Graveyard at the Second Sea of Blox Fruits

Welcome to a chilling journey through the eerie and mysterious Graveyard in Blox Fruits. This article will serve as a comprehensive guide to exploring this unique setting that, despite its small size, houses a wide range of NPCs and Easter eggs.


Where is the Graveyard in Blox Fruits?

The Graveyard in Blox Fruits is a somber and mysterious island located in the Second Sea. Known for its eerie atmosphere and thorny landscape, this island is surrounded by the sea and is characterized by spikes protruding from the ground. The central spire surrounded by graves, zombies, and a large cave housing vampires, adds to the Graveyard’s chilling and enigmatic aura.

What level do you leave Graveyard in Blox Fruits?

Players typically leave the Graveyard when they reach levels between 950 and 1000. This level range is suitable for the challenges and enemies on the island, including defeating zombies and vampires. The Graveyard serves as a significant milestone for players in the Second Sea, preparing them for subsequent challenges such as the Cursed Ship, which is designed for players between levels 1250-1350 but requires a minimum level of 1000 to enter.

Diversity of NPCs in Graveyard

As you enter from the docks, you will encounter a large spire in the center of the island surrounded by graves and Zombies. As you venture around the island, you’ll find a large cave with an open front that houses Vampires. Passive NPCs include the Crew Captain, who can increase your maximum crew size for a fee of 2000 Fragments per slot, and rip_indra, who can unlock the Slayer skin for the Dark Blade.

Enemy Minimum Level Information Rewards Images
Zombie 950 Defeat 8 Zombies $11,750 and 19,000,000 Exp. Zombie
Vampire 975 Defeat 8 Vampires $12,000 and 20,500,000 Exp. Vampire

The Cursed Ship: A Nearby Challenge

Near the island, you’ll find the Cursed Ship, an area designed for players between levels 1250-1350. However, you won’t be able to enter unless you are at least level 1000. This provides you with a long-term goal and a challenge to strive for.

Spawn Points and Valuable Items in Graveyard

The Graveyard also contains a spawn point for the Legendary Sword Dealer, who appears on the tall spire in the center. Additionally, there are two potential spawn points for the Blue Flower. These elements and characters are essential for progressing in the game and obtaining powerful items and upgrades.

Curious Facts about the Graveyard

The theme of the Graveyard is Deep Mist, contributing to its dark and mysterious atmosphere. Two named graves can be found here, belonging to Wenlocktoad and fudd10. The Graveyard is also known for being the smallest island in the Second Sea, but despite its size, it is filled with surprises and challenges.
In conclusion, the Graveyard in Blox Fruits is a small yet thrilling island, brimming with challenges and rewards for players. Though it may seem intimidating at first glance, its mysterious atmosphere and diverse content make it a must-visit for any adventurous player. With this guide in hand, you are ready to face the challenges that await you in the Graveyard. Good luck!