Vampire Fang in Blox Fruit

The universe of Blox Fruits is vast and filled with challenges, adventures, and a plethora of materials to collect. Among these materials, some stand out for their rarity, usefulness, and the excitement of obtaining them. Today, we will delve into the mysterious and thrilling world of one such element: the “Vampire Fang“.



  • Jitte VampireFang 10 Scrap Metal 15
  • Koko VampireFang 10 Scrap Metal 15
  • Rengoku VampireFang 8 Magma Ore 20 Scrap Metal 15


  • Acidum Rifle VampireFang 8 Leather 10
  • Kabucha DragonScale 15 VampireFang 3 Leather 50
  • Serpent Bow Meteorite 1 VampireFang 10 Scrap Metal 10

This rare material takes its name from the legendary creature it comes from: the vampire. Known for its enigmatic nature and its link to creatures of the night, the Vampire Fang adds a touch of mystery and excitement to the game, elevating the experience of every player.
In Blox Fruits, the Vampire Fang is obtained by defeating vampires, mythical creatures that have captivated humanity for centuries with their stories of immortality and supernatural power. This encounter is not only an exciting challenge but also an opportunity to obtain a highly sought-after material.

Vampires, formidable enemies with unique abilities, are worthy adversaries. Their defeat is rewarded with the coveted Vampire Fang, a symbol of victory and the player’s ability to overcome challenges in the game. This material, in addition to its intrinsic value, represents perseverance, courage, and the player’s skill to face and defeat challenging enemies.

The Vampire Fang, apart from being a trophy of victory, has intriguing uses within the game. While the specific details of these uses are explored as the player progresses, the prospect of discovering and unlocking its potential is thrilling. Like all elements in Blox Fruits, the Vampire Fang adds an extra layer of depth and excitement to the game, keeping players engaged and eager to discover more.

In conclusion, the Vampire Fang is a fascinating and coveted resource in Blox Fruits. With its enigmatic origin, potential uses, and the excitement of obtaining it, this material stands out as one of the many gems players can find on their journey through the game. The quest for the Vampire Fang is not just a treasure hunt but also an adventure filled with challenges and rewards. So, the next time you face a vampire in Blox Fruits, remember that the reward is much more than just victory. Good luck on your adventure, and may your quest for the Vampire Fang be thrilling and rewarding!