Blox Fruits Guns Tier List

Eager to ascend the ranks and become the most formidable pirate in Blox Fruits? Your choice of weaponry is paramount, and that’s where our Ultimate Blox Fruits Guns Tier List comes into play.

Guns Tier List Update 23

This detailed guide promises to arm you with the knowledge to select the best guns, ensuring your dominance in PVP clashes and streamlining your farming endeavors. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to informed decisions as we delve into the meta-defining firearms of Blox Fruits!

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Ranged Weapons Tier List

S-Tier Guns

  • Acidum Rifle: At the zenith of our Guns Tier List, the Acidum Rifle dominates with its catastrophic damage and stellar combo potential. Essential for PVP and farming, it’s the weapon that redefines one-shot capabilities, anchoring its position as a vital asset in any formidable pirate’s collection.
  • Kombucha: A tactical marvel, the Kombucha’s place in the S-Tier of our Blox Fruits Guns Tier List is undisputed. Its stunning abilities and potent combos give combatants the upper hand, making it indispensable for PVP aficionados seeking to command the high seas.
  • Soul Guitar: Harmonizing deadly force with extensive range, the Soul Guitar resonates through our Guns Tier List as a beacon of destruction. Wielding this gun is like conducting an orchestra of chaos, a perfect match for pirates who orchestrate their battles with precision and flair.
  • Serpent Bow: More than just a weapon, the Serpent Bow is a statement of intent, boasting poison damage and rapid-fire action. It’s a fearsome addition to any pirate’s A-Tier weaponry, as highlighted in our Guns Tier List.

What elevates a gun to the S-Tier status on our Blox Fruits Guns Tier List? It’s a blend of unmatched power, adaptability, and game-changing abilities that provide a competitive edge in any skirmish. These are the weapons that deal colossal damage and come with game-altering abilities, designed for players who aim for nothing less than legendary.

A-Tier Guns

  • Bazooka: The Bazooka’s raw force secures its position in the A-Tier of our Guns Tier List, capable of decimating foes in nearly a single shot. Though it may trail behind the S-Tier in firing rate, it compensates with sheer power, making it a formidable choice for pirates climbing the ranks.
  • Bizarre Rifle: With its exceptional DPS and auto-targeting feature, the Bizarre Rifle is a jewel in the A-Tier of our Guns Tier List. It’s the go-to weapon for snipers who prioritize precision and formidable firepower in their arsenal.
  • Refined Slingshot: For those who enjoy a bit of mischief, the Refined Slingshot serves as a playful option, albeit landing in the C-Tier of our Guns Tier List due to its limited combat efficacy.

B-Tier Guns

  • Refined Flintlock: Enhancing the classic Flintlock, this version steps up with increased damage and a stun ability, securing a well-deserved spot in the B-Tier of our comprehensive Guns Tier List.
  • Little Cannon: While it may not turn the tide in high-tier battles, the Little Cannon has garnered a following for its whimsical design, making it a noteworthy mention in the C-Tier of our Blox Fruits Guns Tier List.

C-Tier Guns

  • Musket: The Musket, with its stunning tornado ability, is a solid B-Tier choice on our Guns Tier List for those looking to introduce an element of surprise into their combat strategy.
  • Slingshot: Occupying the lower rungs of our Guns Tier List, the Slingshot is deemed less than ideal for serious combat, recommended only for collectors or as a novelty.

Best Guns in First Sea: Tier List

The best Gun available for the first Sea in Blox Fruits is:

  • Slingshot

Best Guns in Second Sea: Tier List

The best Gun available for the Second Sea in Blox Fruits is:

  • Bazooka

Best Guns in Third Sea: Tier List

The best Gun available for the third Sea in Blox Fruits is:

  • Soul Guitar