Forgotten Island in the Second Sea by Blox Fruits

Sailing through the vast and challenging sea of Blox Fruits, we find a destination that attracts the bravest and most experienced adventurers: the Forgotten Island.

Forgotten Island

Where is the Forgotten Island in Blox Fruits?

The Forgotten Island in Blox Fruits is a captivating and challenging destination located between Snow Mountain and Hot and Cold in the Second Sea. Added in update 14, it stands as a hidden gem for players who have reached level 1425 or higher. Characterized by its vast territory, including a cliff with houses, a beach, and a giant skull framing a Quest Giver, the Forgotten Island is the last island in the Second Sea and is known for its variety of missions and the presence of formidable enemies like the Sea Soldiers, Water Fighters, and the Tide Keeper boss.

What level do you leave Forgotten Island in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave the Forgotten Island when they reach levels around 1425 to 1475. This level range is suitable for the challenges present on the island, such as defeating the Sea Soldiers, Water Fighters, and the Tide Keeper. The opportunity to acquire unique abilities and items like the Dragon Trident and Sharkman Karate further indicates that the Forgotten Island caters to advanced players. It serves as a critical progression point, preparing them for the Third Sea and more complex challenges in Blox Fruits.

Missions and Enemies in Forgotten Island

Below, we show you all the missions and enemies you’ll find on the Forgotten Island:

Name Required Level Description Reward Ability Image
Sea Soldiers 1425 (Elemental at level 1473) Defeat 8 Sea Soldiers $12,250 and 47,000,000 EXP. Water Kung Fu Z Sea Soldier
Water Fighters* 1450 (Elemental effects do not work) Defeat 8 Water Fighters $12,500 and 49,000,000 EXP. Water Kung Fu X Water Fighter
Tide Keeper 1475 (Elemental effects do not apply, as the NPC is a boss) Defeat the Tide Keeper $12,500 and 51,000,000 EXP. Dragon Trident Z, X tide keeper

The Island and its Secrets: A Challenge for the Experienced Player

The Forgotten Island is considerably large, consisting of a vast main territory on a cliff with houses, a decent-sized beach, and a giant skull that serves as a frame for a Quest Giver and Set Spawn MISC. On a small island behind the main cliff is where the Tide Keeper boss appears.

The Battle with the Tide Keeper Boss: A Definitive Test

The Tide Keeper boss appears at the back of the island and carries the coveted Dragon Trident. With a 10% chance, players can obtain it after defeating him. Additionally, this boss can summon a fake Sea Beast, weaker than the usual Sea Beasts, but it can be an additional challenge during the battle.

How to Acquire Sharkman Karate on the Forgotten Island

On this island, players have the opportunity to buy Sharkman Karate by speaking with Daigrock the Sharkman. However, to do this, they will need a Water Key, at least 400 mastery in Water Kung Fu, FragmentIcon 5000, and MoneyIcon 2,500,000. The Water Key can be obtained by defeating the Tide Keeper, as long as at least 10% of damage was dealt to him.

Useful Tips for Navigating the Forgotten Island

It is recommended to focus on the Sea Soldiers as Water Fighters have an Aura, which can be an extra challenge if you don’t use elemental-type Blox Fruits. Using 2x XP codes on this island can help you reach the Third Sea faster.
In summary, the Forgotten Island in Blox Fruits offers an experience full of challenges and rewards for the most advanced players. Whether you’re looking for powerful weapons, unique combat abilities, or simply enjoy the beauty and mystery of this forgotten island, this destination has something for every adventurer.