Puzzle and gathering essential materials like shards, bones, ectoplasm, and a dark shard. This level requirement is a testament to the Soul Guitar’s value and the dedication needed to wield this powerful and mystical weapon in the game.

Characteristics of the Soul Guitar

The Soul Guitar, unlike other weapons in Blox Fruits, defies the traditional standards of what a “weapon” can be. It’s not a sword, it’s not a firearm, it’s not a tool of physical destruction. It’s a musical instrument. But don’t be fooled by its unusual appearance. It’s a weapon that harnesses the power of the dead and launches musical notes charged with devastating power.
You might wonder how a musical instrument can be a formidable weapon in the world of Blox Fruits. The answer lies in its mystical design and unique focus on music as a means of attack. By playing its strings, the user of the Soul Guitar sends deadly vibrations in the form of musical notes, which upon impact on enemies, deal severe damage. Each note, a blow; each chord, devastation. Thus, rivals of those who wield the Soul Guitar find themselves in a deadly dance to the rhythm of its powerful melody.

Although information available about the Soul Guitar remains somewhat limited, it’s clear that this mythical weapon has changed how players approach combat in Blox Fruits. Those who have had the fortune to obtain and use this weapon in the game have shared testimonies of its ability to turn the tide of a battle and its skill to surprise unsuspecting adversaries.

In fact, the impact of the Soul Guitar on Blox Fruits has been so profound that it has inspired players to experiment with new strategies and combat styles. It’s not just about how to efficiently use it in battle but also how to integrate it into a wide variety of tactics and attack combinations.

As a mythical weapon, the Soul Guitar also poses intriguing questions about what else awaits in Blox Fruits. If a weapon like this can cause such a stir, what other mythical weapons might be waiting on the horizon?

In summary, the Soul Guitar is not only an exciting addition to the range of weapons available in Blox Fruits but also a testament to the imagination and innovation that define this popular game. With its unique power and revolutionary approach to combat, the Soul Guitar is a vibrant reminder of the infinite possibilities that await players in the world of Blox Fruits. Whether you’re exploring new tactics or simply enjoying its melody in battle, the Soul Guitar is a gameplay piece not to be underestimated.