Cursed Ship in the Second Sea of Blox Fruits

If you are an adventurer of level 1000 or higher in Blox Fruits, prepare your adventurous spirit and board the Cursed Ship, a ship loaded with challenges and mysterious rewards.

Cursed Ship

Where is the Cursed Ship in Blox Fruits?

The Cursed Ship in Blox Fruits is located next to the Cemetery in the game. It’s a mysterious and challenging area accessible via a black door on the ship. Once players step through this door, they are teleported inside to face a series of challenges. The Cursed Ship stands out as a unique location, rich in mysteries and hidden rewards, attracting players who seek to explore and conquer its secrets.

What level do you leave Cursed Ship in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave the Cursed Ship when they reach levels between 1250 and 1325. This level range is suitable for the challenges offered on the ship, including battles against Ship Deckhands, Engineers, Stewards, and Officers. The presence of Ectoplasm as a reward and the Cursed Captain as a raid boss further indicates that the Cursed Ship is tailored for players within this level bracket. The ship provides a variety of missions and rewards that are crucial for players’ advancement and development in Blox Fruits.

Missions in the Cursed Ship

Below you can see all the information about the different missions in the Cursed Ship:

Enemy Required Level Description Rewards Image
Ship Deckhand 1250 Defeat 8 Ship Deckhand MoneyIcon $12,250 and 33,000,000 Exp. Ship Deckhand
Ship Engineer 1275 Defeat 8 Ship Engineer MoneyIcon $12,500 and 35,500,000 Exp. Ship Engineer
Ship Steward 1300 Defeat 8 Ship Steward MoneyIcon $12,250 and 37,500,000 Exp. Ship Steward
Ship Officer 1325 Defeat 8 Ship Officer MoneyIcon $12,500 and 39,500,000 Exp. Ship Officer

Ectoplasm: The Precious Loot of the Cursed Ship

Inside the Cursed Ship, each defeated enemy offers the opportunity to obtain Ectoplasm. This ghostly material can be exchanged for a variety of valuable items, such as the Midnight Blade, the Bizarre Rifle, or the Ghoul Mask. It is also essential to become a Ghoul, a transformation that requires 100 Ectoplasm and the Hellfire Torch.

The Cursed Captain: A Nocturnal Challenge

In addition to the common enemies, the Cursed Ship also houses the Cursed Captain, a raid boss that has a one-third chance of appearing every night. If you manage to defeat him, you will receive 10 Ectoplasm and have a chance to obtain the coveted blue and red spiked coats, as well as the Hellfire Torch.

The Secrets and Tricks of the Cursed Ship

The Cursed Ship is full of secrets and tricks that can help you thrive. For example, you can reach the ship without reaching level 1000 by using the C move of the Portal. Additionally, you can obtain Ectoplasm from enemies even if you haven’t reached the required level, although the Cursed Captain won’t drop the Hellfire Torch.

The Eerie Atmosphere of the Cursed Ship

The Cursed Ship possesses a mysterious and tense atmosphere, highlighted by the ship’s thematic music, “Uneasy Decision.” Whether you are exploring the dark holds of the ship or fighting fearsome enemies, this evocative music will always remind you that you are in a place loaded with mystery and adventure.
In summary, the Cursed Ship in Blox Fruits offers a unique experience, full of challenging and exciting rewards. Whether you’re a Blox Fruits veteran looking for new challenges or a level 1000 player ready to face the unknown, the Cursed Ship has something for you.