Scrolls in Blox Fruits

Embark on an epic journey in Blox Fruits as we unveil the secrets of Scrolls your key to mastering this dynamic world. Are you ready to transform your gameplay and enhance your weapons like never before? In this guide, we dive deep into the art of Scroll crafting, led by the mysterious Dragon Talon Sage. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a curious newcomer, our insights will equip you with the knowledge to unlock the full potential of Scrolls. Get set to elevate your Blox Fruits adventure with strategies and tips that will set you apart from the rest!

What does scrolls do in Blox fruits?

In Blox Fruits, Scrolls are used to enchant weapons, enhancing their capabilities. Each Scroll type adds a specific number of enchantment levels to a weapon, improving its performance in various ways. The enchantments can range from basic improvements with the Common Scrolls to more significant enhancements with higher-tier Scrolls like Mythical Scrolls. Some Scrolls, like the Legendary and Mythical ones, even offer chances for unique blessings or powerful curses, adding special abilities or buffs to the weapons. Scrolls are essential for players looking to upgrade their weapons and gain an edge in the game.

Types of Scrolls: From Common to Mythical

Each Scroll type offers different enchantment levels to bolster your arsenal:

Common Scrolls: Fundamentals of Enchantment

Common Scrolls are essential for beginners in Blox Fruits, offering 3 levels of enchantment. Crafted using 3 Fool’s Gold and 2 Shark Teeth, they are the first step in weapon enhancement with a max capacity of 50, setting the foundation for future upgrades.

Scrolls Blox Fruits

Rare Scrolls: Enhanced Weaponry

After crafting 10 Common Scrolls, Rare Scrolls become available, providing 5 enchantment levels. These Scrolls require 2 Electric Wings, 5 Fool’s Gold, and 4 Shark Teeth for crafting. With a maximum capacity of 30, they offer a noticeable improvement in weapon performance.

Rare_blox fruits

Legendary Scrolls: Superior Enhancements

Legendary Scrolls are accessible after creating 10 Rare Scrolls. Granting 7 enchantment levels, they are crafted with 5 Leviathan Scales, 3 Electric Wings, 1 Mutant Tooth, and 7 Fool’s Gold. With a cap of 20, they not only enhance weapons but also offer a chance for unique blessings.

LegendaryS_blox fruits

Mythical Scrolls: The Apex of Enchantment

Unlocked by crafting 10 Legendary Scrolls, Mythical Scrolls provide the highest level of enchantment with 9 levels. They require an intricate mix of materials: 1 Leviathan Heart, 15 Leviathan Scales, 1 Terror Eyes, and 20 Fool’s Gold. These Scrolls have a max capacity of 10 and can bestow powerful curses.

Mythical_blox fruits

Blessed Scrolls: The Unattainable Blessing

Blessed Scrolls are currently unobtainable in Blox Fruits but are known for their ability to guarantee a powerful blessing when applied. Their rarity and potential effects make them a topic of much curiosity and speculation among players.

BlessedScroll_blox fruits

Cursed Scrolls: The Ultimate Risk and Reward

Similar to Blessed Scrolls, Cursed Scrolls are also unobtainable at present. However, they are unique in their guarantee of imposing a curse, which can significantly alter gameplay. The risk and reward associated with these Scrolls add an intriguing element to the game’s dynamics.

CursedScroll_blox fruits

How to craft scrolls blox fruits?

  1. Gather Materials: Firstly, you need to collect the necessary materials for the type of Scroll you wish to craft. These materials vary depending on the Scroll and are typically obtained through in-game activities such as completing quests, participating in special events, or defeating enemies.
  2. Visit the Dragon Talon Sage: With your materials ready, head to the Dragon Talon Sage. This NPC is located at the top of the left tower in Tiki Outpost.
  3. Crafting Process: Once you’re at the Dragon Talon Sage’s location, interact with him to start the crafting process. Here, you’ll select the materials you’ve collected and submit them to create the desired Scroll.
  4. Receive the Scroll: After submitting the materials, the Dragon Talon Sage will craft the Scroll for you. Once the crafting process is complete, you’ll receive the Scroll, ready to be used for enchanting your weapons.

How do you get the scrolls in Blox fruit?

  • Gather Required Materials: Each type of Scroll requires a unique set of materials for crafting. These materials can be obtained through gameplay, such as defeating enemies, completing quests, and participating in special events.
  • Visit the Dragon Talon Sage: Once you have collected the necessary materials, you need to visit the Dragon Talon Sage, who is crucial for crafting Scrolls. This NPC is located at the top of the left tower in Tiki Outpost.
  • Crafting Scrolls: Interact with the Dragon Talon Sage and provide him with the collected materials. He will then craft the Scrolls for you. The type of Scroll you can craft depends on the materials you have gathered.
  • Upgrading Scrolls: To access higher-tier Scrolls like Rare, Legendary, or Mythical, you often need to craft a certain number of lower-tier Scrolls. For instance, crafting a certain number of Common Scrolls may unlock the ability to craft Rare Scrolls, and so on.
  • Special Scrolls: Some Scrolls, such as the Blessed and Cursed Scrolls, are currently considered unobtainable through regular gameplay and crafting. Their availability might be subject to special events or future game updates.

We hope this guide has illuminated the path to mastering Scrolls in Blox Fruits and sparked a deeper interest in this captivating aspect of the game. Continue your adventure, embrace the challenges, and may your journey be as rewarding as it is thrilling. Happy gaming!