Instinct in Blox Fruits

Embark on a journey of mastering Instinct in the world of Blox Fruits, a realm where quick reflexes and sharp awareness shape the tides of battle. Instinct is not just an ability; it’s a vital survival tool that grants players unparalleled advantages. From dodging attacks to seeing enemies through barriers, Instinct elevates your combat experience. This comprehensive guide unlocks the secrets of Instinct, guiding you through obtaining, training, and maximizing this essential ability.

Instinct_blox fruits

What Does Instinct Do in Blox Fruits?

Instinct in Blox Fruits offers a multitude of advantages that can significantly alter the course of a battle. When active, it allows players to:

  • Dodge Incoming Attacks: Instinct provides the ability to evade enemy strikes, enhancing survivability.
  • See Enemies Through Obstacles: It enables players to detect opponents through solid surfaces, giving a strategic edge.
  • Health and Energy Detection: Instinct also allows players to see the health and energy levels of their enemies, aiding in tactical decision-making.

How Do I Get Instinct V1?

Acquiring Instinct V1 in Blox Fruits involves a series of steps:

  1. Reach Level 300: Ensure your character is at least at this level.
  2. Defeat the Saber Expert: Successfully overcome this challenge.
  3. Gather 750,000 Beli: This amount is required to purchase Instinct.
  4. Locate the Instinct Teacher: Found in the Upper Skylands, the teacher resides atop a large temple-like structure near the Thunder God Boss.

How Do You Unlock V2 Instinct?

Unlocking V2 Instinct, an advanced version of the ability, requires fulfilling specific criteria:

  1. Achieve Level 1,800 or Above: This level is a prerequisite for accessing V2 Instinct.
  2. Max Out Instinct V1: Reach 5000 EXP in V1 and acquire the “Ultra Instinct” title.
  3. Complete the Hungry Man Quest: This quest is essential for unlocking V2 Instinct.
  4. Collect 5,000,000 Beli and the Musketeer Hat: These are necessary for the upgrade process.

Where is the Instinct Teacher in Blox Fruits?

The Instinct Teacher, pivotal to learning Instinct, is located in the Upper Skylands within Blox Fruits. Specifically, you can find the teacher at the top of a significant temple-like structure, positioned near the Thunder God Boss area. This location serves as the starting point for players aiming to harness the power of Instinct.

How to Train Instinct in Blox Fruits

Training Instinct involves a systematic approach:

  • Engage in Dodging: Each successful dodge in combat grants one EXP point towards Instinct.
  • Progress Through Levels: There are seven levels of Instinct, each with its own EXP requirement.
  • Optimal Training Locations: Shanda and early enemies like Monkeys are recommended for effective training.

Instinct Level Progression Table:

Level EXP Required Charges
1 0 2
2 50 3
3 330 4
4 815 5
5 1417 6
6 2121 7
7 (MAX) 2824 ~ 5000 8

How to Use Instinct in Blox Fruits

Utilizing Instinct effectively in Blox Fruits involves strategic timing and situational awareness:

  • Activate Instinct: Press [E] or [K] (Left-D-Pad on controller) to activate Instinct.
  • Anticipate Attacks: Use Instinct to foresee and dodge incoming attacks.
  • Scan the Environment: Detect enemies and assess their health and energy for tactical planning.
  • Instinct-Tricking: Master the art of using Instinct to avoid damage and counterattack.

This guide provides Blox Fruits players with the knowledge and strategies needed to fully leverage the Instinct ability. From understanding its functionalities to practical tips on training and usage, this guide ensures players are well-equipped to enhance their gaming experience with Instinct.