Kingdom of Rose in the Second Sea of Blox Fruits

Welcome, enthusiastic players, to our detailed article about one of the most intriguing and vast places within the Blox Fruits universe: the Kingdom of Rose. This article is intended to provide you with a complete guide to the Kingdom of Rose in Blox Fruits, an island full of challenges, missions, and rewards situated in the heart of the Second Sea.

Kingdom of Rose

Introduction to Kingdom of Rose in Blox Fruits: A World Full of Adventures

The Kingdom of Rose is not just another stage in Blox Fruits. This place is the largest in the entire Second Sea, and in fact, in the entire game. With its variety of bosses and non-playable characters (NPCs), this island becomes a must-visit for every player venturing into this universe.

Area 1 in Kingdom of Rose: First Steps and Exciting Challenges

The Kingdom of Rose is divided into two main areas and other specific locations, each with its own characteristics and attractions. Let’s start with the first one: Area 1. Not only is it the entrance to this realm, but it is also home to three bosses and fourteen NPCs. One of these bosses is Diamond, a level 750 enemy that offers the chance to obtain the coveted Longsword. This area also has the Home Point for the docks and the Experienced Captain, essential for returning to the First Sea.

Area 2 of Kingdom of Rose: Facing the Swan Pirates and Unlocking Rewards

Let’s move on to Area 2, the second area of the Kingdom of Rose. Here, players will encounter the Swan Pirates and the Factory Staff, and they will have the opportunity to face Jeremy, a level 850 boss who can drop the Black Spikey Coat and uses the Spring Fruit. This place is ideal for players up to level 900.

The Mansion in Kingdom of Rose: Meeting Trevor and Challenging Don Swan

Inside the Kingdom of Rose, we find the Mansion, where the NPC known as Trevor resides. Here, players have the possibility to fight against the level 1000 boss, Don Swan, and obtain exclusive rewards such as the Swan Ship and access to the V3 upgrade for any race, among others.

The Café in Kingdom of Rose: A Safe Haven and a Door to Hidden Secrets

The Kingdom of Rose also features a safe zone known as the Café, which houses several useful NPCs and allows players to set their respawn point. This place is famous for its secret basement that leads to a chessboard and several experts in different fields.

The Bridge to the Green Zone from Kingdom of Rose: Final Rewards and the Possibility of Reset

Last but not least, we have the bridge that connects the Kingdom of Rose to the Green Zone. In this place, you will find Plokster, who allows players to reset their stats.
The Kingdom of Rose in Blox Fruits is an island full of challenges and rewards that invites all players to explore its secrets. With its wealth of content, this island has become one of the most popular and exciting destinations in the game.

Understanding and mastering the Kingdom of Rose in Blox Fruits can be the key to enhancing your gaming experience and progressing effectively on your journey. With its industrial design and variety of NPCs, bosses, and secrets to uncover, this island undoubtedly deserves a visit.

In conclusion, the Kingdom of Rose in Blox Fruits is a vibrant and exciting place that offers endless opportunities and challenges for players. We hope this article has provided you with the necessary information to thoroughly explore and conquer this realm. Happy exploration in the Kingdom of Rose!