Shark Race in Blox Fruits

The diversity and uniqueness are two key elements that make Blox Fruits such a fascinating and immersive game. Among the various races available to players, the Shark race stands out for its speed and its unique evolutionary titles. If you’re interested in learning more about this intriguing race, this article is for you.

Shark Race

The Shark race is one of the four initial races with which players can appear when joining the game for the first time. This race is obtained with a probability of 12.5%, a lower percentage compared to other races like Human, giving it a certain level of rarity and appeal. One of the distinctive traits of the Shark race in Blox Fruits is its speed in the water. Unlike other races, the Shark race moves at high speed underwater, a unique advantage in this predominantly aquatic game. In stage V1, swimming speed is faster than the Dinghy but slower than the Sloop. However, upon reaching stage V2, swimming speed increases, being slightly faster than the Brigade. This improvement in speed allows players to move more quickly and efficiently in the game.

How to Get the Shark Race in Blox Fruits?

The player has a 25% chance of obtaining this race when changing their race, which can be done in three different ways:

  • Purchasing a Race Change from Tort | 3,000
  • Purchasing a Race Change from the Shop | 90
  • Purchasing a Race Change from certain Event NPCs | Event Shop or Death King
Stage Method
V2 By completing the Alchemist’s Quest. To take this quest, the player must have completed the Coliseum Quest.
V3 By completing Arowe’s Quest, which varies depending on the race. The V3 quest for Sharks is to defeat a naturally-spawning Sea Beast. Be sure to take the quest every time you join the game, as it will reset if you rejoin.
V4 By completing the Time Temple puzzle and then doing the Water Trial. Full steps can be found on the Race Awakening page.

Shark Race Showcase & Combo

Is Shark a good race in Blox fruits?

In Blox Fruits, the Shark race is renowned for its unique advantages, particularly its swift underwater movement. This enhanced aquatic mobility is a standout feature, especially in a game where water plays a significant role. The Shark race’s evolutionary stages, from V1 to V4, progressively boost its capabilities. These stages not only improve the player’s resistance to damage and speed in water but also introduce unique abilities like ‘Water Body’ in V3. Overall, the Shark race is an excellent choice for players seeking a distinctive experience with strategic benefits in water-based gameplay.

V1, V2, and V3 of the Shark Race in Blox Fruits

Below are all the **abilities, changes, and improvements of the different versions** of the Shark race in Blox Fruits:

Stage Buffs Visual Changes Image
Version 1 Reduces the damage the player receives while in the water as a Blox Fruit user, as well as increases their speed while in the water. Gives the player a blue shark fin on their back. No image
Version 2 Increases the player’s speed while in the water and completely removes the damage received from water as a Blox Fruit user. No visual changes. No image
Version 3 Unlocks an ability called Water Body. While activated:

  • Reduces the damage received from players and NPCs by 80%.

Lasts for 6.5 seconds and has a 30-second cooldown.

Gives the player two additional fins on both arms. Collision issues may occur. No image

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Shark Race in Blox Fruits

Below are all the **advantages and disadvantages of the different versions** of the Shark race in Blox Fruits:




  • Immunity to water (Not in V1. You don’t have immunity to water but drastically reduce damage). Replaces a boat.
  • V3 ability is good for resisting attacks or combos, virtually nullifying a combo.
  • Allows the player to use Dough’s non-awakened F move on the water (almost useless for Dough’s awakened F move as it can go over the water).
  • Sea Beast hunting becomes relatively easy if you don’t have fruits that make you walk on water.
  • The damage reduction can be incredible (V3 + Buddha V2 + Water Body).
  • Ice V1/V2, Magma V2, and Human: Buddha V2 (Awakened Dough can roll on/in the water) grants walking on water, making this race’s passive abilities useless.
  • Does not give you a speed boost, meaning you’ll have a pretty slow speed and die more easily without Water Body ability (unless you have high Melee/Fruit/Sword mobility or accessories that increase your speed).
  • If you have a lot of energy and/or a mobility ability, crossing oceans can be faster with aerial dash + using mobility ability than swimming.

What Does Race V4 Shark Do? Combat

Reaching V4 in the Shark race within “Blox Fruits” marks a significant evolution. At this stage, players earn the prestigious title of “Leviathan,” symbolizing their mastery and prowess. Although specific details about the abilities granted at this stage are more enigmatic, achieving V4 status is a clear indication of a player’s skill and dedication. The title of “Leviathan” is a badge of honor in the game’s community, reflecting a player’s journey and mastery in evolving their Shark race character to its fullest potential.

How to Get Shark Race Blox Fruits?

Obtaining the Shark race in “Blox Fruits” can be achieved in a few ways. Players have a 12.5% chance of being this race when starting the game. For changing to the Shark race, there are three primary methods: purchasing a Race Change from Tort for 3,000, from the Shop for 90, or from certain Event NPCs like the Event Shop or Death King. The probability of acquiring the Shark race through these methods stands at 25%. This process allows players to explore different gameplay experiences, including the unique abilities and advantages that come with the Shark race.

What Race is Better Human or the Shark?

Choosing between the Human and Shark races in “Blox Fruits” depends on a player’s play style and preferences. The Human race offers a more balanced and versatile experience, suitable for various situations. In contrast, the Shark race excels in aquatic environments, providing significant advantages in water, like increased speed and damage reduction. While the Shark race may have limitations on land, its strengths in water can be a game-changer for players who prefer naval combat or exploring aquatic territories. Ultimately, the best race is one that aligns with the player’s strategy and gameplay approach.

Shark Race Guide in Blox Fruits

Evolution is an essential feature of the Shark race, with unique titles assigned at each stage of evolution. Upon evolving to V2, players obtain the title of “Marine Monster.” This title is an indication that the player has grown in strength and abilities, acquiring the power and fierceness of a sea monster.
Advancing to V3, players obtain the title of “Sea Warrior.” This title indicates that the player has reached a point of great skill and prowess and is ready to face even greater challenges in the game.

In summary, the Shark race in Blox Fruits offers a unique gameplay experience, with its superior swimming speed and exciting path of evolution. Whether you are a new player or a veteran looking for a new challenge, the Shark race in Blox Fruits is an exciting and rewarding choice. Dive into the world of Blox Fruits as a Shark, and experience the thrill of swimming at breakneck speeds and evolving into a Leviathan of the seas.