Dark Dagger in Blox Fruits

Dark Dagger

Dark Dagger

Explore the mystery and power surrounding the Dark Dagger in Blox Fruits. As one of the most unique swords in the game, the Dark Dagger offers a new level of versatility to players. Its small size and deceptively powerful appearance make it a coveted item. In this guide, we will unravel all aspects of the Dark Dagger sword in Blox Fruits.

Name Type Rarity Source Drop Chance
Dark Dagger Sword Legendary Rip indra (Raid Boss) 2.5%

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Dark Dagger Sword

Movement Mastery Key Showcase Description
Competent Impale 150 The user assumes a stance before swiftly running forward, generating a green electric discharge upon striking a target. This attack is capable of breaking the opponent’s Instinct.
Shameful Slash 300 The user throws a short, bright, electric green dagger. If the dagger makes contact with a target, the user teleports behind them and delivers a precise strike.

How to Obtain the Dark Dagger Sword in Blox Fruits?

To obtain the Dark Dagger sword in Blox Fruits, you must defeat the raid boss, Rip_Indra. With a 2.5% drop chance, this is a task that will require patience and skill. Nevertheless, the reward is worth it as the Dark Dagger offers a new dynamic to the game with its small size yet impressive power.
The Dark Dagger is a silver sword, as its name suggests, with a yellow handle. Don’t be fooled by its small size; in the hands of a skilled swordsman, this simple dagger is formidable. It bears a thin strap along the edge of its handle, and when equipped, it is worn on the user’s chest, taking on the appearance of a cross. Unlike other swords in the game, the Dark Dagger seems more like an accessory than a weapon when sheathed, adding an element of surprise for your opponents.

Upgrading the Dark Dagger

Once obtained, you can upgrade the Dark Dagger sword by talking to the blacksmith. This upgrading aspect is what truly makes the sword a valuable tool in the game. Upgrades can increase its effectiveness, providing you with an additional advantage in combat.

Rating Materials Effects
1 Dark Fragment, Dragon Scale, Scrap Metal +10% Damage

Combos, Synergies, and Recommended Strategies of the Dark Dagger Sword in Blox Fruits

Excellent combo potential Difficult to obtain
Very low cooldown time (0.2s) Both moves only target a single opponent
Nearly impossible to escape with Instinct Difficult to land
[Z] Competent Impale Especially difficult to reach medium/long-range targets due to its small hit area
[X] Shameful Slash Stuns the target for 1-2 seconds
User can switch to other weapons during the animation Competent Impale has the same issue but at close range
Breaks the opponent’s Instinct Does not break the opponent’s Instinct

Guide to the Dark Dagger Sword: Learning by Yourself

The Dark Dagger has the same click animation as the Dark Blade but in a smaller version. Additionally, despite being a small sword, it does not have a small hitbox on clicks, which can surprise inexperienced players. A notable feature of the Dark Dagger is that, if timed correctly, you can land a melee attack during [Z] Proficient Impale, adding an extra depth to its combat usage.
Added in update 15, the Dark Dagger has quickly become one of the most popular swords in Blox Fruits. Its unique design, combined with its upgrade potential and strategic use in combat, has made it a favorite choice for players. Whether for its elegant appearance or its performance on the battlefield, the Dark Dagger sword in Blox Fruits is a weapon you should not overlook.