Dragon Scale in Blox Fruit

In the vast and thrilling arena of Blox Fruits, materials play a crucial role in players’ progression and success. At the heart of these vital elements lies the Dragon Scale, a rare material that is coveted for its value and diverse applications.


How to Obtain Dragon Scale

Name Location
Dragon Crew Warrior Hydra
Dragon Crew Archer Hydra



  • Canvander DragonScale 6 Leather 20
  • Dark Blade DarkFragment 1 DragonScale 15 Magma Ore 10
  • Dark Dagger DarkFragment 1 DragonScale 8 Scrap Metal 10
  • Dragon Trident DragonScale 10 Leather 10
  • True Triple Katana DragonScale 5 MysticDroplet 20 Leather 50


  • Kabucha DragonScale 15 VampireFang 3 Leather 50
  • Soul Guitar DarkFragment 1 DragonScale 15 Magma Ore 10
  • Bazooka DarkFragment 1 DragonScale 15 Magma Ore 10

The Dragon Scale is a rare material that can be obtained by defeating the members of the Dragon Crew, specifically the Dragon Crew Warrior and the Dragon Crew Archer. These adversaries, known for their fierceness and skill, present a significant challenge for players. The fact that the Dragon Scale is obtained only through these battles underscores its value and the level of skill required to acquire it.
The uniqueness of the Dragon Scale lies not only in its rarity but also in the symbolism it brings to the game. In many cultures and mythologies, dragon scales are seen as a symbol of protection, strength, and power. In Blox Fruits, obtaining a Dragon Scale is a testament to the player’s courage and skill, representing a victory over the powerful and formidable adversaries that are the Dragon Crew Warrior and the Dragon Crew Archer.

The path to obtaining a Dragon Scale is not easy. It demands cunning tactics, quick decision-making, and above all, patience. The battle against the members of the Dragon Crew is intense and thrilling, and each victory feels like a significant accomplishment. But the joy of obtaining a Dragon Scale at the end of this arduous battle makes all the effort worthwhile.

In the game of Blox Fruits, the Dragon Scale serves as a milestone, marking a player’s ability to overcome arduous challenges and defeat strong opponents. But beyond that, it also plays a crucial role in the game’s progression, as it can be used in a range of important applications. While the information about these specific applications may vary and change as the game is updated and expanded, the central importance of the Dragon Scale remains constant.

In summary, the Dragon Scale is an essential element in the rich and diverse gaming experience that Blox Fruits offers. It not only represents a challenge and an achievement for players but also symbolizes the perseverance and determination required to triumph in the game. The next time you face the Dragon Crew Warrior or the Dragon Crew Archer, remember the value of the Dragon Scale. Your journey may be challenging, but the reward is undoubtedly worth the effort. Good luck, and may your adventures in Blox Fruits be filled with thrills and successes!