Bisento in Blox Fruits



The Bisento in Blox Fruits is a legendary sword that radiates an aura of destruction. Its intriguing shape is unique among the swords in the game. It has two versions, each with its own characteristics, increasing the size of its hitbox, enhancing the damage, and offering a change in the set of moves.

Name Type Rarity Price Location
Bisento Sword Legendary 1,000,000 $ Sword Dealer

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Bisento Sword

Abilities Key Mastery Showcase Description
Wind Breaker 50 The user unleashes a burst of four wind slashes, similar to Soul Cane’s X ability but larger in size and fewer in number. These slashes repel nearby entities.
Quake Sphere 150 The user launches a translucent sphere that deals damage to all entities within its range.

Moveset of the Bisento Sword V2

Abilities Key Mastery Showcase Description
Wind Breaker 50 The user launches three flying spheres in the direction of their cursor. These spheres travel through the air and can damage entities they come into contact with.
Quake Sphere 150 The user creates a massive airball that repeatedly damages entities within its range. Over time, the airball expands and explodes on its final hit, similar to Paw’s V ability.

How to Obtain the Bisento Sword in Blox Fruits

The version 1 of the Bisento can be obtained by purchasing it from the Master Sword Dealer, located on an island in Skylands, for 1,000,000 $. However, to make this purchase, the player must be at least level 250.
To obtain the version 2, the player must have the Bisento in their inventory or hotbar. Afterwards, the user must defeat Greybeard in the Marine Fortress, although not necessarily with the Bisento. Greybeard spawns every 6 hours, or 4 hours if the server is new and he is spawning for the first time. Upon defeating him, a message is received announcing that something strange has happened to your Bisento.

Upgrading the Bisento Sword in Blox Fruits

Like many other weapons in Blox Fruits, the Bisento can be upgraded. To do so, players must speak to the Blacksmith. The upgrade increases the sword’s combat capability, giving players an edge against stronger adversaries.

Grade Materials Effects
1 Scrap Metal 15 Angel Wings 12 Magma Ore 10 +25% Damage

Trivia and Additional Facts about the Bisento Sword

Added in the first Blox Fruits update, the Bisento is capable of using one of Quake’s old abilities, the Quake Sphere. Additionally, it received an animation update in the 17.2 update, along with the Dark Blade, Katana, and Cutlass. It stands out as the most expensive sword in the First Sea and the slowest among the legendary swords.

High damage Cannot hit users of Chop
Effective for grinding due to area abilities and multiple targets Lack of stunning moves, making it less suitable for PvP battles
Low mastery requirements Relatively high cost compared to other more affordable swords
Both moves have area damage Ground-based attacks with slower movements
[Z] Wind Breaker: Decent range, ability to repel players Difficult to obtain V2 version before reaching level 700
[X] Quake Sphere: Ability to trap players, decent range Limited combo potential
[X] Quake Sphere V2: Ability to break enemy special abilities [X] Quake Sphere requires the opponent to remain still to inflict maximum damage

Guide to the Bisento Sword: Learning on Your Own

The Bisento V2 does not change in appearance or in the name of the 2 moves, but it does alter how they look. Its M1 attack pattern averages 3086.3 damage, its Z move deals 5008 damage, and its X move reaches 5617. These figures make the Bisento V2 one of the most powerful and coveted weapons in Blox Fruits.