Bones in Blox Fruit

Welcome to another thrilling journey through the world of Blox Fruits, where adventure and mystery await at every step. Today, we will dive into the fascinating topic of “Bones“, a rare material that acts as a valuable currency and a vital component in crafting and enhancing powerful artifacts. So, are you ready to uncover the secrets of Bones in Blox Fruits?


How to Obtain Bones

Name Location
Reborn Skeleton Haunted Castle, Third Sea.
Living Zombie Haunted Castle
Demonic Soul Haunted Castle
Possessed Mummy Haunted Castle
Soul Reaper Haunted Castle



  • Hallow Scythe Scrap Metal 25 Bones 800 DemonicWisp 8

Bones are of paramount importance in Blox Fruits. These rare materials, though they may seem mundane at first glance, hold impressive versatility and value. Bones can be obtained by defeating enemies such as the Reborn Skeleton, Living Zombie, Demonic Soul, Possessed Mummy, and Soul Reaper, representing not only a material reward but also a symbol of victory over these challenging foes.
In a surprising twist, Bones act as a currency when interacting with the Death King. By delivering 50 Bones, players can opt for the Random Surprise, a unique feature of the game that offers mysterious rewards and surprises, turning each set of collected Bones into an exciting chance to acquire additional and rare resources.

Bones also play a vital role in crafting and enhancing artifacts. They are necessary for crafting the Soul Guitar, a powerful instrument that grants significant advantages in battle. Additionally, if you possess the eerie Hallow Scythe, Bones are the material you’ll need to power up and enhance this weapon.

Aside from battles, there are other methods to obtain Bones. For example, you can obtain 20 Bones with a 50% chance by trying your luck at the Gravestone, an interesting feature that adds an element of uncertainty and excitement to the process of acquiring this valuable resource.

In conclusion, Bones in Blox Fruits are much more than mere in-game items. They are testaments to your victories, currency to trade with supernatural entities, and essential to crafting and enhancing artifacts. They are a resource with a value that transcends their common appearance, and a vital component of your journey through this adventure-filled world. So, whether you’re defeating spooky enemies or trying your luck at the Gravestone, always remember the value of each Bone you collect. Happy Bone hunting!