Midnight Blade in Blox Fruits

Midnight Blade

Midnight Blade

The Midnight Blade is a legendary sword in the world of Blox Fruits, and for good reason. This double-edged sword carries the powers of the night and the ability to create portals. In this article, we will explore in depth the details and features that make the Midnight Blade a must-have weapon for any Blox Fruits player.

Name Type Rarity Source Cost to Buy
Midnight Blade Sword Legendary Admin 100 Ectoplasm

Abilities, Skills, and Showcase of the Midnight Blade

Abilities Z-Key: Portal Opening X-Key: Crescent Dash
Mastery 150 325
Weapon MidnightBladeZ MidnightBladeX
Description The user swings their sword, creating a rotating blue portal in front of them. The portal attracts nearby enemies before exploding and releasing sparks of blue flame, damaging the enemies. This movement is very similar to the Z movement, but instead of opening a portal, the user quickly moves forward in the direction of their cursor. While moving, they leave a trail of blue silhouettes. Upon hitting an enemy, the user performs a powerful sword slash, opening a blue portal that explodes and releases sparks of blue flame, causing damage to the enemy.

How to Obtain the Midnight Blade in Blox Fruits?

Unlike other swords, the Midnight Blade is not acquired by defeating a boss or through a drop chance. Instead, you can buy this sword from the Admin, who is located in the Cursed Ship in the Second Sea. Make sure you have 100 ectoplasm on hand, as that is the price of this legendary sword.
The Midnight Blade, a double-edged sword, is characterized by its black blade, golden channel, an ornate handle with a bright blue segment, and a lance-like pommel. When equipped, the Midnight Blade is worn on the user’s back. This sword is not only impressive in its functionality but also stands out in its unique design.

High damage Small area of impact
Effective at close range, especially with Buddha Not suitable for long-range combat
Good staggering and mobility Easily outclassed in PvP by swords like Shisui and Rengoku
Some combo potential High mastery requirements
All moves can break Instinct
Relatively easy to obtain at any level 1250+

Upgrading the Midnight Blade in Blox Fruits

Grade Materials Effects
1 Ectoplasm 40, Scrap Metal 15 +15% Damage

Guide on Midnight Blade: Learning by Yourself

The Midnight Blade was added to Blox Fruits in Update 12 and has made a significant mark in the game since then. This sword is used by the level 1325 raid boss, Cursed Captain, adding an element of fame to its already impressive reputation. In terms of damage, the Midnight Blade has a four-hit pattern with an average damage of 3065, while its Z and X abilities deal 4156 and 4734 damage points respectively.
The Midnight Blade is not just a sword; it is a masterpiece of the night, bearing dark and mysterious powers. Its stunning design, unique acquisition process, and place in the game’s history make this legendary sword an essential item for any serious Blox Fruits player. If you’re looking for a powerful weapon with a rich history, the Midnight Blade might be the perfect choice for you.